A Saturday Reading List For Pragmatic Progressives

What a crazy week in politics. When the politicians leave Washington, it seems like the pundits get restless and start making shit up and stirring up controversies to bring attention to themselves. Thankfully there is an awesome group of bloggers to bat down the bullshit. Check out these stories you might have missed that caught my eye.

  • Even though I personally understand when the President has to compromise with the Republicans, I want him to fight those motherfuckers more too. That’s why I’ve been looking forward to campaign season — where a president is allowed to be partisan and fight.

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7 thoughts on “A Saturday Reading List For Pragmatic Progressives

  1. Read the Ron Paul article. It was very good and as usual the comments were mostly from Paul diehards. They seem to love flooding any channel with anti-Paul rhetoric, its their job after all to defend their hero. I’m really not buying any self proclaimed progressive siding with Paul, maybe they are simply lying to get more progressive people on their side. Not completely sure if they even buy most of his policies but they love his anti-war stance, ignoring the whole while that it has very little to do with actual peace and more to do with an ideologue belief system that is simply unrealistic.

  2. Along with a large crowd of tourists, I visited the U.S.S. Constitution recently near Bunker Hill in Boston. There was a bit of an uproar on the sidewalk near the entrance and saw some tables set up on the sidewalk with big posters of President Obama sporting a “Hitler” mustache. The college-age group was loudly decrying “Obamacare” and its alleged “death panels”. I confronted them at first thinking they were teabaggers. However, the young protesters told me they were REAL Democrats supporting Lyndon LaRouche. I tried to debate them but they started to shout me down so figured I was wasting time trying to change their minds.

    A picture of one of their tables:

  3. Alternet just did a story on the dangers of Ron Paul’s “Libertarian” views.


    Flip-flopper Rick Perry who is moving towards some Libertarian views just changed his views about gay marriage (which had been in line with Ron Paul’s) from those he held only 3 weeks ago. THEN, Perry said gay marriage should be a state-by-state issue. Now he suggests a Constitutional Amendment outlawing such marriages in every state. Here we thought Perry was against a BIG federal government reigning over states’ rights. But then his “BIG” government doesn’t mind snooping into people’s bedrooms, into what goes on between a woman and her doctor.


  4. I’ve been floating on the young turk youtube channel. None of those guys are remotely rational and are a bunch of mindless Ron Paul supporters. Its funny but in a more sad way that this country has been going so far right on everything.

  5. Houston blogger Mugsy cites how Republicans can’t stand when things do go right when they happen under Obama. He cites Rep. Ron Paul today on Fox News wanting to dismantle FEMA that is doing a great job so far with the weather situation on the East Coast. He has to bring up that SIX years ago, FEMA (BTW under Bush) dropped the ball after Katrina. Then later on Fox, Bush press secretary Dana Perino cannot even agree with Chris Wallace that maybe Obama’s strategy in Libya was the correct way to go. With these REICH-wingers…

    When things go right, it’s “a failure”. When things go wrong (as in Paul’s “FEMA” example), it “proves their point”, which is a win for their ideology.

    And these people want to be put back in charge of the country.


  6. Republicans are ecstatic with today’s Jobs Report….poor PEOPLE are still miserable…HOORAY! Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has just announced he is boycotting Obama’s Joint Session speech. At least he won’t be there to shout out, “You lie!”

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