President Obama On Todd Akin, Romney’s Lies And Releasing Tax Returns

I wish more Americans could turn off their hatred and watch this clip with open eyes. It’s a reminder to me why President Obama is ultimately qualified to be president. I couldn’t be more proud of him for staying a class act in the midst of the craziest election season in our history. Below the clip is a guide to my favorite moments in this “presser”. Enjoy!

:16 seconds – Facts about Medicare

1:30 Question on Todd Akins “legitimate rape” comment. POTUS: “Rape is rape!”, “men making decisions for women”

5:56 On Romney releasing his taxes, this is priceless.

7:05 Calling out Romney for the liar that he is in response to a Q about the Priorities USA ad that’s been distorted by the right.

9:00 “You can’t just make stuff up!”

15:40 Chuck Todd follows up on the Romney tax question. President Obama makes the Republican compliant media look foolish and brings it back to reality. Great moment.

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4 thoughts on “President Obama On Todd Akin, Romney’s Lies And Releasing Tax Returns

  1. My how the Republicans are backpedaling so hard to separate Akin’s views from nearly identical views of Paul Ryan. The only difference I see is that Ryan has not shown support for the junk science position that women “naturally abort” (due to stress hormones) a “legitimate rape”. Both congressmen worked together to co-sponsor a bill in Congress (which Republicans passed) to grant “personhood” for a fertilized egg, no abortion for whatever reason (even medical or psychiatric) and ban contraceptive methods except for the Vatican-approved “rhythm” (abstinence) method. However the Akins-Ryan bill is also part of the Republican Platform that Romney and Ryan will vow to support at the Tampa convention next week.

    Republicans are now coming up with an “apples and oranges” argument that what Akins says is no more offensive than VP Joe Biden’s “chains” remark for which the GOP complains Biden has “yet” to apologize for. It doesn’t matter that Santorum once used the “chains” analogy and that both Romney and Ryan have used a “shackled” analogy. Need to get the GOP a thesaurus to show them that chains and shackles are the same thing.

  2. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans just gave the State of Texas (Republican majority) the green light to exclude Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid Women’s Health Program. The opinion vacated the preliminary injunction that District Court Judge Lee Yeakel granted to allow more than 50,000 low-income Texas women to continue getting their basic health care from their trusted Planned Parenthood health center. Now tens of thousands of POOR women will be denied basic FEMALE health care. Who says there isn’t a GOP “war on women”….especially POOR WOMEN?

    The Fifth Circuit Court leans right as 10 justices of the 15 judge court were appointed either by Reagan or a Bush (3 by Clinton, 2 by Obama). So we are still saddled with right-wing justices from the Supreme Court down to the District Courts. So elections have consequences. There are two vacancies on the Fifth Circuit but Obama has had much difficulty getting many of his court appointments approved by the Republicans in the Senate.

  3. Bad enough that some of our trillions of national debt are due to military adventures around the Middle East, Sen. John McCain just gave one of the most saber-rattling speeches I’ve heard. He still wants to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and wants to poke fingers in the eyes of the Chinese and Russians. Romney is bringing back all of the neocons of the Bush Cheney administration like Dan Senor, John Bolton, and the pro-Israel Zionists (in addition to Senor) like Wolfowitz, Feith, and Perle.

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