Romney V. Romney In A Grudge Match!


14 thoughts on “Romney V. Romney In A Grudge Match!

  1. Tim Pawlenty, now a Romney cheerleader is running for Mitt’s Vice President on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show tonight. Pawlenty was probably the best candidate the GOP had outside of Huntsman but was too much of a coward to stand up against the Mitt.

  2. I think if Pawlenty had hung in there, he might be the leader of the pack right about now. I think Huntsman is hanging in there waiting for the others to implode. I don’t think he can appeal to Republican primary voters, but he does seem to be sane at least.

  3. I think Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are running for VP, too. Have even heard some saying it might go to an open GOP convention with the likes of Jeb or Mitch Daniels pulled out of the woodwork if the party seems to be falling apart. Some talking heads seem to be cheering on Newt as being easier to beat than Romney, but I am not so sure about that. He is a slimey but smooth salesman that might be the best to debate Obama and the dumbed down American electorate just might fall for his bull. After all Texans have re-elected Rick Perry TWICE and let him get by NOT debating, NOT meeting with newspaper editorial boards, nor holding press conferences. He got by mostly with slick TV commercials. The nation is now getting to see who the ignorant and unscripted Rick Perry truly is.

  4. Perry is more uninformed rather than dumb. He does have the ability to eat his foot a lot. I think Huntsman makes a lot of sense but he is out of the running as are all but two Republicans, Newt and Mitt. Cain was a threat to both Obama and Mitt so he was exposed, Perry keeps talking his way out of contention and the rest were never serious contenders.

    Look for Newt and Rubio as the team. Obama has never faced a good debater and Newt would do well against him even with a left slanted moderator, as all talking heads are. Rubio would be attractive to the Hispanic voter. Unlike the black voter who will vote democrat, the Hispanic voter can be up for grabs and Rubio will appeal to them. He also will appeal to the more conservative Republican who thinks Newt is to much of a politician to get anything meaningful accomplished.

  5. Cain a serious contender? Is that supposed to be a joke? BTW, leading a nation isn’t a job for the uniformed which is why Bush got us into such a mess. And when it comes to intelligence, Perry and Bachmann repeatedly show their stupidity. Perry barely made it through A&M School of Agriculture, thinking his cheerleader skills there could get him through a lifelong political career (and it did for such a long time since he refused to debate, take questions from the media over the years). But then the REICH love their people stupid, holding great disdain for education and science. Who next to run…..Larry the Cable Guy? BTW, Palin’s favorite, co-equal ignoramus Joe the Plumber, is running for Congress but haven’t heard much about him. Didn’t he “write” a book and go on a book tour, too?

    Obama has repeatedly faced good debaters from Alan Keyes when he ran for the Senate to the Democratic Primaries debating Senator Joesph Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Christopher Dodd, former U.S. Senators John Edwards and Mike Gravel, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Governor William Richardson. I guess our TROLL Skudrunner thinks they are all lightweights! John McCain was no slouch either.

    So all debate moderators are “slanted” to the left IF they so happen to ask relevant hardball questions of Republicans and don’t get down on their knees and perform oral sex like the boys at Fox will do? The REICH has complained about about everyone NOT from Faux News, even moderates like Brian Williams and John Harris (who works for right-wing owned Politico). So is “Blitz Wolfer” (as Herman Cain calls him) biased?

    Marco Rubio is a CUBAN. Most Hispanics (outside of Florida Republican Cubans) are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central America and are liberals politically with no love of CUBANS whom they dislike because of their favored treatment by our government. Cubans get amnesty as long as they step on dry land here…Mexicans, especially, don’t. Mexicans are 70% Roman Catholic, thus social conservatives but economics trumps their family values conservatism (having a good job is also a “family value”!) and tend to vote Democratic, looking out for their best interest. Even though Hispanics considered George W. Bush a moderate on immigration, over the years they still only gave him 35% of their vote (and that vote INCLUDES Cubans). BTW, if the “exit polls” were accurate, should Obama have won Florida?

    BTW, Newt last week started to go down this “amnesty” road and has since flipped-flopped.

  6. Obama’s good in debates and its untrue to state that he’s never faced a good debater. Hillary Clinton comes to mind and believe it or not McCain was fairly good at debating himself. Newt Gingrich btw is not a good debater, much of the media has slanted him as such but the reality is that he sucks.

  7. Grant, I agree that leading a nation isn’t a job for the uninformed and that is why we are in the mess we are in. . None of us has to worry about Cain or Perry because they have both imploded. The only viable candidates are Mitt and Newt. Although the majority of Hispanics do vote Democrat, the number that vote Republican has risen to 40% which is a huge gain in the last 10 years, from 30 to 40%, Bush got 39% of the vote in Texas in 2008.

