President Obama Goes Big With Jobs Speech, Now It’s Our Turn!

If you haven’t seen President Obama’s jobs speech from last night, do it now, you won’t regret it. The hard work lies ahead for all of us to make sure his ideas get implemented and to push back against the baggers of tea and fire. Already, they are out trying to dampen enthusiasm and spin it to their own selfish ends. We all need to help get the word out, call your congressperson, senators…talk to your friends and family. Help explain how important it is that we come together as a country and put stupid Republican political games aside and finally put a stake in the supply-side idiocy that brought us to this point. Here is the speech…


3 thoughts on “President Obama Goes Big With Jobs Speech, Now It’s Our Turn!

  1. I really loved this speech. It brought me to my feet cheering wildly with its passion and power. Obama needs to channel this emotion and stop being worried about some old stereotype. Challenge the people and congress to get the job done.

  2. It’s hilarious watching the republicans scramble to find an excuse as to why they’re against tax cuts. Another $450bn on the deficit is notning compared to what we’ll gain.

    POLL: Was President Obama’s jobs speech the right blue print for creating jobs?

  3. Kai Wright writes about some of the outcomes of President Obama’s speech Wednesday night which sadly are a good assessment.

    The president will give a big speech. He’s good at that, typically. In any case, the chattering class will no doubt tell us how well or poorly he’s done at boosting his approval ratings. The business press will inform us whether he’s calmed or heightened the nerves of the precious financial sector—the same industry that created the problem to begin with, of course. And then officialdom will return to fussing over the national debt and the tone in Washington and whether investors are making or losing money this week. Meanwhile, millions of people mired in a daily fight for survival will wonder, What about me? Doesn’t anyone care about the fact that I’m about to fall off the cliff? The answer is sadly simple: No.

    Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive called the speech BOTH inspiring and annoying.

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