Liberals, Take A Deep Breath…Now Let It Out, Repeat!

Fellow liberals — listen up. President Obama and the Democratic Party are looking great going into 2012. Don’t let the media or our opponents on both the right and the faux left discourage you, that is their goal. The media wants every election to be close, it increases their ratings and we all know that is the only thing they care about anymore. Journalism, shmournalism! And of course the Teapublicans aren’t even living in the same reality as the rest of the country, they are running around chasing phantom problems that don’t really exist and holding prayer rallies.

As I always remind myself heading into an election year, 95% or more of the American people don’t pay a damn bit of attention to what is happening in politics until the conventions and debates start up. Sure, the hard core party folks are engaged in the primaries, but we know how many people actually vote in the primaries. The real fun doesn’t start until next summer, when people will begin to pay attention. Most everything that happens until then, will never even be seen or heard by that 95% of people who are going to work, playing softball, going to the beach, camping, going for bike rides and just hanging around the porch talking about bullshit. More of these people are aware of what Snookie did in Italy than anything that is happening in Washington.

So I say to you fellow liberals, don’t get bogged down in the heat of the moment. Don’t let current perceptions and media generated memes get you down or affect your motivation. We have an ace in the hole, President Barack Obama. Anyone who doubts his political abilities is fucking stupid, if you ask me. And when you consider all the stupid shit the Teapublican’s have done over the last 2 and 1/2 years that will be used as ammunition against them — once the campaigns get rolling in earnest, it’s going to be fun as hell to watch. The President has given us a taste of it in the last few weeks, but wait until he gets going.

When people try to get you to play the negative meme game or the “woe is me, I didn’t get my pony game” — be polite, cite some facts, some accomplishments, but mostly stay positive and remember that if the pundits were right, President George H.W. Bush would have served a second term.

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20 thoughts on “Liberals, Take A Deep Breath…Now Let It Out, Repeat!

  1. WELL SAID for several reason beyond the fact that you’re simply right!! 1) The GOP is in trouble…and they KNOW it!! As evidence, “GOP Fundraising Page Inadvertently Concedes 2012 Presidential Election ~ Blue Wave News“; 2) FACT: we’re ABSOLUTELY outpacing the GOP in fundraising!! Even with Republican deep, deep pockets and a GOP top heavy Supreme Court with, what’s the term, “activist justices”, we’re still kicking their asses, “Democrats outpace GOP in fundraising –” and lastly 3) GOP candidate simply SUCK!! While some GOP talking head claim the present grove of nut trees brings so much to the POTUS discussion and all could easily beat the POTUS, while others are acting like the worst boyfriend ever — sitting on the beach with their girlfriend while doing some serious hotter than her bitch watching!! The GOP have NO strategy — apparently they thought LYING, saying NO and telling everyone to ‘be afraid of the Black guy’ would be enough to get the WH in 2012!! They’re such silly heads!!!!

  2. It’s hard to be optimistic when everywhere you go you get little but negative hype about President Obama. I just drove through 25 states from Texas to Maine and back. Everywhere there seemed to be nothing but right-wing radio talking heads hating on Obama interspersed between “country” songs. In three weeks was only able to see MSNBC three times as MOST hotel CORPORATIONS have Fox News, but no MSNBC available in their rooms. Also the same Fox News broadcasts was blaring in McDonald’s and Petro, TA, Flying J, Love’s truck stops along the way where I often bought gasoline. From the Kennebec Valley in northern Maine to the hills of Alabama, everywhere it is seemingly the same GOP propaganda blasted from radios. Add to that growing criticism from the “left”, evident on MSBNC where to be “fair and balanced” the network has to include several REICH “experts” giving them nearly equal voice, often without strong rebuttal. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi (BFF of Bill Maher) just wrote, “But it seems to me that it might be time to wonder if is this the most disappointing president we’ve ever had.” That isn’t far from the teabaggers calling Obama “the worst”!

    NY Times Tom Friedman says that Obama is becoming like a faltering Tiger Woods, now, and makes a golfing analogy:

    Never play not to lose. Do not wait and hope for your opponent to make a mistake. Always play the course, always play to win and always assume your opponent will do well — will make that long putt — so you have to do better.

