America, Don’t Let This Man Anywhere Near The White House!

It’s been said that the eyes are the window to the soul.

Look into Mitt Romney’s eyes and just imagine him with the launch codes!


2 thoughts on “America, Don’t Let This Man Anywhere Near The White House!

  1. Evidently the Protestant “Pope” Rev. Billy Graham doesn’t see the evil beady eyes as this past week the 94 year old “America’s Preacher to Presidents” more or less endorsed Mitt Romney. Graham has always pretended to be non-partisan but maybe is now so senile he doesn’t remember who he used to be. Graham told Romney, “I’ll do all I can to help you.” Then it was announced that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has removed any reference on their website and in their literature that Mormonism is a “CULT”!

    A year ago Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville, TN, surveyed Protestant Evangelical pastors from all over the nation and found that 75% considered Mormonism as not being a true Christian faith, but was a CULT. After all the holy Book of Mormon REFUTES the New Testament of the Holy Bible that tells the story of the assumption of Jesus into heaven. The Book of Mormon contends that Jesus, instead of going to heaven, traveled to upstate New York to live with and preach to the Native Americans. However, in a recent survey, only 17% of the nation’s pastors said they could support the re-election of President Obama. So they prefer a white NON-Christian over a black Protestant. Hmmmmm!

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