President Obama Deserves Nothing But Respect!

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The level of disrespect being shown towards President Obama is unprecedented and has to stop. It comes in both blatant and subtle ways and there are many reasons for it. Anyone who is honest with themselves knows that a lot of it stems from the color of his skin. Not all of it, for sure, but a whole hell of a lot of it. We all remember the signs from the Tea Party asking for their country back…back from what, you motherfuckers, the man won a clear victory in a democratic election with a wide electoral margin. President Obama IS the leader or OUR country, all of us, even you racist assholes…whether you like it or not.

One of the latest examples of this disrespect was covered very well by Joy Reid at The Reid Report. I’ll let her explain it…

Republicans derive a benefit from their base by disrespecting the president.

The GOP base wants its leadership to not just oppose Barack Obama, but to go out of its way to obstruct, block, and if at all possible, show open contempt and disrespect for him. Republicans understand that their base will punish them for any hint of respectful, or worse, accommodating behavior toward Obama, and that they will be rewarded by their base for elevating the level of negative attention they give the president.


Today’s Republicans, who have been overrun by a hardcore tea party faction in addition to the resurgent religious right, have made the calculation that there is literally no bottom — and no level of disrespect so great that they will pay a price with white independents.


Case in point: before House Speaker Boehner took the unprecedented step of publicly brushing back the president’s request to address a joint session of Congress next Wednesday, he was being egged on to do just that by none other than Rush Limbaugh. That Boehner decided to puff out his chest on this one is telling.

Of course, that is just one example of the clear disrespect shown towards our President. And the Republicans are playing it out to the full extent, with some legislators openly saying they won’t attend the jobs speech and don’t even want to hear what the President has to say. The adult equivalent of holding your hands over your ears and saying, na na na na, I cant’ hear you! I hope all those people without jobs are paying attention to the “Party of No New Jobs”.

But if that isn’t enough, apparently the hater of everyone, Matt Taibbi, doesn’t want to hear it either. The more I read about Taibbi, the more I realize that he just says whatever the hell comes to his hateful mind. I found this piece where Taibbi predicted a McCain presidency…showing his willingness to just say stupid shit with no basis in reality. But I digress.

The Grio has a piece that helps to spell out just some of the disrespect from the Republicans over the last few years.

The “You lie!” shout during the president’s speech on health care reform before the joint session of Congress in Sept. 2009

The recent posturing, walk-outs and tantrums thrown over the debt ceiling debate, which eventually led to our country’s credit being downgraded.

Newt Gingrich referring to the president as “the food stamp president” and saying that Pres. Obama “knows how to get the whole country to resemble Detroit.”

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn — who supposedly enjoys a warm relationship with the president, saying he doesn’t think President Obama wants to destroy the country, but “his intent is to create dependency because it worked so well for him as an African-American male” who “received tremendous advantage from” welfare programs.

Congressman Mitch McConnell’s bold proclamation that he wants to be Senate Majority Leader to make sure that Obama is a one-term president.

Rush Limbaugh saying that he wants to see this president fail. (Note: Limbaugh has modified that statement to say he meant his “policies.” But when it was said, it was less than a year into Obama’s presidency and he was still cleaning up the mess from the previous president’s policies, which Limbaugh had very little to say about during the Bush era).

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck declaring on the air that the president “hates white people” and “the white culture.”

Television personality Donald Trump’s over-the-top taunting of the president, hyping unprecedented demands to see the president’s birth certificate.

The shouts of “We want our country back!” by the Tea Party.

And the frequent habit of not calling the president by his proper honorific: “President Obama”, rather than just “Obama” — by quite a few elected officials, pundits and others.

That last one, not calling President Obama by the title he earned by winning the presidency, is one that permeates both the left and the right and in newsrooms across the country. I’ll admit that liberals did the same thing to President Bush, and it was wrong then too. Once a president leaves office, I can understand dropping that title but while a president is sitting in that oval office, she/he is deserving of our respect. I remember hearing a discussion on NPR about standard journalistic practices of calling any president by their honorific title when first referring to her/him and then dropping the title after that in a story or article. Journalism sure has changed in recent years hasn’t it?

It goes even further than just not calling him by his earned title, many of them show their  disrespect by simply saying his name with disdain. And a lot of that comes from the left. I’ve never seen Jane Hamsher or Glenn Greenwald say President Obama’s name without them oozing contempt for the man and showing outright hatred in their white superior, elitist tone. I always have to wonder what makes them think they are superior to a man who was the President of Harvard Law Review and elected to the most powerful position on the fucking planet…and they feel like they can be condescending to that man. Hmmmm, I smell racism, how about you?

Rmuse does an excellent job of characterizing the “emoprogs” in this post about the speech nontroversy.

