And Now For Something Completely Different – Looking For An Argument?

I was busy this week and only had enough time to pop in and out of social media on occasion. I didn’t participate much and it was interesting to just observe. Some of the stuff was just crazy — the political discourse in this country has sunk to a level where normally intelligent people actually typed screeds about “caving” on the scheduling of a speech. Seriously, I had to step back and wonder, do they want a fucking father figure or a president. Do they want their daddy to beat up the neighborhood bully. I thought about the Monty Python clip below when I was about to send a series of Tweets that said something like..He didn’t “cave”, how can you cave on scheduling a speech. There is nothing to cave in to, there are no consequences to the action. It’s just a non issue used to spread the “weak meme” that the Professional Left is pushing.

But then I read at The People’s View that  71% people in a Pew poll think the President “Stands up for what he believes in”! Those are amazing numbers. Hey Professional Left…Suck It! How does it feel to know that 71% of the American people think you are talking shit and the other 29%, that you are standing with, are the fucking Tea Party and the racists? Ha!

And now for Monty Python…