My Two Year Anniversary At Extreme Liberal’s Blog!

It is the 2 year anniversary of Extreme Liberal’s Blog and it’s been a fun ride. I’m generally not a mushy person about anniversaries and most anything ritualistic to be honest, but I do want to at least acknowledge the fact that I’ve been up to this for a couple years. I appreciate all you fine people who stop by regularly and those who come by once in a while. My apologies for not posting that much lately, I’m busy with a couple of projects and I need to direct my energy into making them the best that I can. It is frustrating at times to observe what is going on in the political world without having the time to add my two cents to the mix. I’m hoping in about 3 weeks to get back to more regular posting. This next year will certainly be the best yet — as far as my filmmaking goes, all sorts of exciting options and possibilities lay ahead for me.

My gift to you is a very recent picture of my beautiful, smart, talented granddaughter. She was hanging with us for the last two days. I had to go elsewhere yesterday to work on a script. If I’m in the house, she seeks me out. “Grandpa, grandpa…where’s grandpa?”. With all the crap going on in the political and real world, the things that are really important — when my sweet little granddaughter spontaneously says “I love you, grandpa”.

Anyone who wonders why I am so passionate about the future of our country and electing Democrats (the best we got at this point), it is because I don’t want this little girl to live through 8 years of a “Bush-like” presidency or worse. Elections matter, damn it!

And a huge thanks to all the fine people at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, that is one awesome group of people. We plan on having an impact on politics in 2012.


10 thoughts on “My Two Year Anniversary At Extreme Liberal’s Blog!

  1. Looking forward to seeing your film on PBS. Let us know the date and time so I can be sure to catch it.
    Hoping your and your family have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

  2. Thanks Grant, the PBS stations are starting to schedule the showings, Denver CO PBS (CPT12) is showing it on Monday January 23 at 7pm, so far that is the earliest showing. Most will happen in February and then for the next 3 years as each station schedules it.

    The same to you and yours, peace and love my friend.

  3. The trailer for Jim’s film can be seen at YouTube:

    I grew up in northern Indiana in the 40’s and 50’s and even in small towns along the Michigan border, JIM CROW was practiced. No Signs posted like in the Old South but blacks were not allowed to sit in restaurants, rent hotel/motel rooms. Businesses throughout the North often had signs posted stating, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” We all knew what that meant! I went through 13 years of public schooling and only sat with white students. I had my first real conversation with a black American only after going away to college. All-black high schools like Crispus Attucks in Indianapolis were not allowed to play in the Indiana high school championship playoffs until 1947 and Crispus Attucks first won the state championship in 1955 led by Oscar Robertson who went on to a great career in Cincinnati. Attucks were state champions again in 1956 and ’59 before being integrated in 1967. Nationwide, the NCAA and NAIA excluded black colleges until the mid-50’s. Blacks were allowed into Indiana colleges/universities but none were allowed to serve on faculties. This meant a high school like Attucks had a faculty full of teachers with master’s and doctorates.

    Near my Hoosier home a black trucker on an extremely cold night was not allowed to rent a hotel room and died of carbon monoxide poisoning as he slept in the cab of his truck! Big Bands like Basie, Armstrong, Ellington would play at our Indiana summer lake resorts but then at 2 a.m. have to pack up and drive an hour into South Bend as they couldn’t stay at the hotels where they had entertained only white fans/dancers all evening long. The few black students at the Hoosier college I attended could not get a haircut at white barbershops in the small college town, but instead had to drive 45 miles into Indianapolis. Mostly they just bought clippers and gave each other haircuts. I didn’t know of this policy until the Exchequer of India gave a speech to our student body and apologized for maybe looking a bit shaggy then said he was turned away by a barbershop near campus due to his dark skin. We students were outraged, began to picket and boycott that barber until he began to cut black students’ hair. It was my first protest before demonstrating against Gov. George Wallace of Alabama when he was going around Indiana in a Democratic primary campaign to unseat Lyndon Johnson. Wallace, BTW won a third of the Democratic votes!

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