Ten Things To Do If Someone You Love Is Republican

Guest Blogger: Erin Nanasi

It happens to all of us. We find out that someone we love is a Republican. Well, rather than gnashing your teeth, or weeping into your java, help them. Show them the error of their ways, and maybe, just maybe, you can save them.

The following suggestions may help you with your Republican:

1) Don’t ostracize your Republican. The worst thing you can do is leave them alone with Fox News blaring in the background and Ann Coulter’s latest book on the nightstand. Show them you love them, no matter what.

2) Be gentle. For God’s sake, do NOT suddenly inundate your Republican with articles from Daily Kos, or duct tape them to a chair and make them watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann. This is a process not unlike deprogramming someone who is in a cult. Without the hand cuffs, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

3) Remember that they will fight you. You can point out the 50 times Fox and Friends have lied in the past week, but depending on how far gone your Republican is, be prepared for a battle. Memorize the lingo: libtard, Muslim, anti-American, conservative Jesus. Hugging can help, but in some severe cases, people have been bitten. Head gear may be an option.

4) Take your Republican outside. One of the best ways to show someone the light is to get them out IN IT. Many hard core conservatives sit in their living rooms all day, watching Fox and listening to Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh. Getting the Republican physically out of the house can help. You may need assistance with this step, as some Republicans grab onto the door frame quite fiercely, digging their heels into the hallway carpet.

5) Show your Republican all the great things the government does, every day. Make it personal. For example, if your Republican is retired, remind them, again gently, about Social Security and Medicare. If your Republican is employed, ask them what they did last weekend. Point out that the weekend was brought to them by unions and that the Department of Labor, which is a government entity, helps protect American workers from abuse. Remember to duck after using the word “unions”.

6) When your Republican is at work, or a DAR meeting, go through their personal library. If you find four versions of the Bible, three Sean Hannity works and discover your Republican has subscriptions to both The American Spectator and Townhall, remove them. Yes, this is harsh, but remember, the less propaganda they have available, the less likely they are to throw it at you.

7) Use facts, not emotion. When your Republican launches into a “Obummer is a Socialist” tirade, point out that, in fact, he is not. Find actual Socialists and use them as a comparison. Travel to the library, hopefully with your Republican, and check out some books on Lenin, or Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky. Show your Republican the difference between all the “isms”-Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Foxism.

8) By this point, you will either be feeling pretty damn good about your work thus far, or you are in the emergency room, having your earlobe sewn back on, or getting stitches where you were hit with a Bible. Be strong, stay the course. Invest in antibiotic ointment and bandages. This is your Republican and you are the only person standing between them and utter Republicanism. Another “ism”.

9) Now is the time for mainstream media to make an appearance. Mainstream. Please, do not undo all your work by taking your Republican to Mother Jones.com. It’s too soon. My suggestion is HLN. This is the home of Nancy Grace, whom your Republican will love, and interspersed between tabloid shows is actual news. Watch your Republican’s response to unbiased news reports. If their eyes narrow, or a vein pops out of their neck, turn off the television and try again later. This is a painful process for your Republican, who up until now, did not know there were other news channels available. And NO RADIO. Take it with you if you have to. Use force.

10) This is the final moment, when you need to honestly evaluate your Republican. Is your Republican becoming more open minded? Are they less likely to mutter that government health care is Socialism on the way to the bank to deposit their Social Security check? Are they using the word “President” before Obama, rather than calling him “That Muslim”? Have they stopped wearing shirts with sayings like “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands” and moving on to shirts with kittens? Then congratulations. Your Republican is well on their way to becoming a productive member of society, controlled not by irrational hate and Gretchen Carlson’s hair, but by their own mind! However, if there is no change in your Republican, and they are even more obsessed than before, a session or two with Dr. Schadenfreude may be in order.

If you love a Republican tell us about it in the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do If Someone You Love Is Republican

  1. Coming from a family that is mostly Republican, growing up in Indiana schools where Republicans were in the majority, I never call them Republicans names like “Rethuglicans” or worse. I think that only puts me in the same place as those on the right who love to use such derogatory terms about “Dummiecrats”, etc. Right away it reduces the rhetoric to a junior high school level and nobody convinces anyone. Since I was active in YAF, an active Republican until my late 20’s, they know I know where they are coming from (although some think I am a traitor, feel sorry that I have become “brainwashed”).

    Thankfully most of my Republican family and friends are at least college educated and if anything are mostly “moderate”. So it is easier to deal with open minds. The few tea party “Dittoheads” I know (a title they wear with pride) tend to be those who barely made it through high school, let alone even a year or two at a community college. A few have made some money, are greedy, and being a Republican seems to be a better fit.

  2. If, as an ordinary oerson, you are dealing with an ordinary person, it seems logical to me that you just ‘agree to disagree’. It is usually futile for ordinary people to argue over politics; just as it is usually futile to argue over religion.

  3. I don’t think it is completely futile to try to get people to change how they think. At least for some people, others it certainly is. I have a colleague who was a Republican through and through about 6 years ago, but has matured as a person and now is a pretty liberal guy. He still has a few issues that he’s conservative on, but for the most part he’s pretty much flipped. So much of it is ignorance and when they take the time to think things through, they come to their senses. But so many people are happy in their ignorance, lazy human beings.

  4. Yes, extreme liberal. I think that liberalism is ‘right’ about some matters; and, conservatism is ‘right’ about some matters. I try to be logical and fact based.

