The Left Has A Choice – Win or Lose!

OK, here’s the deal. There are a whole lot of us liberals/progressives/Democrats who support President Obama and NO, it isn’t some hero-worship or cult-like bullshit that frequently gets thrown in our face. We are supporting a President that is working his ass off to try to repair the damage left behind by the previous 4 presidents.

We support a president that is interested in making progress and moving the ball down the field, whether it’s huge gains like reforming health care or small gains like signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

And we don’t think President Obama can do no wrong, that is something that gets projected upon us constantly. It is the knee-jerk reaction of many of the “pundits of perpetual disappointment” who spend all their time splitting hairs and searching for something to whine about. And of course, they never give credit for any advancements, nothing is ever good enough for them.

So you folks on the left who continue to snipe, attack, antagonize and otherwise act like petulant, whiny little children…..GIVE IT UP! You aren’t going to convince us that it’s in our own best interests to help the Republicans take EVEN MORE control over our country. It ain’t going to fucking happen, sorry. No matter what President Obama might do that I disagree with, I’m not so naive to think that ANY Republican would even come close to representing me better than President Obama does.

If you are one of those people who thinks “both parties are the same”, I’m sorry, you are suffering from delusions.  To me, that is one of the stupidest fucking things you can say in politics. What comes to my mind when I hear people trot out the “both sides” meme is that the person saying it has some other motivation. If they are willing to ignore things such as who gets to pick Supreme Court nominees, an impact that will be felt for decades to come, then they are clearly motivated by something other than principles. Or, how can someone who passionately supports people less fortunate than themselves ignore the Paul Ryan/Republican budget plan, which in effect says “you’re on your own buddy, but here’s a lovely parting gift…your voucher.”

To my fellow pragmatic liberals and progressives, we need to focus on fighting back against the powerful, well-funded right that is determined to completely turn our country over to big money interests. Too much of our time is wasted fighting the malcontents on the left.

Don’t let the hate driven left set the agenda, learn to ignore them. When you engage them, you are only encouraging them. Their goals aren’t to win elections or change things, because as I’ve said, if they are willing to ignore so many important differences between Democrats and Republicans and choose to spend their time blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and talking about what isn’t good about Democrats, then clearly they have different goals and the greater good of their fellow women and men isn’t one of them.

Those who claim to simply be holding politicians feet to the fire with their criticism, need to step back and see exactly which politicians are most deserving of burnt feet. By only criticizing President Obama, while letting Republicans get away with the most extreme agenda in our history, I have to question the sincerity of the principles they wrap themselves in like a Snuggie. By ignoring the much more egregious actions of Republicans, they are clearly making a choice.


One thought on “The Left Has A Choice – Win or Lose!

  1. As a gay man in a 13 year relationship, I am perplexed by the Democrats promoting gay marriage at this time. Nothing like once again plucking defeat from the jaws of victory. Sure, the whiny ass titty babies of the left like Rachel Maddow will applaud the bold step of President Obama but will they be ready to applaud President Romney next January? There has been so much bad timing, choosing wrong battles by Democrats these past 3 1/2 years. JOBS were not addressed with enough emphasis for two years while Democrats dawdled on healthcare (not getting single payer after all). “Obamacare” actually gave more impetus to the Tea Party which cost us the Congress in 2010. Another battle not needed AT THIS TIME was a fight over contraception. There is a lot that can be done in a second term but FIRST you must get to a second term.

    I have seen a sea change in more freedom and acceptance in the 47 years I have been out of the closet (before many of gay activists now were even born). My partner and I are not religious and have no need for the SACRAMENT of marriage from any religious body. Sure it would be nice to have a civil union to give us some rights BUT we have mostly tackled most legalities by other means. A civil union would mean that for the small price of a “marriage” license (a misnomer since all “marriages” are actually a CIVIL function of the state), we could avoid some of the red tape and even attorney’s fees. BUT, putting the president “on the spot” will only feed the WEDGE ISSUE the GOP so badly has been wishing for. If gay marriage is so popular then WHY have 32 states defeated all elections, even in “liberal” California. One of the biggest opponents of gay marriage has been the evangelical BLACK churches, so not only may independents turn on Obama in November, he may lose enough of the black vote to go down in defeat.

    Nothing really happens quickly in government. Look at the century it took for civil rights for our minorities (even though GOP photo ID laws are turning us back into a Jim Crow nation). Women’s suffrage, etc., was all gained by PATIENCE, baby steps over time. I know I am not part of the “I want it…I want it NOW” generation. But I cannot see where gay marriage affects the deep loving relationship I have with my partner. However, I fear that President Romney and the GOP taking over both the House and Senate (they’ve already got the courts) will deprive me of my healthcare in my senior years. Since we seem to be headed towards an extreme corporatist-fascist state, maybe I will look forward to death.

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