Republicans Want You To Feel The Pain Of The Sequester, Because BLAME!

Sometimes it takes a really old politician who doesn’t quite have the talking points down in order to get honesty from the Republican party. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) let the truth spill out last week in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune. (emphasis mine)

I’m for sequestration,” Hatch said, if Congress can’t cut spending. “We’ve got to face the music now, or it will be much tougher later.”

And in the very next paragraph, the Tribune offered this…

With across-the-board spending cuts set to kick in next week, Hatch said sequestration would lead to an economic disaster in Utah as two-thirds of civilians working at Hill Air Force Base would be furloughed. He said it would be “devastating to our nation’s readiness.

Republicans are trapped inside a bubble of their own making. They keep breathing the fetid air inside the bubble and it clearly makes them crazy.

A little history for those who have lives and don’t follow all this political back and forth.

  • The sequester was supposed to force Democrats and Republicans to come together (super committee) and solve the imaginary crisis that existed only in the minds of Republican politicians who thought that if they made the economy tank, they could somehow blame it on the one guy who the American people trust, President Obama. How did that work out for them on November 6, 2012?
  • The super committee came and went with Republicans continuing their childlike ways, kicking and screaming on the floor, saying no repeatedly and whining like someone took their pacifier away at bedtime.
  • Which brings us to the most recent debt ceiling crisis, because you know, nothing better to do. President Obama stood firm this time, fool me once…and Republicans folded like an origami swan. Well, actually, they punted and acted like children once again by just pretending like there is no debt ceiling until May 18th, 2012.
  • And now we have dunt, duh duh….SEQUESTER. I like to refer to it as “John Boehner’s 98%” or “How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Sequester”.

And why on earth would the Republicans stick to this dumb ass tactic? So they can blame it all on President Obama. And Republicans were all excited when they got an assist from Bob Woodward, who in his insider wisdom, came up with a “moving goalpost” analogy that was crushed by several real journalists.

What a great plan, Republicans. Hurt your constituents, hurt the U.S. economy some more, make up a bunch of lies to cover your sorry asses and get the compliant and equally dumb ass media to play along with it. On Sunday morning, I stopped counting the word “blame” when I reached 15. The media likes playing the blame game just as much as the Republicans, commissioning polls to see who the public will “blame” when the cuts start hurting.

This is what passes for strategy in the Republican Party of 2013.


5 thoughts on “Republicans Want You To Feel The Pain Of The Sequester, Because BLAME!

  1. Republicans, who hated Bob Woodward for bringing down Dick Nixon, are now out there praising Woodward for blaming the sequester solely on the President. Ezra Klein, also of the Washington Post, had the “audacity” to criticize the infallible Woodward and now Klein is getting hit by reich-wing harpoons.

  2. They keep breathing the recycled farts of Roger Ailes and Rush Limpballs inside their bubble.

    The Republicans have been given the playbook that Everything in America was just swell until President Black Black BLACK!!! and his Thugs took over and ruined it!

  3. I still scratch my head at the tone deafness that sometimes exists in this White House. I was a math/science major in college but even I could do a better job on some policy matters. Cutting off White House tours has to be the stupidest act of late. It is after all….”the people’s house” with tours mostly run by volunteers. A case in point here in Houston, is that 100 kids from predominately inner city Hispanic Lanier Jr. High School were denied a tour this morning. These kids have been raising funds for a year to make a Spring Break field trip to our Capitol and Rep. Ted Poe had secured tour passes for 7:30 a.m. today. However, upon leaving on an airplane yesterday, these children were told that “due to sequestration” they would be denied the highlight of their trip. Local media has been running with this story, one channel even showing 20 SUV’s idling in front of the Jefferson Hotel while the President entertained some from the Congress, dining on sea bass. Of course our local Republicans are running with the story saying that Obama has flown more miles so far into his presidency than any other president (may or may not be true) and that at $160,000 per hour to fly Air Force One, Obama could do a little less “campaigning”. Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) just said on MSNBC that the cost of flying to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods would have financed a year of White House tours. Didn’t anyone in the White House see the down side of canceling the tours?

  4. As a recent escapee of Utah, this one sure sings to me–it’s all slash, slash, slash until it’s Hill AFB, and then it’s squeals of pain and horror. I’m still scratching my head at the idea of a Ryan-Rand budget–I thought that came up for a vote back in November in the form of the Romney-Ryan ticket and was roundly defeated? How many times do they keep throwing this crap at the wall, hoping it will stick?

    I know, as long as they’re allowed to.

    I’m new here, and I’m enjoying.


  5. Another faux TROLL attack….

    During 2 terms as President George W. Bush spent all of part of 477 days at Camp David on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, for a grand total of 967 vacation days during his 8 years in office or 32% of the time! President Reagan made 43 cross-country trips to his California ranch in FOUR YEARS, totaling 349 days. And REICH-wingers like Andy are upset that Obama has played a little over 100 games of golf since becoming President? ( Republican President Eisenhower played over 800 games during his 8 years in office ) Obama has only played golf once since the Sequester set in, the previous time this year being on February 21 in Florida with Tiger Woods. George W. Bush did give up golf only to replace the exercise becoming addicted to nearly daily mountain bike riding where he was followed by Secret Service and sometimes Lance Armstrong on bikes (remember his wreck?).

    Where was the uproar from the wingnuts when President George H.W. Bush and Barbara attended the Shell Houston Open golf tournament a week ago where they had Secret Service protection as they also receive on their many trips to their reserved seats behind home plate at Astros games? The Bushes and all former presidents deserve such protection in a nation overrun with gun nuts. President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day by REICH-wing racists and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched Secret Service. He is the most threatened President in history.

    Like it or not, the Obamas were millionaires BEFORE entering the White House mostly from book sales so already are in the top tax bracket, IOW the 1%. The President not only doesn’t bitch about paying higher taxes, he is now forfeiting 5% of his salary, something you won’t find most in Congress doing. The Obamas pay for their vacations and those of their daughters who would be getting Secret Service protection anyway, wherever they go, to school or even to a Mall in D.C.

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