President Obama – A Man Of Compassion!

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks with people at a fire station October 19, 2011 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Obama was on the final day of his three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia to push for his Jobs Bill. By Jay Paul/Getty Images.

9 thoughts on “President Obama – A Man Of Compassion!

  1. I actually think that the president is a good person. Unfortunately it seems to me that he tries too often to appeal to everyone, which anyone can tell you will generally have an opposite effect.

    Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are going to sabotage him whatever it is that he does, which is why his efforts to reach across the aisle always mystify me (especially when he begins negotiations by giving up the farm. Isn’t that usually a last resort?).

    At least, if they are going to frak him over, give them something to frak him over for, which is why I hope that he wins another term (that, and the general insanity of the Republican field); namely that he can stop being in eternal campaign mode, and govern from the heart, as opposed to a seemingly coldly analytical mind.

  2. The Republicans cannot stomach giving even the slightest credit to President Obama for his strategies removing one of the world’s worst dictators from power. Then tonight the Senate votes 50-50 (meaning some Conservadems joined AGAIN with their Republican “brothers” and “sisters” to defeat the surtax bill. A millionaire doesn’t have any increase in tax on their FIRST MILLION. But sadly, if they make a second, third…..million, they pay $5000 extra on each million. This would be enough to put thousands of teachers and first responders back to work.

    Excuse the “brothers” and “sisters” as I’m watching Cornel West on Ed Schultz. Even West says that Obama deserves some credit adding if Obama “walked on water” he would be criticized for not being able to swim. Then West actually said that Obama is “better than any of the current Republicans now running” but then made it sound like the bar isn’t all that high, buttering up Ed Schultz saying Ed would be better than Obama! Obama needs to be more than a politician, needs to be a “statesman” and called Obama’s jobs act a “re-election tactic”.

  3. Why is that not a surprise? As much as I support the idea of a “big tent,” I think that it’s time that they get rid of pseudo-Democrats because they always seem to do more harm than good.

  4. Oh that Jane Hamsher! She’s doing it again!

    Meh. Occupy Boston asked this question on their Facebook page today: “This Facebook administrator is out of the area and can’t attend General Assembly. Can somebody get on stack and bring the question up of what we should do about the $82,000 Act Blue has raised for a Democratic PAC in the name of Occupy Wall Street?”

    What Hamsher and ActBlue are doing is not right!

  5. Wow, Kay. Thanks for that. I will spread it around the Twitter. It’s been too long, friend. I come by and lurk at your site, but don’t have time to do much commenting these days.

  6. At age 72, I have lived under 13 different presidents and NEVER have I seen one so disparaged as has been President Obama. However, this is our first BLACK president!!!

    Yesterday, Republicans could barely muster any compliments for our President’s role in getting rid of the dictator, Gaddafi. Credit was mostly given to the French and British. Today, nothing but more barbs are being hurled at our president by Republicans for withdrawing our military from the Bush/Cheney folly in Iraq. I guess the GOP wants MORE BILLIONS/TRILLIONS of dollars and U.S. SOLDIERS’ LIVES wasted there. Plus the date for withdrawal was first negotiated by George W. Bush!

    I guess the GOP is relying on stupidity of the American voter hoping they forget all history of what has really happened.

  7. Kudos to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for having the COURAGE to give some credit to President Obama for his success in ridding the world of Moammar Gadaffi.

    Sen. Graham chastised Congress for its hesitance to assist anti-Gadhafi Libyan rebels and for criticizing President Barack Obama’s use of U.S. military resources to assist in air strikes.

    “I’m very disappointed in Congress,” said Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Congress took an irrational view of the War Powers Act. I guarantee you that a lot Republicans who wanted the War Power Act invoked would not have asked for it to be invoked if President Obama were not president. To me, national security should be as bipartisan as possible.”

    There is so much hate for our President who is a most decent human being.

  8. Love and miss you Jim! My life is busy too, so don’t worry about it. :D I was in a car accident in March of this year and am still recovering from it believe it or not. My blogging has been way down since then.

    I had a feeling you would be interested in what Janey is doing now!

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