    Now we have the Black Caucus with their “edited” anti-Obama soundbites repeated over-and-over on cable news. Obama supporter actor Morgan Freeman wants Obama to get “pissed”! But is Obama responsible for the huge drop out rate of our black students? After all, there are no decent jobs available for the unskilled, poorly educated, so in the end, job fairs will not solve this problem. Rep. Maxine Waters should place the blame where it actually belongs, but evidently doesn’t want to take barbs like those thrown at Bill Cosby when he spoke out about the problems that only the black community can solve from within.

    The Democratic Party has much power within the communication industries, from Hollywood movie moguls to television, that are staffed with many talented writers and celebrities, mostly liberal, who give most Americans their messages. Warren Buffet just invested $5 BILLION in Bank of America to help save it. It would be nice if some liberals with money would invest in radio stations, too. Corporations like Clear Channel own 90% of the “free” American airwaves where they saturate American minds with right-wing dribble. I also fault those around the president who don’t do enough bragging about what has been done. I now question the PR skills of this administration whose campaign team did such a good job in 2008.

    Thankfully, those leading the polls in the GOP should certainly be unelectable IF the truths come out, negating their continuous LIES. But what IF a Chris Christie, or Huntsman catches on fire? And watching Rick Perry win 10 straight elections here in Texas (even as a conservaDem in the 80’s), I worry that he could win. “Cowboy” Rick comes off as a “manly” man who will appeal to white male voters, even some women who like many here have always felt that he is “dreamy”. Who cares if Perry is actually anti-woman? Perry should not be written off as a joke. This has been tried against him many times over and he still wins. Also, don’t put too much stock in the intelligence of the average American voter.

  3. Hear Hear! Dude, this is so beyond correct and relevant, thank you. Many of us who are political junkies live in a bubble of our own creation and lose perspective and overreact to every little thing that gets said and done. We don’t get to decide who is going to be nominated anyway. Most people live in states where they have to be registered with the party to vote or caucus with that party to decide who gets the delegates for the Convention. NOTHING we do or say will have any substantive effect on who the Republicans nominate. Why bother following every little utterance of a bunch of ‘candidates’ who ultimately have to either bow out of the race, concede their delegates or be the *one* who ultimately wins. We will know more than enough about that candidate once he or she receives the nomination to use to educate voters by next summer. Freaking out about their bizarre comments and actions now means exactly nothing and does nothing to help us organize OUR voters for the coming election. The people who matter are swing voters. Reaching them is a primary goal. BIG GOAL: Congress. We absolutely, without question, must take over Congress. PERIOD.

  4. I hear ya, grant, regarding the FOX monopoly across this country. I drove from Chicago to Phoenix and never once ran into anything but FOX whenever I stopped for either gas, food or the night’s lodging. To make matters worse, many of the apartment complexes in the Phoenix area comes with free cable, but you cannot get MSNBC in the line-up. A couple of the more “liberal” complexes had CNN, but that was as good as it got. I’m no longer an MSNBC fan, but geez, one side’s opinions across most of the country cannot be good for the majority of us. It just feeds into the dumb.

  5. The fact is Obama becomes more vulnerable day by day as news of the lingering economic woes dominate the news. People should not be detached from the reality that more and more people are convinced that Obama should be a one-term president. And if the economy does not improve by next year (which I doubt it will), Obama will be heading into the general election with a hard time convincing voters to give him another 4 years in the White House.

    Obama’s only consolation is that until now, no one in the Republican candidates running for president looks formidable to challenge him in the general election.

  6. “The fact is”…huh? I guess you missed my entire point, there is a lot of time between now and then and a lot of variables in the equation, anyone saying the words “The fact it” this far out from an election is either practicing self delusion or wishful thinking. And unlike the media and the people intent on trying to bring the president down, a poll that seems to get missed is the one that says only about 8% of the people in the poll blame President Obama for the economy. 8%! And consider the fact that the media, Republicans and the racists and haters on the left have been working their asses off to try to pin every damn problem in the world on President Obama, yet, only 8% blame him for the economy. And his personal approval ratings remain high, that bodes very well for next year.

    A whole lot of shit is going to happen between now and November of 2012 and you can play your spin game until then, but like I said in the post, 95% or more aren’t reading what you or I have to say. They will make their minds up within a couple months of the election.

    Even if the economy doesn’t improve, President Obama is still sitting pretty. He saved us from a depression in 2009, he proved that he is a steady leader and calm in a crisis. People want that in their leader. And the people who think he should be a one term president, well, they exist in every election cycle, they are called Republicans.

