President Obama Nails Republicans On Auto Bailout – Hard!

I just love when our President calls out the Republicans on their stupidity. Since the media just plays along with them, it falls on the President to do it himself. And he does it sooooo well, doesn’t he?

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8 thoughts on “President Obama Nails Republicans On Auto Bailout – Hard!

  1. was actually looking for a place to comment on the chomsky post, but the comments there are closed.

    nevertheless, there is a link between this post and “chomsky”, for while there can be no doubt that obama is articulate and, indeed, intelligent, the question, even if i am not american, has to be asked what has he actually done to improve the lot of “normal” americans. similarly, while i agree with chomsky’s opinion of ron paul, how can he, considering obama’s foreign policy, endorse barack obama?

  2. Well, how about 2.5 million young adults who now have health care who didn’t before? Are they “normal” Americans? Or how about LGBT folks who can now serve in our military without fear of being outed and lose their careers. Normal or not? How about the over a million American auto workers and their suppliers who are either back to work or never lost their jos because President Obama helped the auto industry…are they not normal to you? Or how about all those normal Americans who now have protection against credit card companies raising their interest rates without good cause. Or how about the thousands of troops who are home now from Iraq and got to spend Christmas with their families last year, they look like normal Americans to me. I could go on and on….but I guess I shouldn’t expect low information people like yourself (and you may or may not be one) to know all the things President Obama has accomplished in the face of the most obstructionist congress in the history of our country. President Obama has kicked some tall ass. Go over here if you really want to know what the President has accomplished,

    On foreign policy, I too wish some of the actions we’ve taken weren’t happening, but you know….I’ve never been thrilled with any Democratic or Republican president with the exception of President Carter. And considering the only options on that front are to either take your ball and go home (not vote or throw it away) or vote for either the Democrat or Republican, I choose the party that is cutting defense now and pulling the troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan and repairing our relations with numerous countries after the Bush foreign policy. And anyone who says there is no difference between Bush’s and Obama’s…I’m sorry, is a fucking moron. Plain and simple. If Republicans had their way, we would still be in Iraq…and don’t give me the shit about Bush negotiating SOFA, because everybody knows that if President Obama really did want to stay in Iraq, we would be there right now. He was very tactful in getting us the fuck out of their and yet, saving face in the process. He kicks tall ass on foreign policy too. But people who worship Ron Paul clearly have their heads all the way up their asses, especially if they an ignore his blatant, horrible, racists newsletter that bore his name and raised millions of dollars off of promoting the most vile racist propaganda you can find.

    End rant….

  3. but an excellent rant! …. obama is different packaging for a sytem that has quite literally fucked us all and some people forget what paul is because of the foreign policy he is supposed advocate.

  4. This speech made some Republicans rather nervous about Romney’s prospects in the general election, and they’re wise to feel that way. It’s common sense, with the gloves off.

  5. The nut bagging republicans find any success that the president makes a personal insult as they’ve been going through a lot of trouble trying to destroy this country.

  6. The Republicans keep telling LIES about the economy. Don’t people read other news? Our Houston Chronicle today posted some great car sales numbers in the U.S., comparing February sales to a year ago. Mercedes is UP 21.7% (a company record), Hyundai UP 18%, Lexus UP 15.9%, Ford UP 14% (greatest growth with new fuel efficient Focus), Toyota UP 12.4% (even including Tsunami problems), and even Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks UP 28%, GMC Sierra pickup trucks 20%. Does this mean businesses, construction contractors, farmers/ranchers are seeing new business??? Overall General Motors was 1.1% (mostly the fuel efficient Chevrolet, Buick Lacrosse).

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