President Obama Sings Al Green at the Apollo Theater!

Too freakin awesome for words!


18 thoughts on “President Obama Sings Al Green at the Apollo Theater!

  1. Exactly. President Obama is the essence of cool. I have heard Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell imply that he does not connect with people. Of course, that is nonsense. In one minute he showed himself to be fun and charming. It is impossible to watch that clip of him singing and not have a smile on your face. I have watched over 10 times an it still cracks me up laughing. I just loved the little biting of the lip, the million dollar smile and the tilt of the head. It was just a very sweet moment.

    When you consider the ugliness that surrounds us, it was a delight to see our president connecting with so many people. Al Green must be on cloud nine. As luck would have it, you can now have those few minutes of singing as the ringtone on your phone. Like I said, the essence of cool. Can’t touch this.

    BTW, I could not believe that Mitt Romney was singing Happy Birthday to Nikki Haley the next day. He copies everything President Obama does. He is shameless. Sorry Mitt, either you have charisma or you don’t.

  2. However, have read online comments at right-wing sites criticizing the President for his lack of decorum. Either they have no memory or wish to send many other instances of a president performing music for friends or the public into the memory hole. FDR liked to sing, Truman and Nixon played the piano in public (Nixon even on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry), Clinton played the sax, and even George W. Bush “acted up” with an African music group. But then maybe Obama is the FIRST to do SOUL music… undignified that a president would do BLACK music. Would a President Mitt Romney ever be criticized for doing the “Osmond” songbook?

  3. Absolutely,

    A president Romney singing an Osmond song would be the only topic of discussion in the New York Times and other marquee communist media for weeks, because liberal media don’t talk issues, because there aren’t any working liberal solutions. Liberalism is where envy and retaliation intersect. and it fails all over the world, guaranteed.

    Hey joyce, you think a country should be run by someone you treat like New Kids on the Block, or the Jackson Five?

  4. I see our TROLL Vickus failed his high school courses in government. It is telling he has no idea what socialism and communism are really about. We are so far from being a socialist nation and Obama is far from being a socialist. But since Sarah Palin brought it up in 2008 with her huge choir at Faux News and hate-talk radio mouths, IT MUST BE TRUE! /snark. Think for yourself, Vickus.

    We have been a LIBERAL nation since the 18th century. led by our LIBERAL founding fathers. The Conservatives back then were happy being under the thumb of King George of England.

    BTW, Germany is a capitalist nation but with extensive socialism, much more so than the USA yet they are so “FAILED” according to our unknowledgeable troll. However, Germany doesn’t export many of their jobs, but still mostly MAKE THINGS at home for their consumers and outsource not jobs to places in the USA, but to use their expertise in engineering and productivity to erect factories in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee to sell their products to Americans.

  5. A woman once again states for the TV cameras that President Obama is a Muslim and Rick Santorum does nothing to correct her as Sen. John McCain once did at one his rallies in 2008. But then in comparison to today’s field of haters running for the GOP nomination, McCain has some class. No wonder 20% of Americans still believe that our Christian president is the “other”….a Muslim. I am so glad I left the GOP back in 1968, the Party of Lincoln in which I was raised. It is not the same party anymore, now a party that relies on the ignorance of many Americans and keep the LIES coming. Joseph Goebbels would be thrilled with the takeover of the American media.

  6. A NY TImes editorial in 1994 charged New Gingrich with using race-tainted code language from the “states’ rights” era of segregationists like Gov. George Wallace and Strom Thurmond.

    “But this race-based, anger-charged politics mutated in Mr. Gingrich and some others of his generation into a more generalized moral authoritarianism. Mr. Gingrich wants to be obeyed, both within a Republican majority that exists mainly to rubber stamp his legislative menu and within a country where behavior would be regulated by a “society that is emphatic about right and wrong.”

    Enough with authoritarian despots in our world. We cannot let Newt become the most powerful man in the world. Between a choice between Romney and Gingrich, I will take Romney any day. Makes one wonder if Newt would be in the running this season if we didn’t have a black president. He probably thinks Obama makes for easy pickings.

  7. “Joseph Goebbels would be thrilled with the takeover of the American media.”

    Grantin, you are so right, Goebbels and other insane Hitlerian maniacs would love the New York Times and all the other Goebbels like propaganda going around.

    Aren’t you interested in solutions, or is liberal discussion only about identifying people to slander?
    Think about it, it must be, there are no solutions on this entire clown website. Just name-calling
    See Grantin, calling me a ‘troll’ doesn’t do anything but make me amused, because I know exactly what you big government socialists want. -> The people who want to work hard for themselves have to give their money to people who don’t even want to work.

    Is that the only liberal solution to anything? Christ, how embarrassing! You want to punish achievement to try and spread prosperity. It doesn’t work.
    You are all about as knowledgeable as Michelle Hussein Obama on politics. Emotion, envy and resent still have to succeed anywhere in the world. They never will.

    I mean, Michelle isn’t even subtle about it, —-> What would you say? Look at the entire poster of hers and speak out there —- > HERE. . .

  8. Nice try TROLL to smear our First Lady. In fact, Michelle Obama was on the campaign trail in Fort Wayne, Indiana at a rally on the date/time the incident supposedly took place (October 15, 2008), which is 600 miles west of New York City.

    The purported receipt from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel with her alleged signature on that date showing a room service bill totaling $447.39 for hors d’ouevres, steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar and champagne is a forgery.