The extreme left are laboring under the mistaken belief that all Americans are hard-left extremists and that the president is shunning the will of the people. The egocentric left either cannot or will not acknowledge that America is a right-leaning Centrist population that rejects the EmoProg’s agenda on principle alone. This is not an indictment of the far-left’s core beliefs, because their philosophy is shared by nearly all Liberals; but not all Liberals are self-important and lack understanding of American voters. Most Liberals also do not share the belief that primarying the president will “pull Obama to the left” or encourage him to award Bradley Manning the Congressional Medal of Honor, but then most Liberals are not self-important egocentrics either.

The Grio also reminds us that it isn’t just Republicans that have a lack of respect for our President that stems from his race and it began before he was even elected.

This negative “attention” that this president seems to attract cuts across partisan lines. Even before he took office, Joe Biden referred to him as the first “clean, articulate” African-American candidate. (Which we assume was meant as a compliment).

And let’s not forget Bill Clinton, who chalked up Obama’s win in South Carolina to being similar to Jesse Jackson’s wins there in the 80s and then had the audacity to cry foul, saying the race card was played on him when Obama supporters called him out.

There are many more examples of disrespect for President Obama and the office that he holds from the left, Cenk Uygur oozes that nasty hatred damn near every time he mentions our president. And by the way, what Uygur said in that clip was proven wrong very soon after that.

What drives me absolutely nuts about this phenomenon in politics is that President Obama is deserving of more respect than any president in my lifetime. He has avoided attacking Republicans, much to the chagrin of the far left, since he began running for president. He has kept his rhetoric respectful, even for people that probably don’t deserve that respect. Remember his dressing down of the clown Donald Trump, he was even tactful about that. So when people try to say that he doesn’t deserve their respect or that he has brought it on himself, I have to pound my head on the desk and wonder what in the fuck is wrong with these people. This president has gone out of his way to represent everyone in this country and treat all people with respect, even those not deserving of it…yet, he is enduring the worst lack of respect of any president in our history.

Go read this most excellent piece at The People’s View that lays out what President Obama has done for of all our people…in the face of the most obstructionist congress in our history. The man deserves more respect than any president in history, now give it to him, damn it!


12 thoughts on “President Obama Deserves Nothing But Respect!

  1. Obama is the 13th president I have lived under in my 72 years. NEVER have I heard such disrespect for OUR president and even though ages 6-12 under President Truman, I heard much rancor but but nothing like the outright disrespect/hate I have heard so many times directed at our first black president. The closest might have been, “Hey, hey, LBJ…how many kids did you kill today” chanted in anti-war protests. Racism is the “elephant” in the room that many folks still don’t want to acknowledge. We haven’t come as far from the days of “Jim Crow” as many (with our “good black friend” ;^) wish to promote. Even my Houston Chronicle today has an editorial demanding that Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) apologize for saying there were some in the Tea Party who would like to see black folks swinging from a tree. (and he didn’t even call them “teabaggers”!)

  2. Note,: I posted this over on as well

    If one took a critical look at Obama’s overall record, he’s pretty consistent with a centrist pragmatist and had far more liberal accomplishments than he’s given credit for by many on the Left. Obama’s far from perfect, but quite frankly he’s lightyears head of his competitors on the Left (who can’t win anything) and the Right (who don’t know anything).

    But, in the world of the angry Lefty blogger-sphere, Obama is no different than Bush (I would laugh it if weren’t so dire in consequences) If all you listen to was Democracy Now and read, you’d think Obama was the worse thing since Satan.

    I think the Obama administration has tangentially reveal many flaws in our political culture. A racism reactionary right wing that is willing to sell its soul and the country to corporations just to one up minorities or gays. An ambivalent mainstream ‘center’ that doesn’t have a clue what it wants or needs and is too fickle to really make a real impact. And a dysfunctional Left with little means of political capital and organize and also rife with egomaniacs with no real sense of politics, economics or basic cooperation.

    Frankly, the so-called “Emo Progs” have been a bane of Liberals’ political existence for years. Ask any sensible liberal who tried to build the Green Party in the early ’00′s or survived the meltdown of Pacifica Radio in the mid 90′s. How about other anti-war movements hijacked by guys like ANSWER and Code Pink? Or, if you really want to go back, ask some older liberals how they felt about militant cranks like MOVE, the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground.

    Yes, these movements did some great things (community clinics and school breakfast come to mind about the Panthers) – but they screwed a lot of things up. Yes, hardcore liberals have passion, but their often strident commitment to their own ideas and egos cost the entire movement.

    And I find it funny that we often take the advice of people who for the most part, never won office,never worked in real policy making and frankly, couldn’t organize a hotdog stand.

