Romney Is Shaking The Etch A Sketch On Immigration

It’s going to be a long, meandering campaign from the looks of it. Mitt Romney is going back to the drawing board and retooling his rhetoric for the general election.

Besides the problem of adding to his horrendous image as a serial flip-flopper, I think he will also suffer backlash from the right-wing of his own party. The primaries have shown that his support is tenuous at best as his competitors each took a turn as the “not Romney” candidate. He will have to walk a fine line to keep his support from anyone short of his immediate family.

I doubt that Hispanics will soon forget Mitt Romney’s previous actions with regards to immigration.

It’s also worth appreciating the fact that it’s far too late for the presumptive Republican nominee to “decide his position on immigration” — that decision was already made quite a while ago. Romney has already said he’s an opponent of the DREAM Act; he’s palling around with Pete Wilson and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach; he endorses a “self-deportation” agenda; he’s critical of bilingualism; and his casual dismissals of “amnesty” and “illegals” are a staple of his campaign rhetoric.

He’s not “still deciding”; he’s already decided to be the most anti-immigrant major-party nominee in at least a generation.

I’m wondering when Willard will pull out the “that was my evil twin” line to explain his previous actions.

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4 thoughts on “Romney Is Shaking The Etch A Sketch On Immigration

  1. The talk is growing that Romney will pick Rubio as his VEEP to “nail” the Latino and Florida vote. However, being Cuban he will not get any love from most Hispanic voters, 90% of whom are mostly from Mexico and Central America. The many Latinos I know here in Texas have no love for Cubans who only need to get a foot on dry land then get to become U.S. citizens due to political amnesty. However, non-Cuban Latinos get arrested and deported when their foot lands upon the dry Texas shore of the Rio Grande. Lots of resentment here that speaking Cuban Spanish won’t erase. It is also the Mexican/Central American kids who benefit from the “Dream Act”. Most Cuban-Americans are right-wing Republican and the GOP has had their votes all along anyway, whereas at least 70% of Mexican-Americans are Democrats.

  2. It’s so awesome that President Obama supports gay marriage and I sensed it was going to come sooner or later. Now the Romney camp is desperate in trying to paint this as a bad thing.

  3. Kind of hard for Mitt to keep proclaiming that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman when he is a direct descendent from a polygamist who had FIVE wives, the reason his great-grandfather fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution after the Mormon Church had to ban the practice in order for Utah to become a state.

  4. I think very cleverly he is taking lessons from Obama. That’s how to get it done. I think that you are good at ignoring the faults of your own people.How could this possibly, have to do this with Bush? I am sure that you didn’t get the right memo.

    Regards for Posting…

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