  7. Not to mention more and more polls are coming out showing that people are angry at the republicans and that they may pay the higher price in the end due to their obstruction.

  8. :lol: @ More of these people are aware of what Snookie did in Italy than anything that is happening in Washington.

    I’m trying to stay hopeful. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Just watched Fox this morning (trying to find out if anything was happening in the World besides “Irene” headed to New York City). They had on Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal babbling about how bad things are while on a split screen they had a graph of the Dow Jones averages over the years which showed the stock markets plunging under Bush and rising under Obama, UP again today 126 points, now 11,277. Of course, there was no reference made to the graph! I am surprised they even had it in the background. Democrats need to make a better use of graphs. After all they didn’t hurt Ross Perot in 1992.

    The Wall Street Daily blog has this graph up showing that housing starts peaked under shady Wall Street mortgage loans under Bush and between 2006 and 2008, everything began to plunge! It all STOPPED under Obama. Treading water is not drowning! Also there was higher unemployment in 1983 under Raygun.

    Think Progress has this chart showing WHERE the jobs went under Bush! Will we ever get them back?

    In my hometown in Michiana (South Bend area), a wrecking ball is tearing down the old piston ring factory that once employed 200. Former employees made a last trek to the big brick building for a final picnic where many had worked their whole lives. Its headquarters/home factory in Michigan has already been razed where 1500 once worked. So much like everything else, the jobs went out of the country. My hometown also lost 500 jobs, mostly held by women, who assembled electrical yokes for Ford, Chrysler, and GM. That factory was moved in 2001 to Tijuana where Mexicans could be hired for $1 an hour. However, now it is has been moved again to China where yokes can be assembled for even less, 20¢ an hour, quite a savings from the $18 in union wages paid to Americans in Indiana. But did the price of autos go down?

  10. Yep. I got your point. There are lots of factors that can determine whether a sitting president can be re-elected or not. For Obama, he has advantages like personal likability and the less number of people who blame him for the mess we’ve gotten in right now. Plus, other factors that make him less vulnerable than Jimmy Carter was and past presidents who sought re-election at this same point of time in their first terms.

    However, if Obama doesn’t lead strongly as he ought to be, more and more people will start to doubt in his leadership. And that could be trouble for his re-election efforts.

    What I’m trying to say is that Obama is not in good in shape for re-election right now (that’s a fact) .

  11. At this same time in the summer of 1979, Carter was dead even with Ronald Reagan in the polls, but by election time, Reagan won by 10 points. Carter was saddled with an image of being a weak leader in the Iran hostage crisis (even though he stood up to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan by boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics). Of course we still don’t know if Reagan/Bush made a deal with the enemy to keep 52 Americans as prisoners for many more months, just for political gain (and Iran then got illegal weapons from the Reagan administration in the Iran-Contra deal). There was also the problem with “stagflation” in the economy. However, Carter, in one of his <a href="” title=”” >books, wrote that the most intense and mounting opposition to his policies came from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party headed by rival Ted Kennedy. So with Carter’s loss, we got Reagan and the advent of the surge of conservatism that has given us the Tea Party today.

    What is worrisome is the nation seemingly going far to the REICH. According to a Pew study from last month:

    GOP gains have occurred only among white voters; a two-point Republican edge among whites in 2008 (46% to 44%) has widened to a 13-point lead today (52% to 39%). In sharp contrast, the partisan attachments of black and Hispanic voters have remained consistently Democratic.

    While Republican gains in leaned party identification span nearly all subgroups of whites, they are particularly pronounced among the young and poor. A seven-point Democratic advantage among whites younger than age 30 three years ago has turned into an 11-point GOP advantage today. And a 15-point Democratic advantage among whites earning less than $30,000 annually has swung to a slim four-point Republican edge today.

    Voter turnout is the key to victory next year. We saw last year what happens when too many Democrats become indifferent and fail to show up to vote. So Obama MUST provide leadership in this area, win the black and younger voters. Maxine Waters, Cornel West, and others who are blaming Obama for all of our ills will never turn black Americans into Republicans but they might just keep many from turning out to vote (that and all of the voter suppression tricks now being pushed by GOP state politicians like Voter ID legislation). Also, organized labor is threatening to pull back support from Obama and Democrats, too.