  5. My ex was a dedicated conservative – of the old school. We fought about everything under the sun for 15 years, but interestingly, never about politics – which we discussed at length all the time. Like I say, he was from the old school and he was a very smart man. I’d like to think he wouldn’t think much of the craziness on the right these days.

  6. It will be interesting now to see how the Republicans spin the death of Qaddafi in Libya. The neocon hawks mostly have jeered the “lead from behind” strategy where President Obama let our NATO allies, namely France and the UK, aid the Libyan resistance, letting LIBYANS call many of the shots including the final bullets into Qaddafi (IOW, Obama didn’t take the “exceptionalist” USA! USA! position).

    The result of the Obama position is having removed yet another dictator/terror leader from power without the loss of one American military life. Plus these mainly surgical strikes using U.S. military hardware only cost us $2 billion. Qaddafi’s convoy today was stopped by a U.S. Hellfire predator drone. Qaddafi then scrambled from his vehicle into a culvert where the LIBYAN rebels “took care” of him. So in the END, it was the USA “leading from behind” that removed the dictator. This operation was quite a contrast with “Shock and Awe” where Bush/Cheney spent a TRILLION and still growing (which contributed to the downward spiral of our economy). The Iraq folly took nearly 5000 American lives and tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands innocent Iraqi lives in order to take down ONE Saddam Hussein, unleashing the power of Iran and the Shiites in that nation. Plus Iraqis mostly hate the USA now whereas Libyans love us.

    Obama has had one success after another ridding the word of terrorism. But now some Zionist neocons want to the USA to attack Iran because some clown of a used-car dealer in Texas fell for a sting operation to “assassinate” a Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil.

  7. Sara Hacala, etiquette consultant and author has some tips in her book, Saving Civility. Many of us have our “hot buttons” and our foes who know them will do their best to set us off, so either try to change the subject or just leave the conversation. We also must lose a “must win” mentality realizing that some arguments are not worth engaging. “If you’re hellbent on crushing the other person, there’s no way you’ll be able to discuss it in a respectful manner.”

    To be convincing, “Stick to the facts and keep your tone and body language neutral. Using solid credible information and avoiding labels, stereotyping, name calling will keep the conversation from getting too personal.” Avoid anecdotes as we all have them but most often they prove nothing. And if your dialogue enters an area where one know little or is ignorant about the subject being discussed, keep quiet and LISTEN. Show a willingness to learn. When I back up facts in dialogue with a right-winger, I will not reference a left-leaning site like Daily Kos or even the New York Times, but will instead use the Christian Science Monitor, Fox News (when they are credible) or neutral sources like FactCheck.org. If I get challenged about the latter, then will let it be known that FactCheck is funded by the Annenberg Foundation and that Walter and Leonore Annenberg were probably two of Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s best personal friends! It is good to be knowledgeable about what Reagan REALLY said or did (like raising taxes 11 times while president!).

    I also realize there are some so narrow-minded, “brain-washed” if you will, that I avoid any political talk with them as I know it will be futile. Life is too short to waste time with such individuals. As Hacala says, “Arguing your point isn’t really worth ruining a relationship over.” I once got dis-invited to a family Thanksgiving dinner due to my arguing about the 2000 Florida vote recount. When Al Gore wouldn’t even go the extra mile for himself by insisting on counting ALL of the votes, why should I ruin my family relationships.

  8. I’ve added a couple more of my own:

    11) LIE to them. Especially when it is all that you’ve got.

    Explain to them that limited government isn’t REALLY a good thing. Show them photos and videos of poor, pathetic Harry Reid trying his best to make the case for hiring a whole slew of public-sector employees at a cost of tens of billions of dollars.

    Show them photos of the Occupy Wall Street protesters – especially the one of the guy taking the **** on the police car. Also, show videos of the pathetic mob trying to rationalize the confiscation of the money that capitalists earn – all in the name of “fairness”. Tell them to count the flags.

    Show them videos of President Barrack Hussein Obama demagoging Republican spending plans. Show him standing in front of the Brent Spence Bridge in Covington, KY explaining to his adoring fans why Congress should “pass this bill now”. The half-a-trillion dollar one. Explain to your friend why THIS stimulus bill will work whereas the last one – the one that cost almost a FULL trillion dollars – did not.

    Show the commercial of Paul Ryan tossing Grandma off the cliff in her wheelchair.

    12) Explain to your loved one that the rich really do suck and that they don’t do anything with all of their money. They just put it in the bank so that they can keep track of it. Explain to them that it really is “fair” to make these same rich people fork over to the government 80 cents out of every dollar that they make.

    Explain to them that the government really IS more qualified to decide for them how to handle their health care and their retirement. I mean, after all, the government has done such a stellar job with Social Security and Medicare.

    Explain to them that, even though it took him over ten years, FDR really did get us out of the Great Depression which was, in fact, Bus…I mean, HOOVER’s fault.

    Explain to them that, even though – at one dollar per second (or $86,400.00 per day) – it would take over thirty thousand years to repay the national debt. Explain to them that it really doesn’t matter that future generations will be on the hook for this money. What the hell – you’ll be dead so who cares?

  9. A study of U.S. undergraduate students finds that our nation’s schools are not developing good critical thinking skills. Forty-five percent of students made no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills during the first two years of college,


    No surprise that so many are so easily hoodwinked by the propagandists on the right.

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