Which Reality You Living In, Gov. Perry!

We are living in interesting political times, folks. It’s been a gradual process, but we have made it to the point in time where every political group operates within their own reality. People talk past each other constantly, there is hardly any agreement on an objective reality. Facts don’t exist anymore or at least don’t seem to matter when people form their opinions. The Republicans have been using it to great advantage over the last few years, convincing their mindless followers of their own set of “facts” and then pushing them on the masses with no push back from the traditional media at all.

The latest clown to climb aboard the Republican clown car, as Tim Pawlenty jumped off, was Governor Perry of Texas. The media are giving him his 15 minutes as we speak, but let me predict that the rats will be fleeing that ship pretty quickly. But who can predict anything these days, interesting times for sure.

Steve Benen tells us about Gov. Perry’s alternate reality as it relates to the recent debt ceiling debacle…

Ordinarily, when Republicans try to rewrite history, they tend to point to events that happened quite a while ago, which makes it easier to play on short memories. Rewriting the events of two weeks ago seems more brazen.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is kicking off his presidential campaign with a bit of creative spin on S&P’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating: turns out President Obama did it.

In his first and bio-heavy campaign video of his presidential campaign, Perry places the blame for the downgrade squarely on the shoulders of Obama.

As the buffoonish governor sees it, “the president’s refusal to control spending” led to the downgrade.

I know Rick Perry isn’t the only buffoon who is trying to push that idea, but he has a certain style to his buffoonishness. As with other things I’ve heard and seen about the good governor from our friend GrantInHouston and other places, he reaches new levels of absurdity. More from Steve…

This isn’t ancient history. This just happened and should still be fresh in everyone’s memory.

Perry’s attack, by the way, comes the same day as the governor downplayed the threat of default. The irony is astounding: S&P downgrades our debt because far-right Republicans didn’t take default seriously; Perry announces he agrees with those far-right Republicans; Perry then holds Obama responsible for the S&P decision.

I know I’ve used this line many times before, but Richard Pryor said it best, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”


9 thoughts on “Which Reality You Living In, Gov. Perry!

  1. Man Perry scares the hell out of me. This guy makes Bush look like a moderate liberal! He’s completely batshit crazy and I sincerely hope that people elect and fight for Obama but seeing how his approval ratings are faring I’m a little worried. I just hope people will eventually get their head out of their asses.

  2. Texas has a “weak governor” role instilled in its Constitution. The governor here doesn’t even submit a budget, a job that is part of the Lt. Govenor’s role. The governor only has work to do the first six months every other year (unless he calls a special session of the legislature). It’s a bully pupit role with not much power other than a veto pen. Perry was Lt. Governor for six years under his mentor, George W. Bush. However, the Bush family here endorsed Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson when she ran against Perry in last year’s Republican Primary. Perry did his hard right turn at that time to attract the energy of the teabaggers. Perry was once Al Gore’s state campaign manager in the 1988 Democratic Primary. Once a moderate Methodist, he has gone over to a fundamentalist, REICH-wing Dominionist megachurch. He has flip-flopped over the last two decades as much or more than Mitt Romney. He is a panderer’s panderer!

    The jobs in Texas have been here for a long time, the oil/gas industry located here many decades ago. Those industries were already here before Perry was born. Over the past couple of decades, due to cost of living, taxes, the computer/software industries have been moving here mainly from the Silicon Valley. Austin is home to Dell, Houston home to Compaq/Hewlett-Packard. Many other firms like Apple, Wang, 3M, have moved here. LBJ steered NASA our way which brought another big industry, aerospace. Plus Texas is home to many FEDERAL military bases that bring in that awful FEDERAL money. Texas would suffer greatly by seceding from the Union of States. Texas has also become a medical destination for the whole world. The Texas Medical Center in Houston alone plus other hospitals here employ a quarter million or more employees. Dallas and San Antonio also employ many in the medical field. Established decades before Gov. Perry inherited his office, he has had NOTHING to do with the growth and success of the medical field (which BTW live off that damned FEDERAL Medicare/Medicaid money).


  3. Remember, Perry has BIG OIL and the KOCH BROTHERS funding him. Here is a video of the Koch brothers packing a school board in North Carolina to bring back racial segregation. Perry’s challenges to Obama’s patriotism, portraying him as the scary “other” is nothing but racist code.

  4. Perry fits into the Reagan mold and therefore his candidacy should never be taken lightly. Remember, our dumbing-down society as a whole now believes Reagan to be our “greatest president”! The Tea Party is the “cult of Reagan“.


    For those who say Americans will not elect another yahoo from Texas, Robert Parry writes about the election of George W. Bush:

    Reagan, it seemed, was right all along: government was the problem; the “free market” was not only the solution but it could “self-regulate.”

    That was the political/media environment around Election 2000 when the wonkish Vice President Al Gore ran against the brash Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who came across to many as another version of Ronald Reagan, someone who spoke simply and disdained big government.


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