Ron Paul’s Missing Radio Interview – The White Supremacist One

I’ve heard Ron Paul described as “plain-spoken” way too many times. I guess if you define “plain spoken” as simplistic and with few words — then yes, he surely fits that definition. Personally, I’ve never been impressed with that type of person or politician. I often wonder what they are hiding with their simplification. Is it ignorance, bias or just a desire to appeal to the populist crowd?

It is clear that many years ago, Ron Paul either authored or allowed his name to be signed on a newsletter that spewed some of the worst of the racist and anti-Semitic propaganda that was prevalent in the late 80’s and 90’s. To get caught up on that Ron Paul newsletter story, check out Joy Reid’s writing at The Reid Report.

But this story caught my eye and adds some context to Ron Paul’s denials on the newsletters. In 2006, Ron Paul was scheduled to appear and may have appeared on a White Supremacist radio show called The Political Cesspool. Charles Johnson describes it for us…

The story so far: apparently Ron Paul was scheduled to appear on the notorious radio show “The Political Cesspool,” a talk show in Tennessee connected to the white separatist Council of Conservative Citizens and the Holocaust denial group Institute for Historical Review.

The announcement of Ron Paul’s appearance was posted on the blog of Political Cesspool co-founder Austin Farley: Congressman Ron Paul TONIGHT On The Cesspool.

Friday, August 18, 2006
Congressman Ron Paul TONIGHT On The Cesspool
One of the only truly conservative Congressmen in office today, Ron Paul, will be doing a live interview on The Political Cesspool tonight. The show is from 7-8 PM Central time and can be heard locally (Memphis) on 1380 AM WLRM or the live stream or archives if you miss it live will be at No matter what your opinion of the Cesspool is you will not want to miss this interview. I have heard that No Child Left Behind and possible Bush impeachment will be discussed, but I am not 100% sure on that. Tune in to find out.

posted by Austin Farley Your Hero @ 5:27 AM

If true, this would be the most direct connection yet between Ron Paul and the kind of people who cheer for David Duke. But as Adam Holland and I both discovered, the archives of The Political Cesspool radio show have apparently been scrubbed of this episode.

Here’s the archive page with the missing day.

It’s very curious that the show Ron Paul was scheduled to appear on is conveniently missing from the archives of The Political Cesspool. Maybe it never happened, last minute cancellations happen all the time. But what if it did happen as scheduled, wouldn’t it be great to hear some of Ron Paul’s wisdom on this station with connections to white supremacist and holocaust deniers? I bet he was plain-spoken as hell and just told them good ole’ boys how it is, ya know?

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs is all over this story, let’s hope he gets to the bottom of it. I’m awfully curious what Ron Paul had to say in that interview.

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30 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Missing Radio Interview – The White Supremacist One

  1. misleading title shitty journalism “But what if it did happen as scheduled, wouldn’t it be great” WTF? desssperate

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing or reading Mr. Paul’s infinite wisdom with the white supremacists and holocaust deniers, it would be more than great. :) It would be most excellent. It’s the coverup that’s always more fun than the actual crime, Mr. Plain-spoken should stand by his words.

  3. This makes me laugh. You keep bringing this up and you give the Cesspool tons of free press. Any press is good press, you should know that.

    I do love how all of you cling to this guilty by association foolishness. If Paul did or did not do an interview on the Cesspool does that make him a white supremacist? What if he was interviewed by a Hispanic, Jewish, Black, Muslim, Atheist or Hindu host? Would that make him Hispanic, Jewish, Black, Muslim, Atheist or Hindu? Of course it would not. Just because you do not like what he has to say does not make him an evil creature. You liberals love the freedom of speech unless someone says something you do not agree with. It is at that point you fight like hell to stifle what is being said. You are no better than those you accuse of being atrocious. Your evils are no more or less than anyone else you attack, they are your evils and therefor you have no issue with them. I am of course speaking specifically of speech freedoms nothing else.

    I also have the answer to your was Paul on the Cesspool or not question.

  4. Ron Paul wrote numerous racist rants for his own newsletter.

    I am a conservative, but I cannot in clear conscience vote for Paul, due to his record of racist statements, his wanting to strip the children of criminals of US citizenship, and his pro-terrorist foreign policy views.

  5. I see the Paulistas have found this blog and in full attack mode!!!!

    I actually voted for Ron Paul in 2008 mostly because the Democrats had selected a young, untested opponent who was a “blue dog” who supported the war in Iraq as opposed to Paul who wanted us out of there all along. It was a “one issue” vote for me knowing that Paul would win by an overwhelming majority. I wanted to “send a message to local Democrats” to give us REAL Democrats, not conservadems. Last year, Paul ran unopposed, no Democrat even wanting to waste time and money to oppose him. The Gulf Coast District 14 is one of the strongest Democratic strongholds in Texas outside of the major cities likes Houston, Dallas, Austin, El Paso and San Antonio. The oil refineries here are unionized. Galveston County elected some of their first Republicans in county government since Reconstruction last year. Then why does Paul do so well here? Maybe it is because even though he hates all things Federal, he is one of the best Congress critters in Texas to bring home PORK to his district. So there is nothing WRONG with Federal money if it keeps one in power.

    And Paul remarking that nobody has brought these racist writings in 20 years is false. They’ve been brought up in Texas every election cycle but racists still have some sway here so maybe even helped him. I had read the remarks over the years in the Burnt Orange Report (from U.T.), Texas Monthly, even the Victoria Advocate, a newspaper in Paul’s district. There was never much if any repudiation from the Paul camp as what’s wrong with turning out the redneck vote? Paul even accepted a donation from a racist group which he refused to return.

