Occupy Wall Street – Sign Of The Day

I’m very encouraged by the energy being generated by the “Occupy” movements happening across the country. And even though it is made up of people with many different views on politics, I’m hopeful that it gets people involved and more people register to vote — because elections do matter. If you don’t think they matter, you must have been sleeping through President Bush’s 8 years in office. This movement has the potential to change the corporate hold on Washington and give voice to those who don’t have lobbyists, the 99% of us just trying to survive. Viva La Occupy!


19 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street – Sign Of The Day

  1. “If you don’t think they matter, you must have been sleeping through President Bush’s 8 years in office.”

    How can you say this? It’s precisely why elections DON’T matter! Bush lost both elections, but through means beyond the will of people was able to access power. Elections don’t matter at all, voting is a means of pacifying the people.

  2. I guess you are wanting a totalitarian government, or more likely, you haven’t thought it all the way through. If the elections weren’t close enough for Bush to steal in 2000 and 2004, it wouldn’t have happened. If the people of OWS want to change things, they will register to vote, run for office themselves, help their friends and family run for office and support people who support people.

    Or I guess they can act like you, Kron, and through your hands in the air and continue to let the corporate interests and right-wing nutbags run the country. Your attitude achieves the opposite of what OWS stands for, it feeds into the cynicism that keeps people from stepping up and making a difference.

    Take a stand, get involved, shit, start a third party and run for office…but do something, damn it. The problems aren’t going to fix themselves and standing around and bitching about how other people aren’t fixing them for you doesn’t accomplish anything but perpetuate your helplessness.

  3. Barack Obama lectured the African American to stop whining. Also, he told one interviewer that the American people had grown soft. Then why is he now coddling the pampered college students and dispossessed degenerates in the Occupy Wall Street protests. They are the softest of the soft. Without gainfully contributing to our society, they cannot earn the right to denigrate the more-productive elements of society. Why doesn’t Obama inspire them with the Kennedy maxim, “ask not what your country can do for you”. Instead, Obama seeks to use this disparate mass of anarchists to make a political point (wealthy not paying their fair share).

  4. Although I have been out there every day – yesterday was the best. A second group, Take Back Chicago, came out in support of Occupy Chicago and helped with the mid-day march throughout downtown Chicago. Yesterday, they succeeded in Bank of America having to close one of their branch offices because of the protesters outside. They also staged a press conference in the mall of the Chicago Board of Trade, an area that had previously been heavily protected by guards and police. I don’t want the demonstrators to generate fear in other people that are just going to work, but I’ve gotta say, I was quite happy at the concern on the faces of the management of both of those entites.

  5. It does appear that you have a mass of people who, instead of looking for work, gather to condemn those who work. There is no plan other than to denigrate the part of society who pays 70% of the taxes the protesters live on. Now you have union leaders telling their members to join in the protest but be prepared to get arrested. They want 1% tax on all wall street transactions, who does that hurt except the investor, cancel student loans, why shouldn’t someone pay for their education after all they don’t have a job.

    Professional agitators are having a field day.http://occupywallst.org/forum/simple-demands-please/

  6. The evidence of the rich growing richer and paying less and less of their fair share is overwhelming. You are in a very small minority as the enabler of the rich. Do you know the top marginal tax rate for individuals making over $106,000 during Reagan’s term was 50% for most of his tenure?

    You are fighting an uphill battle trying to convince 99% of Americans that the rich can’t afford to kick in a little bit more to help our American society get back on it’s feet. And even though you and the rich don’t know it, they will benefit if our economy picks up, if more people are working, if more people can afford to go to college. But I guess the brainwashing you went through is tough to overcome. My best to you in your recovery.

  7. Russell Simmons, a black multi-millionaire ($347 M), has been to the Wall Street site on several occasions to protest. He is not whining and is not the “softest of the soft”. Today it is more like ask not what the corporations can do for you, but what you [should] do for the corporations, IOW quit complaining, be happy with your cake crumbs.

    Sounds like our TROLL Stephen has been getting his information on who is actually demonstrating from Faux News:


  8. Great replies already and one additional important point, President Obama did not lecture AA PEOPLE to stop whining, he told the Congressional Black Caucus to stop whining and press on — big difference. Many of them have been in government 30+ years without advancing progress on poverty issues — AA or not — and whine about our President? Anyway, carry on with your uninformed trollishness.

