Gov. Snyder Thinks He Was Elected Dictator of Michigan!

Go here to see the video, for some damn reason, my version of WordPress doesn’t like MSNBC’s embedded code. (curses under his breath)

This morning on Morning Joke Joe, Rev. Sharpton asked an excellent question, which prompted Governor Snyder to reveal how he feels about our right to elect our local leaders.

Rev. Al: …how do you deal with the fact that the “customers” as Kevin called them, feel disenfranchised. I mean, you made a unilateral decision. Their elected officials have really been, their power has been taken away and it undermines peoples right to vote because the only one who voted for Kevin was you. And this is something that is very disturbing that you have governors undermine the will of voters. There was s referendum last year that was opposed to this kind of action, you did it anyway.

Gov. Snyder: Reverend, if you look at it, the old law went away but we put in a new one that really was responsive to the issues that came up during that process. If you look at it, I’m also the elected official. I was elected by the people of Michigan, so there is an elected official responsible for this process and I think that is critically important.

Rev. Al: But what about the local elected officials, what about if I’m in Detroit, Rev. Charles Williams and others are raising this. In all due respect, and I voted for a city council and a mayor to represent me during this financial crisis. Now you bring in someone unelected, like in Pontiac, we had someone on the show who talked about an emergency manager came and sold the Silverdome for a half a million dollars that had been valued at several million dollars, over 200…I mean, Kevin has no one to answer to in the local constituency. That’s undemocratic. (emphasis mine)

Gov. Snyder: Blah, blah, blah….(my words)

If you want to know the details of what is happening in Michigan, go over to and spend some time in the archives, because Chris Savage has been all over this for many years and has the facts to back him up.

*Primal Scream*

Now that I got that out of the way, Governor Snyder’s response to Reverend Al’s first question is an admission that he thinks he was elected dictator of Michigan. How else can it be interpreted? He said, “I’m also the elected official”, which translates as, I have authority over local officials and I have the power to invalidate their elections. I am a supreme elected official, I take precedent over those peons.

But let’s back up a little. He said prior to that, in regards to the referendum that we in Michigan overturned on November 6th, 2012, that the law “went away”, as if it just got lost on its way to Lansing. The people of Michigan made their voices heard, but Snyder ignored us and the Republican’s abused their control of the Michigan legislature and passed a new one. They slipped some money into this one, which they claim under Michigan’s laws makes it immune from a referendum.

It’s not just the goal of the law that’s offensive. House Republicans, stinging from a voter referendum last month that overturned the previous emergency financial manager act, have arrogantly inserted an almost $6 million appropriation into the new emergency financial manager law. By adding an appropriation, Republicans hope to make the law immune to another voter referendum.

It’s just one more example of the dirty tricks that Koch-financed Republicans across the country are pulling to privatize states and sell them off to their corporate buddies like the Koch brothers.

This has to change NOW!

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11 thoughts on “Gov. Snyder Thinks He Was Elected Dictator of Michigan!

  1. Is this really any different than the other ways the various levels of government step in and force people down some chosen path? Nixon dropped the speed limit to 55 for some perceived greater good. Bush and Obama’s DEA raid medical marijuana dispensaries to protect people from themselves. Feinstein and Schumer ban guns. Governments aren’t good for much other than imposing their controls onto the people.

  2. Nixon did not order lowering speed limits to 55. Sure, he promoted it because our nation was in an energy crisis at the time due to OPEC holding back oil due to our support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. He did sign the law that CONGRESS passed. States were not required to lower them but all did so as not to lose federal highway funding.

    Likewise, Sen. Diane Feinstein did not BAN guns. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 was passed by CONGRESS.

  3. In 1981 Mayor Dianne Feinstein banned civilian possession of hand guns. The ban was overturned by the California Supreme Court in 1983.

  4. The California Supreme Court ruled that only the state legislature can ban guns, not a single mayor. The original city ordinance promoted by Feinstein in June 1982 was after the mayor had witnessed the murders of Mayor Mascone and Councilman Milk where she saw first hand what guns can do. She doesn’t want to prohibit MOST guns sold in America, only 157 “military style” assault guns and magazines that can hold more than 10 bullets. The federal ban would exclude more than 2,100 weapons, antique guns, and all guns operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide, including antique muskets…the latter being the ONLY gun that existed when our Founding Fathers penned the 2nd Amendment. Bullets weren’t even invented for another 100 years after that. The Founders couldn’t have envisioned what weapons would be like nearly 237 years later.

    BTW, Mayor Feinstein was targeted by a domestic terror group and for awhile had a concealed weapons permit: So she is not against MOST guns!

  5. The so called assault weapons ban has been stopped for now by the NRA supported Senate Majority Leader so we do have some happy news out of DC.

    Regarding your comment on the Founding Fathers, the 2nd Amendment, and muskets there is another way it can be viewed. I would argue that the intention of our Founding Fathers was that our God given right to carry a modern military rifle shall not be infringed. When they penned the Bill of Rights the average man was carrying what was at the time a modern military rifle. Hence, the protection was intended to apply to modern military rifles.

