Pass The Bill Now – We Can’t Wait 14 Months

Please, take action. Make a call or send a letter, talk to people. This is serious business, people need help right away. Show your support for American jobs.


2 thoughts on “Pass The Bill Now – We Can’t Wait 14 Months

  1. That is a good ad.
    The bill will not be passed. The GOP wants nothing to do with it.

    This initiative does begin the laying of a foundation for Nov 2012.

  2. Read in my morning paper that people in places like Vermont, Joplin, (everywhere there have been global warming disasters this year) are not only pissed at Republicans for withholding money from FEMA until there are equal spending cuts but EQUALLY mad at Democrats for using GOP intransigence in their political game. A pox on both houses but should Democrats be seen as the bad guys? Well always at Fox News.

    Been in Mexico for last five days so missed the latest Republican “debate” and didn’t get to see the GOP once again hating on gay soldiers. Also didn’t hear Obama’s speech before the Black Caucus but now reading some thinking he is only concerned about unemployed black Americans! My partner just returned home from 24 Hour Fitness where they ONLY show Fox News on the gym TV sets and this “racist” angle was a hot topic on Fox and Friends.

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