Steve Jobs Lives On!

I’ve been using Apple computers since 1994 and if you’ve never used one before, you really don’t know what you are missing. I don’t begrudge people who like their PC’s, if it does what you want it to do, awesome. But having used every kind of computer in my life, there really isn’t one that is more reliable and intuitively designed than an Apple. Here is my tribute to Steve Jobs, he lives on through everyone he has touched with his great products.


6 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Lives On!

  1. He’s the father of the personal computer!! Before Steve Jobs – the computing big boys like IBM didn’t think people would have use for a computer in their home. He changed the way we listen to music (as I listen to my IPod) communicate and consume media. The man was a true genius. For true geeks – he’s a bigger inspiration than even Bill Gates.

  2. Steve jobs has been just the type of turn-around story that is quintessentially America. He took Apple from nowhere to being one of the best companies in the world. His passion in creating user friendly products was ahead of it’s time in the early days but eventually caught on to the point where that is now the standard. Once you have touched an Apple product, there is no turning back. You realize this is how technology should be.

    Thanks Steve for giving us such great products and for transforming our lives for the better. RIP.

  3. Steve left us with many new products in the Apple pipeline so we will still have his spirit around for a few more years as newer products roll out. Heard a discussion this morning about the brain power, inventiveness he brought to Apple, talent which hopefully our nation can keep around. However, a criticism was heard, too, that most Apple products are actually made in Asia now, that many of their jobs have been lost to outsourcing them overseas.

  4. He was a complicated character, one of a kind really. I have a lot of issues with how Apple does business, being a user and technician for their products, they make brutal decisions for their customers. Don’t get me started. But I wouldn’t use any other computer, even if you gave me one. So I have mixed feelings about him. My niece works at Apple in Cupertino and has been moving up in the company in the last few years. I haven’t talked to her a lot about what he was like.

  5. Steve Jobs changed the world, I usually post blogs from my iPad that replaced my MacBook – of course this post is:
    Sent from my iPhone.

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