Political Mythbusters – Volume 1, The Stimulus!


I am so sick of people lying about the effects of the stimulus plan, which by the way was a deal that was put together by most of the greatest minds in the country to prevent a depression. Republican politicians tried to have it both ways — talking out of both sides of their mouths. They went from rousing speeches about how President Obama is a socialist, to giant check presentation ceremonies in their districts — taking credit for putting all those teachers back to work and fixing that bridge or overpass in their town.

The common argument to bolster the myth is the very parochial one of saying, the unemployment rate is still high or there are still a lot of people out of work. No shit, but what would that unemployment rate have been without it? According to several measures, millions more would be without jobs. It worked for those people. It worked for all the people I saw working along the roads for the last two summers. It worked for all those teachers who didn’t have to apply at McDonalds for a drive-thru position. It worked for me when my taxes were lowered considerably and I was able to pay a few bills.

The Stimulus worked very well and arguing that it should have been bigger ignores the reality that Republicans are also in our government. We all wished it had been all stimulus and less tax cuts, but in order to pass a bill in our selfish country, that’s the way it works. It also ignores what we’ve learned recently, that we were in much worse shape than what the Bush administration told the new President on their way out. There seems to be a lot of ignoring going on in order for people to justify their need to perpetuate this myth. Omissions are lies, in my mind. When people conveniently ignore massive variables in an equation, like millions of jobs saved and the fact that there was NO DEPRESSION, they are just plain lying.


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5 thoughts on “Political Mythbusters – Volume 1, The Stimulus!

  1. Can you print this article like a million times to make blankets for the millions of disemployed by this government? I’m sure it will make them feel better knowing that corporations are doing much better. Keep up the good work!

  2. Reflecting on the past ten years leading to the events that led to 9/11 discovered that at the beginning of 2000…”the new American Century”, Dick Cheney was already a “Debbie Downer” forecasting a bad economic future. However, by the end of the decade Cheney’s “Golden Parachute” Halliburton stock options had increased in value over 3000% so it hasn’t been bad for him.

    After talking down the economy Cheney, denied that he and Mr. Bush were being overly pessimistic about the economy for the sake of political gain, especially to increase support for their proposed 10-year, $1.3 trillion tax cut.

    “But there does seem to be a lot of evidence out there that, in fact, the economy has slowed down some,” he [Cheney] added. “Whether or not this ultimately results in a recession — that is, negative real growth — nobody knows.”


    The right continued to blame the decade long recession, even 9/11, on Bill Clinton. Now everything is President Obama’s fault. What a difference a year makes. This program aired last November when the new Republican House was going to save our nation….

  3. Bush and Cheney were hoping for a “best case” scenario where their Iraq War would be a boon to the economy (at least for many war contractors), but it appears that a WORST case scenario, forecast in early 2003 by Yale Economist William Nordhaus, was most correct….an overall cost of $2 TRILLION for the war and $75 a barrel oil.

  4. One thing that also I noticed is many on the ‘left’ were saying Hillary should run a primary against Obama and how much they suddenly love Hillary although these very same people were condemning Hillary and bashed Bill Clinton. These very same people were complaining and saying how much of a hawk Hillary Clinton was. How interesting that their thoughts seem to mimic Dick Cheney’s way of thinking.

  5. Thanks, I will. I know for damn sure that it would be much worse if Republicans get back in power. I actually know many people that directly benefited from the Stimulus, I know it worked for them. Peace!

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