Quote of the Week – Romney’s New Olympic Maneuver

From Peter Sagal on his NPR show Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me…

For his next stop, Romney went to Israel and gave a speech comparing the Palestinian culture unfavorably to Israeli culture. When everybody got mad, he said “I never said anything about culture.” He did, you can see it in the transcript provided by his campaign. Then after saying it, and then denying he said it, he wrote an op-ed and said it again. Now, in the Olympics they name a difficult move after the first person to do it in international competition. So from now on, the “Triple Self Contradiction with Vaguely Racist Backflip” will be known as the “Triple Romney”

You’re welcome!

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One thought on “Quote of the Week – Romney’s New Olympic Maneuver

  1. Today’s new ad which is a BIG LIE shows WHITE actors concerned about “welfare” recipients not needing to find work. Of course most welfare goes to poor whites but since the days of Reagan’s “welfare queens” and “bucks cashing welfare checks to buy booze”, on to George H.W. Bush using “Willie Horton”, the former “Party of Lincoln” has been using racist code language tying welfare and food stamps only to black and Latino Americans.

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