My Two Year Anniversary At Extreme Liberal’s Blog!

It is the 2 year anniversary of Extreme Liberal’s Blog and it’s been a fun ride. I’m generally not a mushy person about anniversaries and most anything ritualistic to be honest, but I do want to at least acknowledge the fact that I’ve been up to this for a couple years. I appreciate all you fine people who stop by regularly and those who come by once in a while. My apologies for not posting that much lately, I’m busy with a couple of projects and I need to direct my energy into making them the best that I can. It is frustrating at times to observe what is going on in the political world without having the time to add my two cents to the mix. I’m hoping in about 3 weeks to get back to more regular posting. This next year will certainly be the best yet — as far as my filmmaking goes, all sorts of exciting options and possibilities lay ahead for me.

My gift to you is a very recent picture of my beautiful, smart, talented granddaughter. She was hanging with us for the last two days. I had to go elsewhere yesterday to work on a script. If I’m in the house, she seeks me out. “Grandpa, grandpa…where’s grandpa?”. With all the crap going on in the political and real world, the things that are really important — when my sweet little granddaughter spontaneously says “I love you, grandpa”.

Anyone who wonders why I am so passionate about the future of our country and electing Democrats (the best we got at this point), it is because I don’t want this little girl to live through 8 years of a “Bush-like” presidency or worse. Elections matter, damn it!

And a huge thanks to all the fine people at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, that is one awesome group of people. We plan on having an impact on politics in 2012.