16 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – It’s a great one!

  1. We’ve reached the bottom of the barrel with this. Because President Obama has been such a complete and total failure by his own device his supporters have had to turn to manufactured racism to cover for him. When what is said is not racist, does not sound racist, and just happens to be true then “OMG! We can’t admit it’s true, we can’t admit he has failed on his own merits, so it must be RACIST.”

    The defenders of President Obama are truly pathetic and those who continue to press the ‘dog whistle’ motif are just straight up dishonest.

  2. Born and raised a staunch Republican (my father, grandfather, brother-in-law served in elective offices from county to state level for over 30 years), a member of YAF in college and a floor worker for Goldwater at the 1960 Republican National Convention, I LEFT the Party of Lincoln in the late 1960’s when Nixon and advisers like Pat Buchanan started playing the race card. The GOP changed the racist Old South from Democratic to Republican by continuing to play the race card at every turn. A dog whistle can only be heard by dogs, not humans. In race politics, it is not only heard by the racists but by those minorities who have had to put up with such language all of their lives.


  3. This whole Obama thing is starting to scare the hell out of me. I have no love for the RNC or Mitt Romney, but the more I educate myself on the seemly hidden agenda of the progressive liberal cause and the sheer hatred from the left , I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK . what the fuck is a “Sustainable Community Initiative” or Building One America” mean. It sounds like bullshit to me. I can’t now with a clear conscious vote for Obama in the upcoming election. This is all starting to scare me.

  4. Well, you are easily scared.
    President Obama is not radical. The policies that he advocates are quite moderate.
    There is no hidden agenda.
    But, go ahead and vote for whomever you wish. Free country.

  5. So you are okay with a President Romney appointing even more REICH-wing judges. Citizens United was just another step leading towards a fascist nation where corporations and the plutocrats run the show.

  6. grantinhouston I don’t understand your fascist nation comment. The traditional definition of fascist is government regulated privately owned industry. Are you opposed to that? I thought the government imposed minimum wage and 40 hour work week were fully supported by the liberal / progressive thinkers.

    Please expound on your comment. I am just a bit confused.

  7. Using the classic definition of fascism by one of its main proponents, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini who defined fascism as the merger of the State and the Corporation. This is the quintessential characteristic of a fascist state. Think Citizens United sanctioned by our right-wing dominated Supreme Court. giving increasing power to corporations in our nation. This will be the first election in our nation’s history when a few billionaires will spend a record amount of money to buy a government that will be beholden to them. Romney even says “corporations are people”! Contrary to popular belief the defining characteristic of a fascist state is not a charismatic leader, although the fascist states of Hitler’s Germany, and Francisco Franco’s Spain were run by dictators.

  8. At your attention, SIR! Yes I support government regulations when they are needed. However, this is not a definition of fascism anymore so than for socialist governments as most all governments regulate where necessary. As a capitalist owner of my own construction corporation, I always paid more than minimum wage as I wanted workers to show up on the job and do quality work. I also paid time-and-a-half or more (even bonuses) to those working over 40 hours. I respect a worker’s time away from the job. They need time to spend with their families, too. Minimum wage was around before I was born in the late 1930’s thanks in large part to labor unions. The 40 hour work week was first imposed by right-wing fascist admirer Henry Ford a century ago. In part maybe it was to prevent labor organizing in his factories. Ford, was an ardent proponent of shorter work hours and stated that he pursued this policy for business rather than humanitarian reasons. He believed that workers needed high enough wages and enough adequate leisure time to buy and enjoy Ford vehicles. So in 1926, Ford introduced the 40 hour work week. http://www.worklessparty.org/timework/ford.htm

    Have I “expounded” enough to please you?

  9. Henry Ford introduced the 40 hour work week in the factories he owned and operated. It was the US Government that imposed the 40 hour work week on privately owned businesses beginning with the railroads and later all businesses.

    Henry Ford chose the path which was right for his business. The fascist US Government forced all businesses down one path without regard for what is right for the individual businesses.

    The minimum wage is another fascist law imposed by the US Government. Pay is usually scaled on the value an employee brings to a business. The only person I know who works for the minimum wage is one of my children. She chose to screw off in school and become a petty criminal. I’ve seen the quality of her work and quite frankly I wouldn’t consider it worthy of the seven or eight dollars an hour she earns.

    I could continue my screed against the fascist laws imposed by the US Government and how they hurt all of us by hurting businesses but I doubt lining up the facts would help you change your mind so I’ll drop it here.

    Have a nice day. :)

  10. The GOP’s racist “voter suppression” efforts to steal the vote this year has been running against roadblock-after-roadblock in the courts, however, Pennsylvania just ruling that their very tough new photo ID law cannot be enforced in the the forthcoming presidential election. Today’s ruling comes five weeks before the election and an appeal is still possible, however the ruling allows for poll workers to ask voters for ID, which could cause confusion. Isn’t confusion what is wanted to make some voters “just give up” thinking their one vote isn’t worth the effort.


    The Tea Party has formed “True the Vote” groups of volunteers to be poll watchers who many fear will intimidate voters.


    And the REICH is still screaming about TWO self-identified “Black Panthers” who hung around outside a Philly polling place allegedly harassing voters. The Black Panthers cited were “standing in front of a majority-black precinct that had voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in previous elections — not a prime spot for intimidating white voters.” However, the incident was used by Congressional Republicans against Obama’s Justice Department confirmations.


  11. A REPUBLICAN state legislator in Pennsylvania doesn’t even use a racist “dog whistle” but keeps repeating the false racist LIE that minorities are LAZY:

    Lincoln has surely been rolling over in his grave these past few decades as the party he founded slides into a party of blatant racists.

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