    Rubio is a Cuban but he is a Hispanic and even the Mexican’s side with another Latino. He received 45% of the Hispanic vote in Florida and that includes the Mexican/South American vote.

    As to debates. It is different debating your own party and the opposing party. In the debates of 2007, Obama had no record to debate so he came off clean. He ran against Bush and McCain could not overcome the Bush record, that and Palin was forced on him, glad to see she is back in the woodwork.

    Newt has baggage but he also has accomplishments to run on. Obama now has a history and it is not pretty.

  8. Bush got Latino support because he did have an immigration plan that was favorable towards Hispanics but it was shot down by the racists in his own Republican party. His brother Jeb has a Hispanic wife who gave W brown-skinned nieces and nephews. The Bush family had moderate roots.

    However, John McCain didn’t do nearly as well and the current anti-Hispanic hate boiling up amongst Republicans from Arizona to Alabama isn’t helping the “Party of Lincoln” with Hispanics either.

    I’ve lived for many years in South Texas with its very large Hispanic population. There was much resentment of Cubans even though we had few living there because getting a “dry foot” on U.S. soil got a Cuban “refugee” royal treatment by the U.S. government while a Mexican is treated as a criminal and deported. As a supervisor in an East Chicago steel mill, I had to put my Mexicans and Puerto Ricans on different work crews as they did not get along. The latter would flaunt their “Puerto Rican” (U.S.) money around the Mexicans at the mill cafeterias. There was even a near riot at local theater once when the Mexicans in the audience cheered on the Italian gang over the Puerto Ricans in the move “West Side Story”.

  9. You are correct in that Latinos vote Democrat the majority of the time. Newt has a very reasonable plan for illegals who have lived in this country, pay taxes and contribute. Political parties always generalize to rile their base. The idea that Republicans hate Hispanic’s is absurd just as it is absurd that all democrats are communists.
    What the country needs is a reasonable work visa so workers can enter the country to work, pay taxes, be protected and leave when they are finished.

  10. We once had such a program that FDR started, to bring Mexicans to the U.S. to harvest crops, work in factories alongside “Rosie the Riveter” while American men were off fighting WWII. The Braceros Program then lasted until the 60’s but some began to complain “they’re taking OUR jobs” so LEGAL Mexicans were turned out and crops began to rot in the fields because most Americans refused stoop labor at low wages. As a result, the Mexicans began to flood back over our borders to do the work once again but now as “illegal aliens”. Hispanic-Americans “vote” their pocket book so often “vote Democratic” (not “Democrat” as Rush likes to call us). And there is much racist hate towards brown-skinned people from many on the right, too. Latinos also vote for “family values” so wonder how they could accept a Newt Gingrich.

  11. People seldom vote values, they vote their pocket books and charisma. If family values mattered, Clinton would have remained a teacher but he overcame the family value issue with charisma. Obama has overcome ineptness with the ability to read and Newt will overcome his past indiscretions with his knowledge and his ability to debate.

    We need Mexican workers to perform the jobs that Americans will not. We have made it far to easy for the unemployed to not get a job and depend on the ever increasing unemployment check. The last thing the OWS crowd wants is to find work, get a paycheck yes, but not at the expense of working. Obama was correct when he said Americans have become lazy and it is the government who made them that way.

  12. Obama NEVER said Americans are LAZY. If you would watch anything but Faux News you would see what he said in FULL CONTEXT. Our President was talking about American BUSINESS not hustling to get world markets, that our corporations have been “lazy” but then I imagine you are one who think corporations are PEOPLE. The Republicans have become the Party of the Big Lie. Plus it is a LIE that the OWS protesters are shiftless, don’t want to work. Just about everybody wants a job to give them self worth. But go ahead with your “welfare queen” lies and hire an illegal Mexican to mow your yard for $5 an hour.

  13. “But we’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — well, people will want to come here and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America.”

    He said that November 12th. Why not show leadership and revise the tax code. It is not that the “rich” don’t pay their fair share, it is the tax code allows the “rich” to avoid paying a lot of taxes. Go to a fair tax or do what Simpson-Bowles recommended. After all Obama commissioned them than threw their results out the window because it would not gain him as many talking points and would create jobs. When you have no achievements to run on you have to attack something that might work. There are jobs out there, it is just the entitled class doesn’t want to work they just want to be taken care of.

    Doubt if you will watch this, but it explains the entitlement class

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