    The forgery somehow originated with Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post on October 17 and then PUMA PAC (pro-Hillary) had it appearing on its blog on October 19, 2008. However, when the PAC discovered it was a FORGERY, they retracted it on October 21, with this statement: “We sincerely regret repeating and amplifying what turns out to be a shameful attempt to embarrass and undermine Michelle Obama.” Not sure if Murdoch’s hate rag ever retracted the false story (maybe at the bottom of page 26, perhaps in small type.

    As Rev. Sharpton would say, “Nice try TROLL, but we got ya!”

    TROLL Vickus, you sound like a racist hater who can’t stand the fact that we have a great First Lady who is BLACK. You see TROLL, you and your ilk LIVE ON LIES and either you are TOO LAZY to research yourself or really want to keep spreading LIES. It only took me a couple of minutes to find the TRUTH but you know that your lazy co-travelers on the REICH-wing won’t take the time to search any CREDIBLE links (I see the story was on WorldNut Daily). There are such things as search engines to easily find the TRUTH. And you talk about people needing welfare being LAZY???

  9. Bad luck,

    How can you people use as your absolute single argument, saying conservatives listen to FAUX news, Reich Wing and other pathetic puns. That is all I get on any blog. The Nationale Sozialistische Partei shares nothing with conservatism, and you know it. It is an empty cheap shot. – Meaningless – My hippie friends in college were always delighted by that sentiment, and it was usually their last comment in a political discussion. (after being defeated by reason, embarrassingly) As superior intellectuals, you liberals must be humiliated by your complete lack of traction in political debate.

    None of you are capable of thinking for yourselves, only en masse lemmings. Your pitiful attempts to make me think twice just confirm in me the mindless dogma of your destructive world view. Why is there never, ever any argument of any kind used by liberals? You never ever say, “Well, look at country-x, what a fine example of a welfare state? See how well redistribution of wealth serves the people?” Obama wasn’t even subtle about it. On the campaign, he said he felt it was better if “you spread the wealth around.” You don’t listen and you can’t think for yourselves. What does “find the truth” mean? Only your truth.
    See, we have many examples of complete success. You have none (0)
    You are gladly oblivious to history. You have to ignore history. (the truth)
    Obama’s world view never works. You ignore demonstrable truths. True fiscal conservatism always works.
    You talk about doing research as if there is a reasonable spectrum. You don’t even pretend to be reasonable.
    Your pitiful link just equates to Paul Krugman like name calling, slander, what else?
    Can you give me one demonstrable mistruth by FOX News, that isn’t just your hateful emotion?
    Think for yourself.
    There are things called search engines to easily learn about liberalism and its guaranteed, 100% failure, like Barack Hussein Obama.

  10. You need not lecture me about politics, TROLL Vickus. I was a registered Republican raised in a most political family (30+ years serving in county and Indiana state REPUBLICAN politics). My grandfather was a Lincoln scholar with rows and rows of books about the Great Emancipator in his library. Being tall and lanky, he would put on a stovepipe hat and always in demand every spring to give lectures at Lincoln Day dinners all over northern Indiana. I was YAF in college, a roommate being a nephew of the RNC National Chairman and family friend of William F. Buckley, Jr. I worked the floor of the 1960 Republican National Convention working for the Goldwater campaign. I left the old Party of Lincoln when it was hijacked by RACISTS. With the ensuing hijackings by the dominionist evangelicals led by Falwell and Robertson, and the neocon takeover starting with Reagan/Bush, I have never looked back in regret. I also lived for two years in the Middle East, have traveled to all 50 states and 48 foreign nations extensively. I have seen all kinds of governments first hand and also having attended several family reunions in Germany near my great-grandparents’ home. I have heard first hand how the REICH-wing NAZIS took over my ancestral nation. We are closer to fascism than many wish to believe. All the REICH needs is a megalomaniac like a Newt Gingrich to lead our nation to destruction.

  11. So, you don’t deny having just been totally served? – Ignorer-of-reality Grant. I am truly flattered. Even more name calling in your response. How pathetic. I am so pleased to see that simple truth upsets you so much.
    How embarrassing for all towering-intellectual liberals here.

  12. Me served, TROLL Vickus (how old are you, anyway)? I am not the one who pushed a racist link above that was TOTALLY FRAUDULENT sliming Michelle Obama and notice you didn’t have courage to acknowledge it. Like most TROLLS, you are dishonest, and don’t have an iota of character. I have lived 72+ years under 13 presidents. I probably have forgotten more about history than you even come close to knowing. I have been an ACTIVE Repubican and an ACTIVE Democrat all of my life. There is an old adage…..”Don’t feed the TROLLS as they don’t have the sense to know how totally wrong and mendacious they are. So go ahead attack me. I don’t have enough time left in my life to waste it with mental midgets like you.

  13. My father is as close to obsessed as possible with the History of Western Civilization, and he doesn’t talk of much else, since it is so plainly being dismantled. I have heard everything about both wars and a lot else. The glorious triumph of destructive progressivism doesn’t get old, believe me. Not like he tells it. “Mental midget?” That’s your best? I was on the Dean’s list at the U and the National Dean’s list, and Sigma Phi Delta academic engineering fraternity before my grad work at UNCW. I am 33 and if you’d like to know about all my iota’s of character, please give me your number and I’ll tell you about the car accident I survived and the decision my parents had to make after the doctors told them I had 0% chance of survival. You see, the doctors said there was pressure concerning free beds being necessary for other patients, so my dad had to tell one of them, “Look, you don’t know my son, and if there is anything left of him in there, he’ll survive.” I survived. I had good medical insurance from work. I have several million iota’s of character, thank you. I won’t misbehave anymore.

    I apologize.

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