President Obama Is Fighting Hard For Jobs

President Obama speaking in Dallas — working his ass off to help bring jobs to the American people…

“Dallas, that starts now. That starts with your help. Yesterday, the Republican Majority Leader in Congress, Eric Cantor, said that right now, he won’t even let the jobs bill have a vote in the House of Representatives. He won’t even give it a vote.

“Well I’d like Mr. Cantor to come down here to Dallas and explain what in this jobs bill he doesn’t believe in. Does he not believe in rebuilding America’s roads and bridges? Does he not believe in tax breaks for small businesses, or efforts to help veterans?

“Mr. Cantor should come down to Dallas, look Kim Russell in the eye, and tell her why she doesn’t deserve to get a paycheck again. Come tell her students why they don’t deserve to have their teacher back.

“Come tell Dallas construction workers why they should be sitting home instead of fixing our bridges and our schools.

“Come tell the small business owners and workers in this community why you’d rather defend tax breaks for millionaires than tax cuts for the middle-class.

“And if you won’t do that, at least put this jobs bill up for a vote so that the entire country knows exactly where every Member of Congress stands.

Take action, we are all in this together and we have to show our support for creating jobs now!

4 thoughts on “President Obama Is Fighting Hard For Jobs

  1. What he seems to ignore is his own party does not support this mini-stimulus bill. How does this save money for small businesses, how is it going to be paid for.
    Obama has not even appointed a point person to push this bill through which is normal politics for either party.

    This bill he is pushing is designed for him to campaign under the guise of promoting a jobs bill he doesn’t even believe in. He can try to further cast scorn at those who are successful and blame the GOP for hurting the little guy.

    Who would benefit from raising taxes on the millionaires and billionaires, answer no one but it feels good. The country needs to raise revenue and cut spending. Eliminate all tax deductions would be a good way to raise revenue and would be equatable for everyone. The rich use their wealth to avoid taxes and this would level the playing field for all income levels. Cut taxes on corporations who bring jobs back into the country and penalize those who move jobs off shore.

    We need a politician with the courage to do what is not popular and I don’t see one on either side.

  2. oh just shut the fuck up and go to Fox News where you belong you fake independent piece of garbage.

  3. What is it I said that prompted such a eloquent response. Even his own party does not support this bill .Have you watched the news, any one will do, and heard that congress is going into recess without any action on this bill and it is not first on their agenda when they return.

    This is stump speech material that he will ride for all it is worth. A true bill would be one that is put out for a vote not one where vote for it now and I will have it written later. Who is the champion for the bill in either chamber, answer no one, because he knew it would never pass but it will provide ammunition against the conservative members of congress.

    BTW I never watch Fox News. I much prefer NBC, CNBC and HNN but never Fox.

  4. Hey, Skudrunner. Why don’t you join Michael Moore and give him some money. I believe that’s where you get your so-called knowledge. Shove off, now!

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