Well Rehearsed Liar Declared Debate Winner, Honest & Classy President Real Winner

I’m sorry that I don’t have time to write much today, Thursdays are my busy day molding young minds into good liberals. (Joking, I don’t talk politics with students!)

In lieu of writing something new, I decided to post highlights from my Twitter rants since the debate ended last night.

I will never accept that someone who told blatant lies, turned his back on his own policies and was overly aggressive and rude, won an American presidential debate.


4 thoughts on “Well Rehearsed Liar Declared Debate Winner, Honest & Classy President Real Winner

  1. I didn’t switch over to Fox News as surely they weren’t any more caustic that the talking heads at MSNBC. For most of today more REICH-wingers have been “guests” on MSNBC getting out their coveted “talking points” and GLOATING. The absolute worst was nasty John Sununu on Andrea Mitchell. Don’t know why he is such a cherished “guest” as he is always rude, talks over the host, tries to take over. Today TWICE he called the President “LAZY”. In the past Sununu has said that Obama needs to learn to be an American. Today’s “lazy” stereotype was most OVERT. So the “Obama..the other” “food stamp president” dog whistles keep getting heard as much on MSNBC and CNN as they do on Fox.

    Sadly, too many unthinking Americans anymore don’t know the difference between substance and style. In a world of Kardashians, I fear “style” wins. Male voters probably liked the pugilistic Romney more so than women. The latter might be upset the Romney wants to kill Big Bird, their children’s shows. Supposedly Ron Portman was Romney’s “debate coach” these past several months but it was almost like it was Linda McMahon who had been training a World Wrestling Entertainment grappler.

    Now I fear, besides racist voter suppression, there may be diminishing “voter enthusiasm” aided by cablenews talking heads. Rachel has talked down Obama in the past when he didn’t jump through her GLBT hoops, Ed Schultz was very down during the Affordable Healthcare debate because Ed was for “single payer”. MSNBC, and David Gregory like controversy as ratings trump all else. What LIBERAL media???

  2. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough joins the Faux News crowd and Nut Jobs like Rep. Alan West, all screaming “conspiracy”… saying the September Jobs Numbers were cooked. First of all the agency, that compiles the numbers each month is a NON-partisan civil service agency, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is staffed with professionals…trained economists, They don’t change jobs with administrations with many current staffers having worked there during the Bush administration. If they “cooked the books” then why did they wait for so many months in order to “help” Obama? Did they “cook the books” when Ronald Reagan took office? He took over a 7.4% rate from President Jimmy Carter. A month later under Reagan, unemployment began to spike topping at 10.8% in November 1982 before it began to come down again settling at 7.5% just before his 2004 re-election (even though Faux News has falsely reported that Reagan had a “FIVE PERCENT” number then). This graph shows Bush’s last year, the “gift” he gave to President Obama:

    Americans “doing better” is not what Republicans want under Obama….they have been cheering for misery for lower/middle class Americans for four years now (most politicians are millionaires and doing quite well in Wall Street investments recovering under Obama so could care less when misery doesn’t impact their lives).

    The jobs numbers have moved constantly in a slow but POSITIVE direction for nearly 3 years (see graph in right column). Remember who won the race between the Tortoise and the Hare? Unemployment is still a problem and the Republicans haven’t done ONE thing to create jobs. They refuse to pass the President’s Jobs Acts that would have put millions back to work building/repairing infrastructure. The REICH wants high unemployment to blame on Obama. Currently China is spending FOUR TIMES more per capita on infrastructure than the USA, including building utilities, roads, mass transit/bullet train routes, and giant hydro-electric dams.

  3. Rachel Maddow showed the alleged “cheat sheet” video PLUS showed the C-Span snippet of Mitt Romney wiping his mouth with the hanky on his desk. As one person commented to me, Romney makes so much stuff up he doesn’t need to write it down.

    http://www.c-spanvideo.org/clip/4006220 [15 seconds in]

    The “conspiracy has also been debunked by many now…. Huffington, U.S. News and & World Report and the liberal Slate.com:


    Who knows who put up the 20 second clip of Mitt taking out his handkerchief? Maybe it was to make fun of the left if we screamed “conspiracy” to downplay so many on the right screaming “conspiracy” over today’s “Jobs Number”.

    Nixon could have used a hanky in 1960 when he broke out into a sweat under the lights and his face began to glisten making him look nervous.

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