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Soledad O’Brien Challenges The Republican’s Attack On Amb. Susan Rice

I love it when Soledad O’Brien gives the press a lesson on how to be a journalist and digs down deeper into the GOP’s idiotic arguments and faux outrage. The Republican party thinks that their audience is stupid and the vast majority of the press actually is stupid and lets politicians get away with the crap that McCain and Graham are attempting. The fact that while John McCain and Lindsey Graham were holding their very serious, cranked to 11, press conference screaming about not having information about Benghazi while other Senators were being briefed on the incident, pretty much says it all.

Watch as Soledad O’Brien and Charles Blow make Republican congressman Joe Heck look rather foolish and reveal how misguided the Republican attack on Ambassador Susan Rice is.

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  1. And she looks so good while doing it.

    Comment by Fabulous | November 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. After Condi Rice LIED to the nation about Saddam’s Hussein’s “nuclear bombs” the GOP then went ahead and helped to confirm her as Sec. of State. It seems Ambassador’s Rice “mistake” was repeating what she had been told by Gen. Petraeus’s agency.

    Comment by grantinhouston | December 3, 2012 | Reply

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