The “Job Creators” Myth Shattered – Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk

THIS times billions and billions!

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3 thoughts on “The “Job Creators” Myth Shattered – Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk

  1. The Republicans can only talk “doom and gloom” and LIE about the real state of an economy that has actually improved steadily since it hit the bottom under Bush. Every month under Obama there has been a steady improvement in most economic indicators. Of course they won’t satisfy the “I want mine and I want it RIGHT NOW” crowd. They want America to fail while President Obama is President. The RICH Republicans “have theirs” and “to hell with the average person”! Every day the Business section of my Houston Chronicle reports good news. Only 15 states now have unemployment above 8.1% and states like Virginia and Iowa are below 6%. The worst state is Nevada at nearly 12% but whose fault was that? Developers kept building new casinos and more housing when now just about every state now has an Indian or “riverboat” casino. I don’t need to go to Las Vegas to gamble as Louisiana nearby has casinos or I can take a 5-day $289.00 Carnival cruise to Mexico out of Galveston to gamble and see shows.

    The Sunday Houston Chronicle today published some good numbers for our area. Our metro unemployment is .6.5% DOWN from 7.8% a year ago. Home sales are UP from 4,686 to 5,136 units and better yet the average home sold is $160,120 UP from a year ago when the average sale was $148,000. Gasoline prices have dropped $0.50 in the past 6 weeks (must be upsetting to Republicans who wanted Americans to SUFFER with expensive gas at least until November!). Another BIG LIE is that Obama has ruined the oil business, but the business is seeing a boom:

    People are flocking to work productive oil and gas fields, and for the first time in 20 years, we have had three straight years of increased domestic oil production. We’re not talking about small increases at the margins, either. In 2009, the United States produced 709,000 barrels of oil a day more than in 2008 [remember WHO was president then???]. The last time we boosted oil production that much in such a short period of time, the Beatles were still together.

  2. Even though Mitt Romney didn’t bother to campaign in Texas (winning the primary anyway) he has been here the past two days to raise an expected $16 million from well-heeled Texans (many of whom had supported Gov. Rick “Romney is a vulture capitalist” Perry. Yesterday he was in Dallas at the mansion of real estate magnate Harlan Crow, (dining below two ORIGINAL paintings by that great European artist…Adolph Hitler). Then later last night headed to San Antonio to be feted by several billionaires including Lowry Mays, founder and former CEO of Clear Channel Communications (now part of Bain Capital). Clear Channel owns most of the right-wing talk radio stations all over the nation, giving REICH-wingers 90% of U.S. radio wavelengths! (Joseph Goebbels would have been envious!) So far wealthy Texans have contributed $5.8 million to Super PACS (that is known).

    Romney’s dinner tonight here in Houston is only for those who give $50,000 to the Romney effort or bundle at least $200,000 for Romney. You can also get to attend a private reception for $2,500 and have a photo taken with the Mittser for $10,000.

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