Our Mission, if We Choose to Accept it…

Guest Blogger: Joan Ruaiz

I remember quite well the beginning of each Mission Impossible episode, way back in the day. There, on that miniature tape recording, in the phone booth with the handsome super secret agent leader, was the team’s instruction for a particularly dangerous mission, deemed impossible.

After providing all of the required  background information, and the reasons why the mission was necessary to the national security of the country, the tape would  self-destruct. Then the famous Mission Impossible music would cue up.

There is a reason the show was a hit with all demographics and is now a classic that represents Americana’s (ask what you can do for your country)  finest. It was the recurring story of a group of fearless individuals willing to take on insurmountable odds, via a set of carefully planned actions, for the benefit of  the ultimate greater good. Each  member of the designated team was to utilize tried and true classic methods and/or  cutting edge technology, depending on the individual’s forte. But each role within the team had a specific irreplaceable value; each as important as the next; each interconnected; and if one’s actions faltered, the entire mission could fail.

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