And Now For Something Completely Different – Looking For An Argument?

I was busy this week and only had enough time to pop in and out of social media on occasion. I didn’t participate much and it was interesting to just observe. Some of the stuff was just crazy — the political discourse in this country has sunk to a level where normally intelligent people actually typed screeds about “caving” on the scheduling of a speech. Seriously, I had to step back and wonder, do they want a fucking father figure or a president. Do they want their daddy to beat up the neighborhood bully. I thought about the Monty Python clip below when I was about to send a series of Tweets that said something like..He didn’t “cave”, how can you cave on scheduling a speech. There is nothing to cave in to, there are no consequences to the action. It’s just a non issue used to spread the “weak meme” that the Professional Left is pushing.

But then I read at The People’s View that  71% people in a Pew poll think the President “Stands up for what he believes in”! Those are amazing numbers. Hey Professional Left…Suck It! How does it feel to know that 71% of the American people think you are talking shit and the other 29%, that you are standing with, are the fucking Tea Party and the racists? Ha!

And now for Monty Python…

20 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different – Looking For An Argument?

  1. Mainly people were upset that they felt Obama “caved” to Bhoener but most realize that you can’t just go to congress whenever you want when your president, its called separation of powers which means you have to ask for an invite. What Bhoener did do however is he waited till it was made public then turned it down to make Obama look bad. Totally and utterly despicable but as usual the media turns around and says its a both ‘sides’ issue.

  2. Extreme liberal for the escalation of war and the dwindling of our primary rights guaranteed by the Constitution being perpetrated by a centrist Constitutional Lawyer.

  3. However, Americans are sick and tired of political games and this looks like both the president and Boehner are playing them instead of addressing the critical issues before the nation. To me, this smells of Bill Daley and “Chicago politics” which won’t play as well in the nation at large (I grew up in and around Chicago for the first 26 years of my life, so have had my fill with the Daley machine). The speech should have been scheduled on Thursday, anyway, giving the White House a chance to rebut charges from the Wednesday night GOP Debate, show a contrast.

    Not everyone is a Packer or Green Bay fan. The season opener game will be aired on NBC. MSNBC will for sure carry the speech. Do diehard NFL fans really care to hear Obama? One Packer fan tweeted that Obama “just lost the critical Wisconsin vote”. NFL fans have been found to be more conservative than the average voter so they probably get their “news” from Fox and Fox Sports, anyway.

    The speech is scheduled to begin at 7 EDT, with kickoff time scheduled for 8:30, and while no official announcement has been made, the unofficial word is the President plans to conclude before the game begins. Even so, many fans will still be unhappy as the speech may end up interfering with the network’s pregame coverage which would include pregame analysis, musical acts, and other events whose only purpose is to bring fans to a full on frenzy as the football season kicks off.

    Speaking of Daley, I do hope, however, that he can help transform Obama into a “give ’em hell” Harry Truman. Americans like fighters. Politico’s Roger Simon noted yesterday, that in his continued attempts to be bi-partisan, Obama still cannot bring himself around to blame Republicans enough as he should be doing. Simon said that Obama’s complaints about “Congress” are generic, never saying the words “REPUBLICANS in Congress”, fearful perhaps of upsetting the GOP that has vowed to destroy him from his first day in the Oval Office. “Calm and cool” won’t work in this coming election, especially if the opponent is a Rick Perry or Chris Christie (the latter getting a lot of good press over his aggressive handling of Irene’s aftermath). President Truman ranted and ranted in 1948 about the “do nothing Republican Congress” he had to deal with, blaming them for the nation’s woes. Truman’s aggressiveness took him from a 36% approval rating in early 1948 to beating Gov. Dewey by election day, proving the pollsters all wrong. So for sure, too much should never be read into polls.

  4. They ‘felt it’ or were told to feel it? What is he supposed to have stood his ground on? Saying ‘the President caved’ is like muslims saying ‘death to America’. It’s not reality-based, it’s a mantra, but ignorant people who hear it think it’s real.

    I am saddened that smart people continue to demean our political conversations with warmed over narratives and petty analysis.

    Most arguments start with an assumption that has no provable support.  This narrative believes the President and his team deliberately scheduled the speech to game the republicans and overshadow their ‘debate’.  This also implies that the President Obama would use such an important moment for some kind of petty one-upsmanship–which also illustrates how little they think of the man himself. The narrative is repeated without question.

    If you were to think logically and from a adult point of view.  Your analysis might look something like this.

    1.  A major jobs speech has been planned and must be delivered as soon as possible.
    2.  The speech needs to have as much impact as possible with congress as well as the American people.
    3.  The best way for the President to capture the attention of the Nation and stress the importance of any announcement is speak in prime time.
    4.  The most effective use of prime time is to get all networks to cover the speech.
    5.  The most effective way to get all networks to cover the speech is to address a joint session of Congress.
    6.  Congress does not return from its 6-week vacation until Sept 7 and will not meet until 6:30 pm for profunctory business (naming post offices). Members are fresh from getting an earful at townhall meetings regarding jobs.
    7.  Congress will only be in session for two days–Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Based on that information.  When would you schedule the speech?  Even if you eliminate the republican debate-which has already been rescheduled twice, and you eliminate the NFL season opener from your thinking, would you schedule on the first day congress is in session or the second day.  Keep in mind that you are stressing the need for immediate action, and you have also demanded the immediate passage of the transportation bill.

