The Republican Takeover Of The Sunday Morning “News” Shows

On my cable system, I’m forced to choose which Sunday morning news shows I watch.

My game plan recently has been to watch Chris Hayes’ new show until 9am, then I switch over to Meet the Press, followed by This Week and then I top it off with Howie Kurtz’s show Reliable Sources. Sometimes I catch Fareed Zakaria’s GPS on the repeat, depending on when the Detroit Lions are playing.

This last Sunday, Meet the Press had the following lineup.

Former Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM), 2008 Presidential Candidate – Great guy, thankfully there was a Democrat somewhere to be found on Sunday!

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS), Former RNC Chairman – Who considering his history on race, probably shouldn’t be elevated to talking head status on a major network.

Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist – Who was responsible for the racist ad for Jesse Helms called “Hands”.

Kim Strassel, Editorial Board Member, Wall Street Journal – Strassel has a long history of wingnuttery.

Chris Matthews, Host, MSNBC’s “Hardball” – What can you say about Chris, he’s like the crazy uncle who goes in and out of reality.

Maggie Haberman, Senior Political Writer, POLITICO – Who came to Politico via Rupert Murdoch, a great fit for her.

At 10 o’clock, I switched over to This Week with Christine Amanpour and was treated to this lineup.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio – Ringmaster of the Republican circus.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. – President Bush’s greatest enabler, or at least one of them.

And then the following panel, which couldn’t have been any better for Republicans had it been on Fox News.

George Will – I like to refer to him as “Hair Wedge George”, defender of all things conservative, facts are malleable to him.

Arianna Huffington – The Newt Gingrich protegé who has made a lot of money from liberal anger during the Bush years, but has never strayed from her Republican roots.

Niall Ferguson – This man absolutely hates President Obama and doesn’t hide it very well at all. I’ve seen him foam at the mouth.

Matthew Dowd – He was the chief strategist for President Bush’s 2004 campaign. You can imagine how he leans, right?

Those are the two broadcast network shows that I watch on Sunday mornings and as a political junky, I’ve always loved to watch the back and forth between representatives or surrogates from each party. For decades, all the Sunday morning shows had an unwritten rule (so it seemed) to balance out the show with representatives from both sides of the political aisle – sometimes even giving third party candidates like John Anderson and Ross Perot time. I absolutely loved it, it was like a ping pong match, back and forth, sometimes one side got a slam in, sometimes the other. I always scored it in my head, which party got the best of the other from week to week. Good times!

That unwritten rule has apparently been obliterated. Yesterday I read an article about the one network show I don’t ever see, because it is aired at the same time as Meet the Press, and that is Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. I’ll let Media Matters break this one down.

On this week’s Face The Nation, host Bob Schieffer welcomed a “cross-section of Republicans” for a round table about the state of the GOP campaign season. However, the unbalanced format also allowed Republicans to launch attacks on liberals and President Obama without having anyone on the show present to rebut the allegations.

For instance, addressing the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie told Schieffer  “conservatives believe that liberals” have “a special disdain for black conservatives.” He also insisted, “People are fed up with what’s going on in Washington and they’re frustrated with the Obama economy.”

Republican Ken Blackwell attacked the president’s “inability to create jobs.” And conservative strategist Liz Cheney claimed Americans are “afraid that this president wants higher taxes and more spending and bigger government.” (She also insisted Obama had “inherited a victory in Iraq” from president Bush.)

For the record, following the GOP panel discussion, Schieffer then interviewed Republican candidate Jon Huntsman’s three daughters, which meant Face the Nation welcomed eight guests to its program this week, seven of which had direct ties to the Republican Party or its campaigns.

The only non-Republican Face the Nation guest? Non-partisan journalist John Dickerson who was addressed just once during the program.

What used to be something I looked forward to, my Sunday morning politics, has turned into a one-sided, beltway media push-the-latest-meme sideshow. The echo chamber that is Washington has never been more insulated. This past weekend was mostly the “doom and gloom for Obama” meme and a huge bullhorn for Republicans to continue their brainwashing of America and attacks on our President.

