Jon Stewart Shoots Down The Stupidity Surrounding Gun Control!

Wow, that was a long break from blogging. I’m back. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the basement, hanging drywall, slopping mud, sanding and overall just playing in my workshop. I’ve also been kind of stunned by the state of our world in the wake of the horrible shooting in Newtown and needed a break to digest it all.

Jon Stewart spent two segments taking on the problem of gun violence in America. As usual, he lays it out better than anyone and gets to the heart of the matter surrounding this important issue. One of my favorite parts – I laughed out loud for a while – was a clip of Louie Gohmert. He is the poster boy for the modern Republican Party, but you would think he was a plant from The Onion.

For some damn reason, my version of WordPress won’t allow me to embed clips from Comedy Central, so go over to Angry Black Lady Chronicles to see the clips I posted there.

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