  6. Hopefully a loved one of yours is never mowed down by 20 rounds from an assault gun, Quite a stretch there making our modern weapons as being envisioned by our liberal Founding Fathers. They only wanted armed militias to prevent any counter revolution by the conservatives of their time….the monarch-loving Tories. My most Republican father was a deputy sheriff and I grew up with two pistols and a shot gun in our home. Currently I have a 9mm S&W in a night stand having given the 1928 12 gauge Remington to my nephew as it is becoming a keepsake, in the family now for 4 generations.. Even my antique shotgun would be beyond the comprehension of the Founding Fathers in 1776. But I don’t need an assault rifle to protect my home.

  7. What you call a stretch on my 2nd Amendment point is as self evident as applying the 1st Amendment to the internet. The Founding Fathers in no way could have envisioned the internet back when they were penning the 1st Amendment and yet everyone understands it is protected.

    It hurts me every time I hear of another mass shooting and this last one, targeting 1st graders, was about as depraved as it can get. What doesn’t get mentioned is all the other killings that go on day in and day out. Recent mass shootings: 21 killed in 2010, 24 killed in 2011, 22 killed in 2012. Too many deaths but those numbers pale in comparison to the number of people killed by handgun violence in most major cities. Detroit saw 341 handgun homicides in 2012. In Chicago there were almost 500 handgun homicides in 2012.

    The current push to outlaw assault weapons is just another dog and pony show. The powers that be ignore the real problem as they strip our rights and preach to the world they are doing everything they can to make us safer.

  8. England, Australia, and most sane nations around the world with strict gun control laws have gun death rates that pale to ours. The UK has 150 per year and adjusting apples to oranges, the UK still only has 600. The USA has FORTY TIMES more gun deaths than Great Britain. Japan, Germany, etc. have much lower gun deaths, too. The inner city gun violence here is mostly related to straw purchases, gun show sales with no background checks. Hard to blame movies, television, video games when they are as popular world-wide as here in the USA. Many video games have even originated with software programmers in Japan.

    Born before World War II, I mostly played “Japs and Germans” until I was about 7 where we little kids played war games with mostly home-made rifles made from broom sticks, nails for sights, etc. Then after the war and the advent of TV, we wore faux leather holsters carrying our cap pistols imitating Gene, Roy, Hopalong, Cisco Kid, Sky King, etc. We knew that when we grabbed our chests and played dead that we could be resurrected before our moms called us for supper. Going to a rural high school, there was always a lot of “deer flu” absences at the beginning of deer season and guns in racks could be seen all over our school’s student parking lot. But a sportsman doesn’t need an assault rifle to get his game as he relies on his learned skills.

    My father was a member of the Izaak Walton League, a national hunting/fishing conservation club that had at our local clubhouse, a gun range and skeet range where I watched my father shoot. I later joined Ducks Unlimited that promotes conservation practices to increase the duck/goose populations. Real sportsmen don’t need military style assault weapons to enjoy their sports. I’ve rarely hunted as I don’t like eating wild game and I don’t kill anything I won’t eat. But like Diane Feinstein, I have nothing against owning the over 2000 legal guns that hunters and collectors favor.

  9. If I were to look strictly at ‘gun’ deaths in the countries you mention I would have to say you are correct. However, if I look at per capita violent crime rates the USA is sort of middle of the road but doing better than many 1st world countries.

    If I were to look only at gun crimes in only N. American countries it becomes more confused. Mexico has by far the most draconian gun laws in N. America and Canada would be 2nd most draconian to the USA’s 3rd. But out of those three Mexico by far has a worse gun violence problem. Canada with the 2nd most draconian gun laws has the least gun violence. Statistically that makes no sense. Obviously we are overlooking some variable. What could that variable be?

    Another trend we can look at is that gun ownership in the US has been rising at exponential levels while gun deaths have been declining at linear levels. That is a tough one to explain as one trend but if you break it into it’s separate parts it becomes clear that the number of guns we have available to us does not correlate with how often we use them against each other.

    The number of gun deaths in the USA more closely correlates with the number of single mother households than it does with the number of gun owning households in the USA. Neither can be held up as causation but the numbers are what they are.

    As for hunting the only thing I hunt with a .223 is ferrel hogs. A quick follow up shot is good for getting more than one out of the herd while still taking them out painlessly. That is where I count the AR-15 as a good hunting rifle. For deer or larger animals a good bolt action 30.06 is usually best. As long as you’re doing it correctly you only need one shot.

  10. Mexico is in the midst of a “civil war” where in the northern half of that nation, drug cartels, not the Mexican police and military. actually run the show. I’ve made 5 vacation stays in the past 2 years to the south of Mexico….Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mexico City, Cancun and Cozumel and never felt the least bit threatened or unsafe. However, there are many neighborhoods of Houston where I won’t venture, even in daytime. I even rented a car in Cancun and drove down to Tulum, then to Chichen Itza, a few hundred miles across the Mexican landscape. However, I will no longer cross the Mexican/Texas border. In northern Mexico, even some of the police and military are working underground to help the cartels. The Mexican drug cartels are getting many of their weapons illegally from shady American dealers. No surprise we have so many to spread around the world since 33% of all gun ownership on this planet is among Americans even though we only make up 5% of the world population. Actually fewer homes have guns in them today than only a few decades ago, a drop of 18% since the early 1970’s. So fewer gun owners are now owning (even hoarding) more guns in order to prepare for going to war against their government some day. The militia movement didn’t die with the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Thankfully, in my mid-70’s, I won’t be around for our next US civil war in which the right-wing crazies will attempt to establish a fascist state.

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