It isn’t like ANYTHING happened in the Republican presidential primary that might have been of interest to the talking heads. Ahem!

The days of balanced news coverage are over…until I start my cable news network. :)

Cross-posted at Angry Black Lady Chronicles

13 thoughts on “The Republican Takeover Of The Sunday Morning “News” Shows

  1. I watch very little TV; it is almost always sports. I never seem to find time to watch anything.
    But, those are the usual suspects.
    I do wonder when Huffington is going back to the GOP.

  2. I’m delighted that you wrote this – mainly because I totally agree and have been saying the same dang thing for some time. Worst of all, NPR and PBS are getting just as bad. There is no such thing as “fair and balanced” these days. Alarming to say the least.

  3. The Republicans no longer need FOX NEWS as they are everywhere on TV and radio giving America their talking points ad nauseum. It isn’t even “fair and balanced” on MSNBC anymore with CNN often leaning farther right. You won’t see Fox giving many (if any) liberals a chance to give Democratic talking points with the exception now and then of a weak Alan Colmes who gets shouted down.

    The only way Obama can get a word in is to give a “policy speech” (which Fox often does NOT cover) for which the REICH will then scream that Obama is “campaigning”!

  4. Glad to read this. The news needs to spread about the propaganda the media is continue to spread and proclaim it as ‘news.’

  5. I’ve noticed the same thing both with television and with NPR as well. It’s almost like the media has been bending over backwards to prove it’s not “too liberal” to the point where now it’s become too accommodating to the Republicans. Until recently, I was not in favor of bringing the Fairness Doctrine back, but now I’m really wondering about it.

    A great example of what’s happened to the media are the Occupy Wall Street protests, which for the most part were either not covered at all or mocked, with the only extensive coverage I’ve seen coming from Keith Olbermann on Current–not exactly one of the main networks.

  6. Christine Amanpour is a republican and very pro-Israel. I can’t believe to this day that she never gets called out for her partisanship.

  7. With all of the REICH-wing talking heads all over our nation’s TV sets, in yesterday’s elections, Progressives won many key victories besides Union rights in Ohio. There were more progressive victories in local races around the country, than losses. For the most part, however, the losses were either very minor or very expected. Mississippians gave loud approval to protecting women’s rights over their bodies. Arizona recalled the racist state senator who was the author of the “papers please” bill. Iowans re-elected Democrats in the state senate to protect marriage equality. Mainers turned around the Republican plan to suppress voting, Kentucky (home of Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell) saw a sweep of Democratic victories state-wide. With big Koch Brothers money, right-wingers lost their bid to take over the Wake County, North Carolina school board and impose racial segregation once again. Democrats gained a seat in the New Jersey legislature reversing the Chris Christie tsunami. Houston re-elected their Democratic lesbian Mayor Anise Parker even with a last minute flurry of hateful bigoted advertising.

    Republicans should be concerned about what may happen in 2012. You can only trod over people for so long.

  8. Megyn Kelly on Faux News talks about the UNPRECEDENTED Obama “opposition research team” of 40 members who are watching every cablenews network 24/7, reading blogs, so Fox WARNS to “be careful of what you say” even off camera as BIG BROTHER in the White House will catch and save your every word hoping to find slip-ups, gaffes, and flip-flops. So maybe the White House is snooping here reading this blog!!! Omigod!

  9. lol!
    “opposition research team” !

    Why not? I think that is good idea. Hoist them on their own petard.

  10. Republican strategist/perennial campaign manager Ed Rollins was kissing up to Megyn on Faux News, and within a few hours Rollins was over at MSNBC schmoozing their talking heads (I guess before sauntering over to CNN). Rollins seems a bit annoyed with the gaffe-prone field of Republican candidates (he dumped Bachmann) this year saying, “Debates are good, but we’re reaching overload.” He is happy that the Des Moines Register has cancelled their December 19 “debate”. Yes, all of these on-air stupid remarks gives Obama’s “opposition research team” too much fodder. And you can bet that these Republicans also have their own research teams, but somehow it is a bit sneaky that Obama has his own.