  3. Cool, thanks. They asked me if I wanted to start posting over there (, original pieces, and I’m hoping to find the time to do that in the near future. Those emoprogs sure know how to take money from vulnerable people though, under the guise of promoting progressivism…we all know how well they do that.

  4. I think Truman was treated pretty horribly all around especially when he got elected after completing FDR’s term. It wasn’t the same however, much of it can’t really be remembered because a lot of people during that time are now dead. Nixon wasn’t treated horribly at all well till he got caught being a typical republican. Bush still didn’t go through the near disrespect I’m witnessing Obama receiving, so I’d say this article is very accurate about the president and it saddens me.

  5. I just read that Harry Reid made these republicans to stay and listen to the speech after all by holding a vote right after Obama speaks. Its still saddening that the republicans are so disrespectful towards Obama but I have to say that I have a lot more respect for Reid than I used to.

  6. PRESIDENT Obama not only deserves respect, he is respect. It bothers me that these cowards who purport to be tea baggers are really KKK unmasked a/k/a republicans. As much as I just could not bear to watch George Bush on television, much less listen to him, it was not because of the color of his skin, but how his ignorance was an embarassment to the U.S. I tolerated Ronald Regan because of him being senile. I do not think he believed that he was really the President of the U.S. This truly a man that is able to overcome all of this hate and still manages to do what we voted him to do. And that is to serve the peope, ALL people. I have never felt so connected to this president in my 59 years of living. It is something unique, different and I have been able to come to peace with the segregationist laws that I experienced as a child growing up in Georgia. And do not ever want to feel that way again. This president helps to bring that hope for peace in these United States and the world. I do not want my children or grandchildren to live through that terror. I know and feel that Dr. MLK’s dream is being fulfilled while this man is in office. It is sad to know that some people did not get it then and will not get it now. Despite my mixed feelings while coming into myself, I did not teach hate to my children. This is a president who is a president to all. If only we would listen with our hearts and not our ears.

    The hate and arrogance that spews from the mouths of these haters is something that is engrained in their DNA. This is a man who is so smart and intelligent that it brings out the worse in them. I grew up in the south under Jim Crow and you can smell racism, see it all over their faces and it comes out of their pores, no matter how they try to hid it. It eventually comes out and it is

  7. It eventually comes out and it is what it is……pure racism. You can dress it up, dress it down, cover it up with white sheets, wear the American flag over your lapel. It is still racism. And the part that boggles my mind is that, President Obama’s mother and maternal grandparents are just as white as white can be……love does not need your approval to love.

  8. Allen West. If racism is the root of the tea partys distaste for Obama them how do you explain their fascination with Allen West?

    The racism accusations are as stale as ithey are false.

  9. I get one to two emails in my inbox nearly every day from Reader Supported News (old Truthout malcontents) begging me for money, making us believe this website, that reprints just about every “left” anti-Obama opinion out there, is about to go broke and thus we progressives will lose a “valuable” voice.

  10. It’s DISrespect for the person in the case of President Obama. Seems the haters don’t even respect the OFFICE of President as long as a black man sits in the WHITE House. We will always have those who disrespect the political positions of their opponents and this is natural in a free society. But disrespect for a decent human being who is a good father, a good husband, a PATRIOT with compassion for all of us…just for the color of his skin is uncalled for. We are witnessing an American tragedy revealing that our nation still has a way to go to achieve equality for everyone…even for a PRESIDENT.

  11. Typical nut sucking, koch snorting tea bagger talk. You guys are so flamboyantly racist that it seems like half the time you don’t even bother to hide it.

  12. Racists have never minded having toady blacks around to carry their loads (for the teabaggers, blacks gain their favor by spewing REICH-wing rhetoric). And black conservatives like Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Ron Christy, Joe Watkins, J.C. Watts, Michael Steele, etc. try their best to please them, wanting white blessings so badly. There have always been black and brown folks who wanted to be honorary Whites, even it that means settling for the crumbs. These “Uncle Toms” are often despised as sell-outs in their communities, often called Oreos, Coconuts, Bolillos, etc. (dark on the outside but so badly wanting to be white inside). Now if the teabaggers would actually nominate a Herman Cain as their presidential candidate, that would be a real change of heart. But for now, folks like West and Cain are just Tea Party sideshow figures.

    At one time black America was majorly in the fold of the Party of Lincoln. Starting with FDR’s social programs, there began a realignment, yet Eisenhower won about half of black votes in the 1950’s. But when Nixon and his “Southern Strategy” meant actively inviting white southern racists to come on over to the Party of Lincoln to make the “Solid South” Republican, blacks no longer felt welcome in their old home and flocked to the Democratic Party. Many blacks are religious conservatives but don’t wish to support a Republican party where they don’t feel welcome and which is not looking out for their economic interests.

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