President Obama Nails Republicans On Auto Bailout – Hard!

I just love when our President calls out the Republicans on their stupidity. Since the media just plays along with them, it falls on the President to do it himself. And he does it sooooo well, doesn’t he?

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Democrats In Michigan – Don’t Play Games And Give Legitimacy To Santorum

This idea of Democrats going to the voting booth and casting a vote for Rick Santorum in the Michigan primary is wrong for many reasons.

The first is that it is a “punk” thing to do. I can’t believe grown adults would think to do such a thing, it isn’t cool when Republicans do it to Democrats and it isn’t cool this time around either.

The next reason is that it demeans our entire process of how we elect our leaders and trivializes the process. It’s not a media generated horse race or game, these are our elected leaders and it should be taken seriously.

And finally, it will only serve to give legitimacy to Rick Santorum, one of the most offensive and hard right nut jobs to ever run for President. Is that what you as a Democrat want, to give more legitimacy to a nut job who already is attracting too many wackos. Chris at Eclectablog delves into this a little further…

It’s a batshit insane idea. It subverts the intent of our primary system, it’s a complete waste of money in Michigan where Santorum already leads and, perhaps most importantly, it gives the Republicans something to point to and coalesce around. That’s the last thing we need at this point. Frankly, the idea of giving any support to such a homophobic, anti-woman candidate is just repulsive. I don’t understand how any Democrat could pull the lever/punch the chad for such an odious candidate. The karmic backlash/whiplash would be an ass-kicker.

If the Republicans want to demean our process and play games, let them. But we as Democrats shouldn’t stoop to their level, but should stick to the ideals and principles that have guided us for decades.

The fact that Daily Kos is pushing this idea is just one more reason why I quit going to that blog years ago. Markos, a former Republican, doesn’t seem to respect our election process or understand the consequences of elections. It’s serious business folks and affects people lives. Resist the urge to add fuel to the scorched earth tactics of those who don’t respect our system. Act like a grownup, please.