Photos – Fall Colors With Pretty Horses

I took these photos a couple of years ago. It was a very good year for fall color. I was out taking photos and on my way from one location to another when I came across this field with a beautiful spread of trees. I parked alongside the road and got out and as I did, these two horses came galloping from off in the distance towards me. I started shooting photos. They ran right up to the fence and I started talking to them as if they were models, seriously — and they were responding to me. It was a surreal experience. They struck many poses. Here are a few of the better ones.

Photos by Extreme Liberal

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5 thoughts on “Photos – Fall Colors With Pretty Horses

  1. Beautiful fall color which I miss here in Texas. We have leaves falling 2 months early now but are an ugly brown, dead from the record drought of the past year.

    A few years back in my Hoosier hometown, a woman who was an equestrian and horse breeder died and as her funeral procession passed by her farm on the way to the cemetery, her horses ran across the field to line up along the fence next to the busy highway and stood quietly until after the hearse had passed. It was like they knew her body was in the hearse and wanted to pay last respects. The people in the procession were quite moved by the horses’ behavior.

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