What Republicans Have Done To Women

Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog sums up just some of the things that Republicans have done or attempted to do to women in recent years. It was in response to Liz (chip off the ole blockhead) Cheney and a crazy rant of hers.

Consider the proposals we’ve seen from Republican officials this year: restricting contraception; cutting off Planned Parenthood; requiring state-mandated, medically-unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds; forcing physicians to lie to patients about abortion and breast cancer; fighting equal-pay laws; and delaying the Violence Against Women Act. When it came time for House Republicans to pay for lower student loan interest rates, GOP officials decided to get the funding by cutting access to breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings.

The Republican Party’s 2012 platform calls for a constitution amendment that would ban all abortions. A Republican congressman recently compared access to birth control to 9/11 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee co-sponsored a bill to redefine “rape.”

The Republican Party’s U.S. Senate nominee in Missouri believes a woman cut “shut that whole thing down” if impregnated through a “legitimate rape,” while Republican Party’s U.S. Senate nominee in Pennsylvania believes a rape pregnancy and out-of-wedlock pregnancy are “similar.”

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5 thoughts on “What Republicans Have Done To Women

  1. Mr. Romney has few topics about which he can now speak. One by one, the substantive topics for debate are disappearing, deemed too problematic for the Romney campaign to address. Business acumen, experience as governor, US Olympics, Romney budget, women’s issues, immigration reform, all toxic. Mr. Romney is reduced to dragging out the birther baggage to pad his stump speeches and give his base a few crumbs. And to call attention away from his flip-flopping on all important issues.

    But what is the single issue on which Mr. Romney has never flip-flopped? He stands doggedly firm on never, under any circumstances, releasing his tax returns.


    It is not just liberals who want to see Romney’s tax returns.
    It is 63% of American voters who do.

    The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.

    Obama released 8 years of tax returns
    GW Bush 10 years
    Clinton 12 years
    GHW Bush 14 years
    George Romney 12 years.

    What is there to hide?
    Release the tax returns, Mr. Romney.

  2. Just like Romney didn’t have the courage to rebuke Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a prostitute over-and-over, now there is no apology from the Romney camp for the demented Clint Eastwood’s vile “performance”. First there was the disrespect of treating our president as not being there, an “empty suit” so to speak, but Clint is LOOKING DOWN at “the boy” Obama which has dog whistle connotations. Then he put “words” in Barack Obama’s mouth like “shut up” and “fuck yourself”. People who know Barack Obama knows he has a lot more class than using the words inferred by Eastwood.

    I was a registered Republican for nearly a decade until Nixon urged racist Democrats to move over to the “Party of Lincoln” in order for him and future Republican candidates to finally win the racist Old “Solid” South. I have been ashamed of my old party but it gets worse. Never have I seen so much blatant mendacity. “Pants-on-fire” and “Pinocchio” ratings don’t bother them. In fact they are now laughing, thus demeaning fact-checkers including the respected FactCheck.org that is financed by the Reagan’s best friend, REPUBLICAN Walter Annenberg.


  3. It is ironic that the “defending women agianst Romney show” had Clinton as a key note speaker. i clearly remember what he did to a young intern. He did nothing to prevent a violent smear campaign. He, the most powerful man in the world, called her a lier, and had James Carville and others go on national television and call her horrible names like slut and trailor trash. Hillory Clinton, a supposed feminist hero, joined in to smear her.
    typical dnc: don’t worry about truth, the media will not address it.

  4. It is not only the repulsive Limbaugh, but others in the GOP like Rep. Akins, even Paul Ryan who have a warped view of women and their rights over their bodies.

    Do you have any credible links that James Carville, Hillary, and others in Clinton’s offices called Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddick, Kathleen Willey, or Monica Lewinsky “sluts” or “trailer trash”? Such terms were bantered about by many over the nation including comedians at the time, but I don’t remember those close to the White House using such terms. The closest might have been Carville saying in reference to Republican billionaire Richard Mellon-Scaife’s Arkansas Project, “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find.” Richard Mellon-Scaife spent a few million of his fortune trying to bring down Clinton every which way he could think of. The troubled and poor Paula Jones was paid for her sexual testimony citing what may have happened in a hotel room when Clinton allegedly exposed himself to her. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas_Project Paula Jones didn’t make as much as she thought she would and ended up posing nude for a magazine for some extra money. Broaddick’s accusation didn’t go anywhere as it wasn’t “remembered” for nearly two decades after it allegedly happened. Likewise, Willey’s was a “he said, she said”. None made a fortune from their revelations although Lewinsky did start up a line of handbags. Monica did keep the blue dress as “evidence” being coached by right-wing columnist Lucianne Goldberg working with undercover White House secretary Linda Tripp. Both women acted as mentors and did not discourage Lewinsky as much as playing her onwards, encouraging her activity to bring down the president. Clinton was impeached for his lie about sex. As is often the case, several Republicans in Congress who jumped on the impeachment bandwagon were guilty of lying about their sex lives, too….like Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, New Gingrich, Dan Crane, Speaker Bob Livingston, Bob Barr….all being revealed as having extra-marital affairs. Since then, Sen. David Vitter’s visits to prostitutes hasn’t caused much stir amongst Republicans. I guess they were too busy with the John Edward’s affair.

    I didn’t like Bill Clinton going on national TV saying he didn’t have “sex with that woman” and as a result I couldn’t support Hillary in 2008. He didn’t have vaginal intercourse and like many maybe didn’t consider fellatio as “sexual relations”. However, I do think both of the Clintons have grown since, seemingly REDEEMED (thought Christians loved redemption) and I could entertain supporting Hillary in 2016 based upon the fine job she has done as Secretary of State. I would have to look at the others who might also run.

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