Biden Won The VP Debate Undeniably!

Anyone claiming that congressman Ryan won the debate, or tied for that matter, really needs to lay off the crack pipe.

Steve Benen says it better than anyone, consistently…

Perhaps the clearest indication of who won and lost came quickly on the heels of the event itself: the Democratic post-debate message was that Joe Biden scored a clear win; the Republican message was that Joe Biden was too mean to Paul Ryan. The former is a boast of success; the latter is an excuse for failure.

In the larger context, it’s hard to overstate how much Democrats needed a shot in the arm like this. The surface-level goals of any vice presidential debate is for the candidates to demonstrate a capacity to step up in the event of a crisis, while defending their ticket’s agenda and knocking their rivals’ agenda. But for Biden, the overarching benefit was about the basic morale of his party with less than four weeks to go until Election Day: he wanted to give Democratic voters something to feel good about, and he did.

Even Politico gave it to Biden, and of course, they aren’t your friendly liberal publication either…

After all, Biden was the 69-year-old defender and Ryan was the 42-year-old challenger. But by the end of the evening, Joltin’ Joe had done real damage to his opponent.

In fact, as the 90 minutes flew by – – it was the rare debate where one actually wanted it to go longer – – Ryan began looking younger and younger. And not in a good way.

It was a great night for Democrats! No amount of spin by any of the right wing media, including CNN, can change what we all saw with our own eyes.


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4 thoughts on “Biden Won The VP Debate Undeniably!

  1. Reblogged this on cadesertvoice and commented:
    Anyone who is honest with themselves could see clearly that Biden won this debate. But it’s not about winning so much as getting to the truth. Biden challenged Ryan’s lies and drop kicked him on every point. At this point, anyone voting for Romney/Ryan is because you hate the black President more than you love Social Security, Medicare, civil rights, or your fellow Americans.

  2. George Will thinks Obama may be re-elected because he is black!

    Oft heard in 2008 was that many voters were “only voting for Obama because he’s black”, ignoring the number of people who were probably “voting AGAINST him because he’s black”. Saw a poll recently that showed nearly twice as many would vote against Obama because he is black than will vote against Mitt because he is Mormon. Remember in the primaries when so many Evangelicals were against Romney’s Mormonism, even losing to Gingrich in evangelical regions. But that was so yesterday, as it’s more important now to forget religions, flip-flopper Mitt in order to vote against Obama.

    Will talks about the Obama economy in shambles:

    2008 (last quarter under BUSH): GDP: -8.9%…Jobs per Month: -750K, Total Jobs: +1.1M.
    2012: GDP: +2.3% (first quarter) +1.3% (third quarter)..Jobs per Month: +100K; Total Jobs: +5.1M.

    FACTS to the right-wing are like a crucifix to a vampire!

    Lyin’ Ryan cited SIX studies in the debate but didn’t tell you they were not unbiased independent studies:but instead from Heritage, AEI, and the WSJ.

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