Romney Pumping Gas Caption Contest!

Enter your best caption for this priceless photo of that guy who is not going to be our President, Willard Mitt Romney. If I get any great ones, I’ll move them up into the post. I haven’t been inspired quite yet. The best I’ve come up with so far is mumbling Mitt saying “If only I’d given out gifts”.

Give it YOUR best shot in the comment section. Ready, set, GO!


Eurobrat has a good one. “So this is what a hangover feels like.”

26 thoughts on “Romney Pumping Gas Caption Contest!

  1. I bet the 47% will have a caption contest out of this. At least, this time I see the camera! Hope they note this!

  2. You know he’s got to be thinking “I pity the middle class and the poor who soon won’t have the money to put gas in their cars because of the policies of the president they just re-elected.”

  3. I don’t expect you’ll ever publicly admit it but I know that you know that guys like us will never be subject to the harsh reality our president is going to put on our nations poor and middle class. I also don’t expect that you will ever admit that being above it all allows each of us to view it via a different perspective.

  4. getting my gas now before prices go up even more…thanks all you Obama lemmings…remember cars don’t run on kool-aid

  5. “I can’t begin to tell you what I’d really like to do with this hose. Just put it this way; my campaign staff were full of shit.”

  6. After a month away in China, came home to find gas in Houston BELOW $3 a gallon so it must grind the likes of TROLL Fred to see our economy doing better month after month. Retailers are happy with increased sales on Black Friday/Cyber-Monday.

  7. Romney: “Where’s my butler? I hate doing menial tasks.”

    Romney: “Losing the presidency means I don’t even have a lackey.”

    Romney: “Don’t talk back to me, petrol pump. I was a big shot in Bain Capital.”

    Romney: “Sometimes I wish I was Amish and had horse and buggy.”

    Romney: “I heard my Secret Service name was going to be ‘thick stick’ “.

  8. Interesting to find out that the streets of Beijing were full of Audis (China is now their top market) and was told it is a favorite auto of the communist party players. Heard that the top 70 wealthiest communists have as much personal wealth as the whole US congress, President Obama and the Supreme Court members all together. Like the US, the top 2% have most of the money, with the poor getting poorer. With only one in 17 Chinese a party member, no wonder the Communist Party fears social media and its influence on the “Arab Spring” thus their reason for banning Facebook and Twitter. The latter pages are allowed in Hong Kong which still is a rebel city after over a decade as “Chinese”. They prefer calling themselves Hong Kongers and more often than not fly the Hong Kong flag rather than the Red Chinese flag.

  9. He’s thinking . . “Don’t look like you’re cold. Don’t look cold, it’s not even chilly. Don’t look like you’re cold. Be cool, casual, not cold, pumping gas, regular guy, regular day, not cold.”

  10. Romney just bought an Audi, designed and built in European Socialist Countries Germany and Slovakia. Obama must of beat that American Exceptionalism crap right outta him, or he’s really ticked off at Detroit.

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