A New Kind Of Terrorism

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This made me laugh, until it made me cry. CabinGirl from Booman’s Tribune had an interesting exchange while voting in Pennsylvania on Tuesday

So, I just voted in the PA primary today…

For the first time ever, I was asked for a photo ID to vote. When I responded that asking for that was just wrong, the suburban white lady looking up my name in the voter rolls actually defended it: “It will keep the terrorists from voting, and we’ll give you a free one.”

Oh my god, run for the hills…the terrorists are going to vote us into submission.

I don’t have to think very hard to figure out where that poll worker might have gotten that idea. I can just picture Gretchen Carlson saying it on Fox and Fiends (not a typo).

What isn’t funny about that incident is that the right has succeeded in brainwashing way too many people into believing such nonsense.

Think about how many people don’t bother to vote because its an inconvenience or they might actually have to think about things other than the Kardashians for two minutes. I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what these “terrorist voters” are going to achieve with all this voting. Democracy?

2 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Terrorism

  1. Republicans in Texas (and nationwide) are enraged that the Federal Dept. of Justice has an injunction in place to prevent the Texas photo ID Law from going into effect. Evidence presented in the case so far shows 600,000 eligible people in Texas will be unable to vote if the law is enforced and that minorities would be impacted the most and most of them vote Democratic. Dozens of Texas counties don’t even have a DMV where one can obtain a state photo ID. So far a state photo ID card is NOT free but costs $16 (so really an illegal POLL TAX forcing the poor to pay to vote). Texas counties are very large (Houston/Harris County is 500 square miles larger than the state of Rhode Island…70 miles in width and Brewster County, Texas is 500 square miles larger than the state of Connecticut!). So driving over to the next county to visit a DMV office can require driving 100 miles in some cases. Hundreds of thousands of Texas state college students cannot use their state issued student ID cards, but if they have a concealed weapons photo ID they can vote. But then students tend to vote Democratic and gun owners vote Republican! Texas will remain a solid red state as long as Democrats are denied their vote.

    Looking at all 57 election fraud prosecutions in Texas from 2002 to 2012, PolitiFact tallied up the resolutions (some had multiple outcomes, when charges were pursued as separate cases):

    Specified as convictions: 26
    Guilty plea resulting in conviction: 2
    Deferred adjudication: 19
    Pre-trial diversion: 10
    Acquitted: 2
    Dismissed: 4

    Three-quarters of the cases involved election code violations classified as “illegal voting” — which includes acts such as voting more than once, impersonating a voter or voting despite ineligibility — and “method of returning marked ballot,” often meaning the defendant was accused of having someone else’s ballot.

    However, only two cases are described as “voter impersonation” on the list over this TEN YEAR SPAN.


    Vote fraud is NOT A PROBLEM in Texas even though we have a very large LEGAL Hispanic population, the majority born here as citizens of the USA. Those who are illegal tend to avoid being around government workers anyway for fear of discovery. A voting place with all of those officials, security guards, etc. is too scary for them.

    How did we ever have a democracy for 236 years when people didn’t need a photo ID (there weren’t even cameras for most of our first century as a nation and not until the Kodak “Brownie” camera became available in the early 20th century were photos even common). Can you picture George Washington carrying one of his Stuart oil portraits to his voting booth? My first Indiana driver’s license in 1955 did not include a photograph, nor was it even plastic laminated. It was like a photo negative with white lettering on a black background. I took a razor blade and cut out the “9” in my 1939 birth date, inverted it to make it a “6” and thus was “born” in 1936 going from age 18 to 21 instantly….thus “legal” to drink alcohol (but I didn’t try to vote!). I was most careful cutting out a perfect rectangle around the “9” and then I bought a lamination kit to make sure the inverted 9 didn’t fall out.

  2. Love how the talking heads all over cable are lambasting President’s “deal” with Afghanistan BEFORE we have heard the President give any details. Jimmy Williams on Dylan Ratigan said when he first heard the “news” his first reaction was, “Obama just lost my vote!” And you can be sure the GOP hawks will come down hard on Obama because his name isn’t Bush. Add to the that the anti-war left and Hamwaldians to trash any decision by this president. Of course, we’ve been in Germany and Japan for 67 years and troops along the DMZ between the Koreas for 58 years.

    Did hear one retired military man say that the USA spent billions training the Taliban (including Osama bin Laden) and as soon as the Soviets pulled out in early 1989, we also pulled out to concentrate on Saddam Hussein in the First Gulf War. If perhaps we had stayed, we may have prevented the growing power of the Taliban and their alliance with Al Qaeda, changing our whole history from 9/11 on.

    I want us out of wars ASAP, too, BUT I will listen to our Commander-in-Chief before I begin making up my mind.

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