3 thoughts on “President Obama’s Reaction To The Supreme Court Decision On Health Care!

  1. Holy shit Jim! How you doing! Yesterday was a great day! I mean one of the best days of my life-I’m not even kidding. It’s been too long

    I think this is really going to enegize the base and even many mainstream Americans. The dirty little secret is that most people are front runners. When they see the Presdient under attack the first two years and him tyring a little too hard to reach agreement with the Repugs they got discouraged.

    However this will energize them as this shows the President winning, victorious, effective-and beeing seen as effective is the most important thing.

    Right now I’m writing a post where I call on Ezra Klein and his pessimism. It’s not true that “nothing has changed.” Yes it has-the President has won. I don’t think Repeal and Replace will have much legs though they will try.

  2. I love President Obama and am proud of everything he has accomplished. With the disaster he inherited and the obstructionist he had to deal with, he still managed to accomplish more than many would have. Lesser men would have just sat back and let stuff happen, he got out there and made things happen. Obama 2012!!

  3. Many Republicans are talking REPEAL but not talking about REPLACE (as if they have any idea in their little minds what to do, anyway). But once Americans see what they will LOSE, I don’t think they will put up with the Republican nay-sayers. The Affordable Care Act has not been sold well and now is the time to emphasize the great benefits. Lots of hate coming from the REICH-wing now. The Tea Party says they will put up an offensive this summer like they did in 2010. This time the progressives need to fight back.

    I hope Justice Roberts has some kind of Secret Service-like protection. The REICH hates Obama but the hate now seems to be building against the Chief Justice. Michael Savage on his hate-radio show says that Roberts is taking medicine for epilepsy and these drugs have muddled his thinking. Wonder if they won’t push for his impeachment now on “medical” grounds.


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