    Ideally, if congress wants to show it is serious about jobs legislation, they could begin debate on Wednesday, Sept 8. Certainly the Democrats could begin their jobs legislation ‘crusade’.

    Does the second of many republican presidential debates compare in importance to any of this?  Does Rick Perry have something so earthshaking to say that the President should take the scheduling of the debate into his consideration? Another debate is already scheduled for Sept 12.

    Why are we comparing apples and oranges when it it comes to national priorities? Everyone has been screaming for a jobs plan and now it is being trivialized by this nonsensical bullshit. The president has been talking about jobs programs FOREVER. No one chose to listen.  Who gave republicans the platform and support for changing the narrative to deficit reduction? The same people who now said he should have been talking about jobs all along. duh. These people should read their own transcripts.

    This is a major reason so many people have turned away from the daily political discussions in this country. We make a lot of noise about wanting serious people in Washington, but are we serious people if all we want to talk about is gamesmanship, polls, and who is ‘winning’?

    Sadly, we are all losing, because everyone needs a patsy to criticize and make fun off.

    I will not allow these people to turn me into a screeching idiot.

  5. I’m not watching any more of these republican debates. I might go back and look here and there but I already know the media will cover everything that was said and mindlessly praise it and the dumb public will lap it up. We deserve to be destroyed if Obama and the democrats don’t get the majority in congress and senate next year.

  6. Do those on the left who bash President Obama actually believe this will help them get progressive change? Why aren’t they focused on giving him the majorities he needs in the Senate and Congress? If he gets progressive legislation he will sign it.

    I just don’t understand this lack of basic strategy–this constant undermining of one’s ’cause’.

  7. It comes down to principles, the left and the right actually work in very similar ways but the right had been more organized and better able to get everything in order. It seems however that the teaparty and conservatives have been chaotic and in shambles ever since Bush. They’re facing a similar situation that much of the left faced with Carter. The right now have gone so extreme that the nut sucking teabagger’s want someone like Rick Perry or Bachman.

    On the other hand back to the subject at hand with the progressive side. Well many progressives actually do like the president, many are faced with the opposition and know the alternative is way worse than Obama but hate some of the deals, and ‘caves’ that Obama made in an effort to getting things done. Unfortunately he’s faced with so much opposition and a sort of refusal to get things done but about 25 percent of the progressive movement doesn’t really see this. They see a president who hasn’t met what they wanted in a president. They want someone like FDR or at least the legend they built around him, they don’t want a real person as president, they want an icon. Someone for them to worship and idolize till the day that they die, much like how the right built a legend and idol out of Ronald Reagan.

    Much of the right chooses to ignore the fact that Reagan for as conservative as he was also had some progressive ideals such as amnesty. He had a human traits but again the modern republican movement has chosen to take out anything human or decent and chose to recreate him as some hard nosed conservative. So in a nutshell the hardcore left wanted a modern icon to worship, and are disappointed that they didn’t get what they wanted. Thus no matter what Obama does they will rail against him and call him every filthy disgusting name you can think of till they get what they want.

  8. CNN ( and I’m for sure Faux) is covering every word of NON-candidate Sarah Palin’s Labor Day speech today in New Hampshire just like they carried every word of her extreme Obama-bashing in Iowa on Saturday. “Librul” MSNBC isn’t carrying the speech live, but say they might cut in IF she announces her candidacy which she didn’t do. She claims the “lamestream media” didn’t bother to VET candidate Obama who has NO PLAN for this nation (and here I thought he had a “socialist” plan). Once again she slimed the media and said Obama was part of the “good old boy Washington establishment”. She said “God has shed HIS grace on thee…America” and the Tea Party isn’t going to let their detractors tell them to “go to hell” which brought about roars from the teabag crowd.

    I don’t think Sarah will run. She just needs to keep selling her celebrity to keep the money rolling in so Todd won’t have to go back to work. Palin for now is only a MEDIA candidate. Her “product” is not policy (she gives NO DETAILS about what her plans might be). Palin is still mostly about raising money for the teabaggers and herself, selling books with her celebrity earning her MILLIONS on reality TV and a lucrative Fox News contract. Palin is little more than another Paris Hilton anymore…famous for being famous, even jealous to share the limelight with a Michelle Bachmann or Christine O’Donnell by DICTATING who may appear on the same stage with her. BTW, it was reported She and Todd caused a big fan uproar in an Iowa restaurant where it was reported that she wore tight, low slung “skinny jeans”, open-toed platform sandals showing off freshly painted “polka-dot” toenails. Nice to know that she is a style setter. Is she selling her sex, too?