    Paul is also known for his friendship with white supremist Don Black. In fact, the former KKK leader and founder of white hate group Stormfront donated 500 dollars to Paul’s campaign in 2008. And Paul refused to return the money despite the pleas of Jewish conservatives. Is it any wonder that conservative David Horowitz of the Freedom Center wrote an article in February titled ”Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him”.

    RedState, the conservative website, found that 93% of tea party members do NOT want Ron Paul as president. However, Ron Paul’s son, the bigger nutjob Sen. Rand Paul, claims his victory last year was a victory for teabaggers.

  6. I try to stay away from the guilt by association game and really just want to know what he said on the show. The great thing about the Republican candidates in this round is that they simply have to open their mouths and they do all the work for us opposition folks.

    Let’s hear what Ron Paul said on that show, why don’t you release it? Or tell us what happened, did he appear or not?

    And you seem to be pulling a Sarah Palin with the freedom of speech rant, criticizing someones speech doesn’t mean I want to take it away from them. In fact, I want him to speak more, tell us more…we want to know how Ron Paul really thinks. That is like the opposite of trying to hinder a person’s freedom of speech.

    I welcome opposing opinions from the Republican candidates because I believe that the majority of American voters will choose the sane voices, as long as we hear all the voices and are able to sort out the sane form the insane.

    I’ll be glad to release that show on my blog, if you want to send me the file. I want to give Ron Paul his freedom of speech.

  7. Regardless of whether Ron Paul attended this interview or not is irrelevant, he has already shown himself to be a simpleton when it comes to economics, science, politics, etc. These issues are complex in nature, therefore they require complex solutions. Life is not all black and white, there are many shades of gray and he addresses nothing but his own selfish agenda.

  8. Did you feel the same way when Reverend Wright’s comments made so much news? How about Bill Ayers? Did ya defend Obama – especially since the words didn’t come from his own words?

  9. Yeah, the plain-spoken thing. I love how Paul gets so much praise for being honest and direct about his opinions, even though those opinions are completely insane. “At least we know where he stands.” He stands somewhere in Batshit Crazy Land…

  10. For awhile Ron Paul has accepted the endorsement of Iowa religious wingnut, Rev. Phillip Kayser who has long advocated the death penalty for homosexuals in the USA (30 million dead gays would way surpass the number of all those Hitler once murdered!). But today, the Ron Paul campaign finally removed the good reverend’s endorsement from their website. Paul’s Iowa campaign chairman, Drew Ivers had earlier crowed about Kayser’s endorsement, praising “the enlightening statements [Kayser] makes on how Ron Paul’s approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs.”

    This is a reversal of Dr. Paul taking money and endorsements from controversial groups and not commenting on them. Four years ago Paul didn’t denounce the endorsement and check of a White Supremacist group.

  11. Gov. Rick Perry showed his ignorance AGAIN on the campaign trail. This time not knowing about one of the most important Supreme Court cases…..Lawrence v. Texas…..during his stewardship heading up our state. Even though Perry “wrote” about the case in his ghost-written book, Fed Up, it appears he may not have even read the book “he wrote”!

    When finally told what the case was about, Perry came back with a smartass remark that he wasn’t taking a “bar exam”:

    John Geddes Lawrence was most recently in Texas newspapers with articles in our major daily newspapers citing his death and the importance of the Supreme Court decision in 2003 that was most instrumental citing American GLBT persons as EQUAL under the Constitution. But then Perry has been out of the state for 3 months so maybe not even reading Texas papers online.

  12. You make such a big deal about a candidate who will be gone in a month. It will be Romney/Christi against Obama/Clinton.

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year and 2012 is better for everyone.

  13. Everywhere on Cablenews it is NOTHING but the GOP Iowa Caucus. So surfing through the remote, all one hears 24/7 is a lot of Obama bashing. Even though the President supposedly has the bully pulpit to get his message out, when it comes to all of these primary races throughout the spring, it will mostly be GOP bashers before the microphones/cameras 99% of the time.

  14. Well there was this one time that Betty overheard Larry saying that his neighbor Eddy heard straight from the horses mouth that….

    If this is the best they can do, we are good, lol.

  15. Looks like we have a Ron Paul CULTIST Spammer here. Heard a reporter on a cablenews show saying that after she had made a report that Paulists (not the Catholic order) considered negative, that she got a bunch of ugly email.

  16. The Guardian has a good article about those being duped by the Ron Paul message….and it’s not only youngsters who want legal pot! I admit voting for Paul as my Congressman in 2006 on a single issue, getting us out of Bush wars. However, the young, amateur Democratic opponent at the time was pro-war plus Paul always wins our District 14 by a great margin, mostly because he has been so good bring PORK home to Texas. Paul didn’t even had an opponent in the 2008 election. I cannot believe some “progressives” support him for president! Nothing like taking back in time two centuries when guns means time-consuming muskets, and blacks were not fully human beings in the original Constitution. Even “progressive” journalist Robert Scheer endorsed Rand Paul last year.

  17. What rumors? Huh? Was the Cesspool spreading rumors when they announced he would be on the show?

    They could release the show and put an end to the controversy but I assure you that they won’t because they know that it would further harm the pathetic Paul’s chances of nomination. Not that he really needs any help in that regard.

    Paul hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell in any case, so you and the rest of the nutty idiots who crave this creepy little man’s governance will have to live without it.

  18. Love what Carl Gibson of U.S. Uncut (a 99% supporting group) said about Rep. Ron Paul….

    “Libertarian views of government regulation are very similar to how a 6-year-old views the authority exerted by their parents. Ron Paul’s every-individual-for-themselves rhetoric appeals to young, radical libertarians with simplistic views of authority, and an ignorance of why government exists in the first place.”

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