  9. Trolls are everywhere. I may have to delete one of my Facebook postings. My bigoted young grand nephew attacked my posting today over-and-over where I said I signed a petition to the Texas DMV to not issue a vanity license plate with a Confederate “stars and bars” emblazoned on it. This set him off with a running dialogue about government trying to “regulate” what we can think, saying the Sons of the Confederacy has this “right” to promote their “history” and “heritage” (less of the former and more of the “racist” heritage, I fear). Famous members of this group were Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, Hank Williams, Jr. among many avowed racists! I chuckled when he posted that he is “a live and let live” kind of guy (evidently I am not). My grand nephew had previously used MY page to organize Tea Party rallies in Houston. Even he and his friends have talked about WHO who would have the “nerve” to “take the first shot” (which I did delete not wanting the Secret Service to be knocking on my door). I guess I shouldn’t have posted MY thoughts on MY page as I fear I am in hot water again with my mostly Republican family. I was not invited last year to an annual Christmas buffet by a family member because I posted on Facebook that I was supporting Bill White over Gov. Rick Perry. I also have been “UNfriended” by a college frat brother who evidently has gone far REICH. We’ve been “brothers” for over 50 years but America has now become so divisive. So I guess I will be “unfriended” from some Christmas card lists too.

  10. I’ve talked to several of the “young” people, and most of them are not only working – they have two and three part-time jobs. One young lady says she works six days a week at her two jobs, and used her one day off to come downtown to protest. I’ve seen a couple people that say they are the 1% that signed a banner voicing their support. One guy’s message – “I am the 1% and I fully support this effort”. My oldest daughter is part of Occupy Wall Street in NY, she works full-time and marches after work every day. My youngest daughter is not in an area with a protest, but she sent some dollars so that I could contribute on her behalf here. She also works every day. Both are college educated, each has her Master. I’ve seen more people that are closer to my kids reality than the unemployed hippies that you and the media are promoting as the genesis of this demonstration.

  11. Just got a text from my daughter in NY. A motorcycle cop purposedly ran over a protester’s leg. NY is going to get really bad really fast.

  12. Grant, I’ll send you an invite to our Christmas gathering if you want to come up to cold, snow driven Michigan. My family is liberal, every last one of them. At least immediate family…but I imagine even extended out a ways. My uncle was chairman of the Democratic Party in our town for many years.

    I don’t have a lot of patience for trolls much these days. If they are polite and don’t just paste talking points, I’ll let them in on the conversation. But there are plenty of other places they can spew that crap, I try to keep things civil around her. Try being the operative word in that last sentence. I’ve been known to be uncivil occasionally.

  13. I am sure there are a number of employed people in the PeeParty parade but what is it they are trying to accomplish? No matter how much taxes the federal government has, it will not be enough. Look at states who wasted taxes from the good years and now they have shortfalls. Politicians have two functions
    1. How to spend your money
    2. How to get more of it

    Why not blame the people responsible for the problems with this country, the politicians (all of them). Blame them for approving no doc mortgages so people who cannot afford a house get it taken away, blame them for approving NAFTA, blame them for not controlling spending. Not one politician has created any ideas to redo the tax system, which is grossly broken. The rich can deduct their mortgage interest, their real estate taxes, their country club membership, etc, etc, and the middle class gets stuck with the bill. Take away all deductions from everyone, cut taxes for everyone because the rich will pay more, fewer deductions means more taxable income, and the middle class will pay less. The poor will pay nothing so that won’t change.

  14. Some who are protesting on Wall Street don’t like it that some in the Democratic Party are trying to hitch their star to the demonstrations saying the 99% represent all political parties, some supporting Obama while others support Ron Paul.


    I have seen support from liberals on MSNBC but nothing but derogatory slams from Faux News and the likes of Rush Limbaugh. It was okay for teabaggers to shout about Wall Street bailouts, but when anyone else does it, the hypocrites on the right call them dirty hippies who according to Ron Christie are having sex on the lawn, doing drugs, and urinating in the park near Wall Street.


    It appears that anarchists, agent provocateurs have infiltrated the protest in Rome. That is the biggest problem for such public gatherings. Some 20 OWS protesters who had bank accounts at Citibank were arrested at a bank near Wall Street when they entered a bank today to close their accounts. The door was locked behind him so arrests could be made.

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