  11. Chris Matthews pimping his Kennedy book on Alex Witt’s MSNBC show this morning, spent more time slamming Obama than talking about Jack “the greatest president” Kennedy. Matthews said that the day after Obama was inaugurated he acted like he no longer needed the American people, like thinking he was most intelligent and didn’t need anyone’s advice. Obama, according to Matthews, is aloof, never telephoning anyone in the Congress, nor throwing White House parties like the Kennedys to bring people together, etc. Yeah, Obama needs a “Marilyn Monroe” to charm him. Maybe midnight naked swims with the ladies in the White House pool? /snark Matthews also said both Barack and Michelle don’t act like they are “happy” living in the White House unlike Bill Clinton whom he said enjoyed every minute of being president (even when being investigated for Oval Office BJ’s?). So does this mean Michelle is no longer “proud” again as an American?!!! Of course living in a house that is receiving bullets through the windows would make living there a bit stressful.

    Alex Witt also had a long interview with Rep. Joe “You LIE” Wilson (R-SC) who gave us all many right-wing talking points like saying if the Super Committee fails, it will be the fault of the Democrats. “Raising taxes will be a job killer,” according to Wilson, the usual stuff we hear every minute from the REICH (and too many times repeated on MSNBC and CNN….the so-called “liberal” media). Wilson was followed by Republican black pastor Joe Watkins who said that for two years Democrats “controlled” the U.S. Senate they did nothing for jobs or the economy. A Grio staffer reminded him that it was wasn’t two years but only four months in more of a theoretical “control” which included waiting for Al Franken to be seated. Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were often absent due to declining health, so Democrats never truly had much of a “majority” with all of the GOP threats of filibuster. And don’t forget the Conservadems like Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, Evan Bayh, etc., who often voted like Republicans. On March 2, 2009, a group of 14 Senate Democrats and one independent (Joe Lieberman) huddled behind a closed door meeting discussing how Democratic conservatives and centrists in that chamber could assert more leverage on the major policy debates over the Obama agenda that would dominate Congress. One doesn’t need to tune in Faux News to hear Republican talking points as “fair and balanced” MSNBC will give one almost as many opportunities to hear them. BTW, Alex Witt will play more of her interview with Chris Matthews on her Sunday morning show, to give Matthews more opportunity to tell everyone how disappointing that Barack Obama isn’t Jack Kennedy.

  12. Christiane Amanpour had a “balanced” round-table on ABC’s This Week with Paul Krugman up against far-Reich George Will, Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan, and George W. Bush adviser Matthew Dowd. Flipping through the channels all morning the most time was given to Republicans spouting their “talking points” for MSM audiences to hear. There is no balance even on the major networks.

    And along with Republicans, Chris Matthews blasts Obama too all weekend! Video here:

    Of course Matthews was on with Alex Witt supposedly to promote his new book, “Kennedy” with more Obama bashing!

  13. Our President is giving a “jobs” speech in New Hampshire today but only MSNBC covered it….however, none of it was shown on Faux “News” or CNN. Today President Obama was giving a plea for extending unemployment insurance and payroll tax cuts which will expire Dec. 31 due to inaction of the Congress. In contrast, the sometimes “twice-a-week” Republican “debates” get plenty of FREE coverage by all the networks. But OUR president gets the cold shoulder. Right after the speech, BILLIONAIRE Mort Zuckerman on MSNBC blasted the speech and repeated the LIE that Obama’s stimulus has yet to create a job.

    Zuckerman, owner of the NY Daily News and U.S. News and World Report, is currently ranked 188 among American BILLIONAIRES, UP from his ranking of 382 under Bush in 2006. So he is doing better under Barack Obama!!! World-wide Zuckerman is only 564th worth only $2.2 BILLION in a tie with the likes of William Randolph Hearst and William Wrigley.

    Note that Forbes says the “rich are getting richer” in their latest ranking on Sept. 21, 2011.

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