Democrat Wins In West Virginia After The GOP Makes It All About Obama

West Virginia is a very conservative state and in the special election for governor that happened yesterday, the Republicans spent nearly twice as much as the Democrats on the race. The Republicans went out of their way to tie President Obama to the Democratic candidate, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and how did that work out for them?

Governor Tomblin won the election and thwarted the media’s plans to continue their anti-Obama narrative — the one that makes the President responsible for every election in every state. Individual candidates don’t matter anymore to the media, everything is a referendum on President Obama. I’m waiting for the media to blame the drain commissioner election in my township on President Obama, oh shit, maybe I shouldn’t have tipped them off.

There never seems to be any referendum on the Republican controlled House that hasn’t created one fucking job yet, hasn’t even tried to create one job and in fact, has been trying to do the opposite by playing games with the debt ceiling and anything else that is game-worthy.

It isn’t just speculation that the media was dying to continue their blame-it-all-on-Obama strategy, Mark Halperin came right out and admitted it.

Given the Republican strategy, some in the media seemed eager to seize on the race as an example of a president facing a political crisis. Mark Halperin conceded overnight, “If the GOPer had won, the national narrative would have been that Obama was the issue.” Coming on the heels of two Democratic defeats in congressional special elections, the “Dems in disarray” coverage was going to be intense.

Given that the Democrat won, even with the Republican’s outspending and trying to make it a referendum on President Obama, I’m sure the media will start a new narrative about how the President’s push for the jobs bill and his campaigning across the country is the reason for the Democratic win. I’m just sure of it.

Anyone who thinks that the cable media and much of the print media is liberal needs to have their head examined. The Democrats and the President have been enduring the right wing lies that ooze from Fox News on the half hour for years. But what is even more troubling is the anti-Obama slant that is coming from the supposed left leaning MSNBC and the new TeaNN (CNN), which has hitched it’s wagon to the Tea Party crowd.

I’ll leave you with an example that was probably missed by most people. This morning on CNN, they were talking about the Hank Williams Jr. story and his “apology” about his remarks on Fox News comparing President Obama and Speaker Boehner to Hitler and Netanyahu and then showing his great intellect by calling Obama and Biden the Three Stooges. Christine Romans, during some cross talk, said something like, maybe Hank should apologize to the Three Stooges. W.T.F.? No bias there, right?


7 thoughts on “Democrat Wins In West Virginia After The GOP Makes It All About Obama

  1. Sen Gene Mccarthy described the media very well:

    ” The media is like birds on a wire. When one comes, they all come. When one leaves, they all leave.”

    Deep down, the media is shallow.

  2. I was thrilled with this victory. I think the GOP’s actions since their wins in 2010 are proving who they are working for, and it is not the working class of this country.

    Did you see the interview that FOX did at Occupy Wall Street protests? The man they chose to interview slammed News Corp and FOX but unsurprisingly FOX chose not to air it.

    I would love to bake this guy a cake or something.

  3. My partner works out every morning at 24 Hour Fitness which ONLY has Fox News playing on their many TV sets all over the gym and locker room/spa areas. He said there was not one story this morning on Fox about the Democratic win in West Virginia. The Republicans put $3 MILLION in mostly TV advertising into this WV race this past week alone in an attempt to connect the Democratic governor to Obama and you can be sure IF the Republican had won, Fox would have been all over this story. It really hasn’t been a big story on MSNBC either (Amanda Knox, Michael Jackson “murder” trial, Chris Christie and Wall Street protests getting the most attention) as was the Republican win in NY #9, Anthony Wiener’s old district.

    But I am not surprised about 24 Hour Fitness. Found out that the nation’s largest gym chain is owned by Forstmann Little, whose CEO Theodore Forstmann is active in Republican politics. Forstmann runs an equity company (in the same vein as Mitt Romney’s Bain Capitol) that has leveraged many buyouts including IMG.

    Many businesses here ONLY play Fox News for customers, like McDonald’s, Wells-Fargo Bank and several doctor’s offices where I have had to sit waiting.

  4. GROAN why did you have to tell me this? I have a 24 hour membership!

    I’m not leaving them either as they are the most convenient and Gold’s is pretty conservative owned wise as well.

  5. It is all about the story of the day with the media. I watched the interview with Hank Williams, Jr on the internet and I couldn’t follow what he was saying but he is not a fan of the current administration that he made clear. About elections being all about Obama, seems like the table has turned because in the presidential election you would think Bush was running because it was all about him.

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