Romney’s Job Plan – Hire The Bush People That Caused Our Problems!

The President and Vice President aren’t just talking shit when they say that electing Mitt Romney will be a return to the Bush era. When you look at the people Romney has surrounded himself with, it is clear that the same bunch of boneheads who got us into this mess are the ones making up Mitt’s entourage.

1. Vin Weber. Who is Vin Weber? He’s a former Congressman from Minnesota. A former Health Care lobbyist. A former lobbyist for Freddie Mac. He is also the former regional director for George Bush.

2. N. Gregory Mankiw. A professor of Economics at Harvard University. From 2003-2005, Gregory was Chairman of the Council of Economic Adviser under George W. Bush

3. Kevin A. Hassett. Economic Adviser to George W. Bush. Policy Consultant to George H.H. Bush. Works as an Economist at the right wing American Enterprise Institute. A specialist in investing in the stock market.

4.R. Glenn Hubbard. Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Chairman of Economic Advisers under Bush/Cheney. Areas of expertise are health care and tax policy.

And it isn’t just the domestic policy people that make up Mitt’s “nightmare team”….a play on the “Dream Team” idea, get it? :) From Mugsy, writing for Crooks & Liars…

Back during the 2008 Presidential campaign, I couldn’t help but notice how frequently & easily the Republican candidates (including Mitt Romney) would rewrite the history of how we ended up going to war with Iraq in order to paint Bush as less culpable. One of the most disturbing arguments was that we were FORCED to invade Iraq after “Saddam refused to allow the weapons inspectors back in”, which I KNEW was a load of… eh, rubbish (this is a family site). So I dug through the BBC News archives and pieced together the following video. It’s five years old now, but today on the eve of the third and final Presidential Debate, this time on foreign policy, with a Republican candidate whom has (as Rachel Maddow reminded us Friday) SEVENTEEN of his TWENTY-FOUR Foreign Policy Advisors coming from the Bush Administration, I thought that maybe now was the perfect time to look back for a moment to remember history as it actually happened, and think long & hard about possibly returning these people to the White House just four short years later:

These are the same people that sold us two unfunded, unnecessary wars, trillions in tax cuts mostly to the wealthy with the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs, an expansion of Medicare that wasn’t paid for and deregulation of Wall Street and the housing markets that led to the worst recession/near depression since the Great Depression.

There is no doubt that if Mitt Romney is elected president, he will return us to the same dumbass policies that created the mess we’ve been trying to dig out of for the last four years.

We must not let that happen. Make sure you VOTE and drag every Democrat you know to the polls, make calls, give rides, volunteer….but please, let’s keep the former Bush employees as far away from the White House as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Romney’s Job Plan – Hire The Bush People That Caused Our Problems!

  1. Yep and lets not forget the absolute disaster these people brought this country. It’s scary and what’s more the fact that people are so willfully ignorant of this fact is upsetting.

  2. I still don’t think Democrats toot their horns loud and often enough. It’s not bad manners to brag when the Romney campaign is filling the media with BIG LIE after BIG LIE! I read the business section of the Houston Chronicle (BTW just endorsed Romney) every day and EVERY article shows progress. This week it was reported that new housing starts last month were the highest number since July 2008, just before the banks crashed under George W. Bush. Today’s paper says that the GDP grew to 2%, now 13 straight quarters under President Obama. We have had PROGRESS in employment every month for over 30 months. Even though GROWTH has been sluggish, it keeps going in the right direction. Didn’t anyone read the fable, The Tortoise and the Hare when they were children? Remember who won??? The U of Michigan/Thomson Reuters poll of consumer confidence rose to 82.6%, the highest in FIVE years. This survey is based upon household incomes. Yet watching MSNBC the past few days, it is all doom and gloom, Romney is winning the polls!

    Early voting is breaking records here in Texas. Houston has already had a quarter million early vote in just the first week of open polls. The suburb where I live had 3100 vote the first day. I waited until Wednesday and stood in line 40 minutes to wait for one of 16 Hart Voting Machines (the ones that Tagg Romney is invested in). My village of 80,000 is mostly WHITE middle-class REPUBLICAN. Is the big turn out enthusiasm for Ted Cruz and other teabaggers? For sure, Romney will win the Texas electoral vote. However, with most minorities living in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Rio Grande Valley cities, and Austin, all of which have mostly Democratic mayors/city councils, is this big turnout in the white suburbs to negate a big Democratic vote?

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