  9. CNN‘s John King is covering LIVE the Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) “Freedom Forum” in South Carolina where the REICH-wing politicians along with “experts” like Robert P. George ask leading questions from the likes of Michelle Bachmann, even giving that dimwit some prompts to make her sound like she has done her homework. George is a favorite of Glenn Beck and some see him as a rising “star” among the theocrats, filling the power vacuum left by the death of Jerry Falwell.

    This is NOT a newsworthy debate but an informercial propaganda forum with the teabaggers knowing at least Fox and CNN will give their words cover. Lots of talk about abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption and outlawing “Obamacare”, even believing that the Congress and the president should have VETO power over judicial opinions therefore “outlawing” Roe v. Wade. Lots of talks about removing some amendments from the Constitution and adding new ones like a “balanced budget” amendment, even returning to a gold standard. Gingrich wants crosses back on public land! What a bunch of REICH-wing religious theocrats who want to limit the Federal courts.

    Lots of lionizing their “god” Ronald Raygun, too.

  10. In my 72 years on this planet, I have never witnessed such an EXTREME field of presidential candidates as this year, even Mitt Romney who blames Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for causing the current meltdown of our economy and also has no good words for Sarbanes-Oxley, regulations that grew out of the many scandals of the last decade like Enron. Fortunately, possibly, Rick Perry, had Texas wildfires to attend to and therefore we didn’t get to hear him answer questions on his feet.

    Barry Goldwater was never this extreme. I was a floor worker for him on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Chicago in 1960 before becoming a Democrat by the end of the 60’s. Goldwater was adamantly anti-communist but unlike Joe McCarthy never challenged anyone’s patriotism in our government. Goldwater was mostly condemned for defending “state’s rights” which led to charges of racism from Democrats. Funny that the YAF group I belonged to in college which was solid in support of Goldwater actually marched in a civil rights demonstration protesting an appearance of Gov. George Wallace in Indiana. More Republicans in Congress, led by their leaders Dirksen and Halleck, delivered more votes for LBJ’s civil/voting rights legislation than did Democrats. Of course Southern Democrats tended to be racists and thankfully left the party when invited by Nixon to switch to the “Party of Lincoln”. None in my college YAF group were racist that I knew of. However, unlike today’s candidates, Goldwater didn’t get into social, theocratic issues. An Episcopalian with Jewish roots, he stayed away from religious topics. Later, Goldwater even supported gays serving in the military. And reviewing Goldwater’s voting record while in the U.S. Senate, he was mostly in line with the moderate Republicans of that era.

  11. I hope she runs as an independent. She’ll split the republiCANT’s vote for sure and nearly assure Obama a second term.

  12. Listened to Obama’s speech today and I have to say I was uplifted and happy for once. I didn’t listen to the pundits afterwards or had to for that matter. It was passionate, great and uplifting. Everything in the political environment seems so negative and hateful, its gotten depressing to the point that I forgot the reason that I really like about Obama. I can only hope we don’t go back to the days of darkness that we did under the republicans as not a single of these guys seems to be full of anything positive or will do what this country needs.

  13. The CNN pundits said the crowds were smaller for Obama in Detroit than they used to be a couple years back, meaning ??? But mostly they talked about how “offended” the teabaggers are because in a lead up to Obama’s speech, Teamsters President James Hoffa, Jr. called teabaggers…. “sons of bitches”! And “worse” was President Obama didn’t condemn Hoffa’s rhetoric. How uncivil for the left to use the rhetoric that has been owned by the REICH.

    MSNBC hasn’t broadcast real live news since morning opting again to go back to their boring weekend “cops” and “prisons” retread shows.

  14. Don’t care about the crowds… I care about the speech and what Obama is working on. With much of the media its a bunch of shit that is all complaining and no substance.

  15. I’ve also noticed on CNN that every single article they have is about the tea party or the republicans. Its fucking bullshit and shows how utterly bought they are. CNN is one of the biggest jokes now due to how utterly right winged they’ve become.

  16. I don’t watch Fox News (except on cruise ships or hotels where their corporate owners only allow them on their TV’s). I see Media Matters reports that Faux News EDITED James Hoffa’s remarks to make them appear radical. He was actually encouraging the crowd to VOTE….what a “radical” notion for the corp-fascists trying to take over our nation.

  17. Word on our local Houston news tonight is that the wildfires in Texas may also prevent Rick Perry from attending the big debate tomorrow night at the Reagan Library. He wants to do his duty as Governor, although he has spent a lot of time away from our state of late. He was always able to back out of debates here in Texas. I have never seen him debate. I think a debate might be his downfall and he knows it!

  18. All we hear from Republicans is ELIMINATE….

    Mitt Romney wants to eliminate Dodds-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, in fact eliminate many federal regulations. Also, Privatize Fannie Mae and Mac.

    Newt Gingrich wants to eliminate the “liberal” 9th Circuit Court of Appeals .

    Michelle Bachmann wants to eliminate the Department of Education.

    Ron Paul wants to eliminate about EVERYTHING.

    Of course all want to reverse Obamacare and even privatize Social Security.

    Also eliminated at Jim DeMint’s Forum this past weekend were Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum who were not invited to speak. I guess Santorum isn’t conservative enough!

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