  12. I hear ya grant and wanted to apologize about my anger earlier. I am just very worried that us voters will vote for another idiot like Perry or Romney. :(

  13. I don’t believe we should take Perry for granted. Just because he is moving farther to the right than his mentor, the unpopular, bumbling George W. Bush, he shouldn’t be written off. Perry already leads all other candidates after just announcing his run only 3 weeks ago. Even David Brooks, the “thinking man’s conservative” from the New York Times says that Perry is benefiting from the shifts that have made the electorate more conservative than it was in 2008 and thinks it is time to seriously consider Perry as president. Brooks writes:

    There have been a slew of polls showing Gov. Rick Perry of Texas surging to double-digit national leads. He leads across demographic groups — among educated Republicans and less-educated ones, among upscale and downscale. Most impressive, he’s winning over the Republican activists who pay the closest attention and wield disproportionate influence with primary voters.

    We know Perry is beloved by the billionaire Big Oil class as he wishes to do away with pollutant regulations so he can raise big money. He will keep it simple, portray himself as the “manly man” who will provide strong leadership and try to paint Obama as an effete, meek “professor” that doesn’t understand the “common man”.

  14. you have no idea how much Perry scares the crap out of me. I think he’d make Bush look good and that truly scares the hell out of me.

  15. According to our Houston Chronicle, when George W. Bush resigned to run for president, some 3,125 pages detailing Bush’s appointments during his tenure were released allowing news organizations to remark on the exact number of lobbyists and campaign donors with whom he met. With Perry, there are few OPEN RECORDS from his ten years in office! So that is one difference between the two governors.

    Now, as Gov. Rick Perry embarks on a presidential campaign, it is unlikely the public will access records that provide many revealing details about his decade-long tenure as governor. While Perry extols open government – most recently challenging Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to “open the books” of the nation’s central bank – he has adopted policies that shroud his own office in a purposeful opaqueness that confounds prying reporters – or any member of the public questioning his policies.

    He has been governor longer than anyone in Texas history, but there is a lot the public does not know about Rick Perry. Where does he go each day, and with whom does he talk? What is discussed when he meets with top state agency executives? How does he evaluate a clemency request from a death row inmate? Or an application for a grant from his Emerging Technology Fund? What opinions are expressed to him through email and how does he respond?

    Those are just some of the questions left largely unanswered by Perry’s decisions to bar the public from viewing details of his travel, his daily schedule and most of his emails.

    Including his time in the Air Force, Perry has been a GOVERNMENT worker most of his life (elected 10 times to public office since the 80’s) and has amassed a personal wealth in the millions. So being a “servant” of the people has served him quite well, financially.

  16. It looks like Perry is going after the younger voters with remarks like this:

    Riding high in the polls, Gov. Rick Perry rode into Iowa on Saturday with tough talk on President Obama, the economy and foreign policy and a declaration that Social Security is not only a Ponzi scheme but a “monstrous lie” for younger people.

    Perry seems to have great appeal to the Christian right which has been growing by leaps and bounds since the Falwell/Robertson “Moral Majority” days under Reagan. Even Perry has left the moderate Methodist Church of his upbringing to attend a more radical “nondenominational” megachurch (love how the NON folks have such a defined belief system and are really a denomination sans a hierarchy). Perry’s Lake Hills Church (3000 members) has a men’s group called the Ironmen…a group of manly men who love guns and hunting. Drop a deer for Jesus!

    With the evangelists touting their sheep to get out and VOTE, the Christian REICH will definitely be players in the next election. Whereas, some on the left are encouraging voters to stay at home “to show Obama” that he didn’t do every last thing they wanted and it will cost him….taking their dolls, balls and bats, and going home! Look forward to life under President Perry. You will be longing for a return of Bush/Cheney.

  17. The Washington Spectator has a story up on how Perry has run Texas into a ditch, financially, resulting this year in 12,000 teachers and 6000 state employees losing their JOBS. If you like extreme lobbying influence, a “pay-to-play” government rife with corporate influence, the rich getting richer, the poor and sick getting funds cut off, then “President” Perry is for you.

  18. Thanks for the comforting words…I think. I was feeling better until I read that part about most people being more aware of Snooki than they are of politics. Now that’s just depressing! I was hoping she and the Situation would get swept away by Hurricane Irene, but I guess no such luck.

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