Nickname Game

Guest Blogger: Erin

So, I have come up with a fun party game: The Nickname Game. You take a TeaPublican presidential candidate (and Huntsman) and make up a nickname that gives the candidate a new middle name! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Herman “The Only Black Guy In America” Cain
Michele “Blackout Barbie” Bachmann
Mitt “Wonder Bread” Romney
Ron “Precious” Paul
Rick “Don’t You F-ing Google Me” Santorum (do it)
Rick “Yeehah I’m Scary” Perry
John “Jesus H. Christ, how crazy do you have to BE” Huntsman
Gary “I got a dog that makes poopy” Johnson
Newt “Patriotic Penis” Gingrich

See! It’s fun, and educational! Next time, we’ll turn the last names of the TeaPublicans into porn film titles!

4 thoughts on “Nickname Game

  1. NJ Gov. Chris Christie endorses Willard Romney for president! In the presser, Mitt downplays the role of the 3 experts (called them “aides” once upon a time) who worked with him on Romneycare then ALSO worked with Obama on his healthcare plans. The flip-flopper is really good at gobbledygook. What a Pander Bear!

    The big “flavor” is now Herman Cain. The REICH-wing American Spectator gives NINE reasons to nominate him:

    Laura Ingraham who has made code racist remarks about Obama says that Cain would be our FIRST black president. The cross-eyed black Ron Christie claims the tea party cannot possibly be racist since they seem to be high on Cain.

    But remember the Bradley effect in L.A. when so many folks said they supported him to the faces of those polling making him appear to be way ahead. But in the privacy of the voting booth, they revealed their bias and voted against him.

  2. Cain has already said if he is the “flavor of the week” he wants to be Black Walnut. His 9-9-9 plan inverts to 666 which should scare the bejesus out of the teabagger christians.

  3. Really, the biggest Pander Bear is Gov. Rick Perry who was first schooled by Karl “Dirty Tricks” Rove back in the early 90’s. Rove likes to use surrogates to spread the filth, loudly whisper lies (like Ann Richards was a lesbian) so that the real instigator isn’t soiled. Perry denies that the Mormon hating Southern Baptist is his like his “Rev. Jeremiah Wright” problem, but the Dallas preacher has since been on a dozen programs on all cablenews networks repeating over-and-over that Mormonism isn’t Christianity and of course Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are Mormons.

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