Stories You May Have Missed – Linky Goodness

Here is a boatload of links for your enjoyment. One more day of vacation for me, then it’s back to the grind.

And finally, here is a Youtube clip I came across that reminds me why only a damn fool would run against President Obama in a primary. And it is very revealing of the people who are now turning on the president, ones who never were supporters.

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4 thoughts on “Stories You May Have Missed – Linky Goodness

  1. I said this over at TPV sure some of the Obama haters could be bitter Hillary supporters but I think those people are small in numbers I think the bulk of this hate comes from people who became pretty much became famous for stroking anger at the Bush administration and with Obama in office why would any progressive be angry and why would any progressive would go to these sites day in and day out like they did when Bush was in office? E.L. you seen my fights with the baggers at Democratic Underground and I could tell ya when I was a Hillary supporter it wasn’t fun going there during the 08 primary. I felt DU was too pro Obama but now look Democratic Underground it’s crawling with firebaggers and every other thread is how bad Obama sucks and should be primary. For the Obama critics like Jane Hamhser, Cenk Uygur, Glenn Greenwald and etc is about staying relevant so they’re willingly screw us if their baseless harping helps elect another George W.Bush. The primary Obama folks no one (no one who is sane that is) will primary President Obama so they’re just exploiting firebaggers for money.

  2. How did Hamsher come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the tea party favorite? They can’t stand Romney and mainly prefer either Michelle Bachman or Ron Paul.

  3. Since on my 3 week, 25 state “Freedom tour” rarely ever getting to watch MSNBC, heard some jerk at Faux News named Kudlow stating that a “sure thing” to beat Obama would be a Perry-Romney or Romney-Perry ticket, bringing “home” both REICH moderates and teabaggers. Not sure the teabaggers would ever accept the Mormon “health care advocate”! BTW, finally getting to see Morning Joe this morning only to find his table full of Republicans like Buchanan, Mike Murphy, Peggy Noonan. There is already an an anti-Perry website:

  4. The problem is that over time people are becoming more and more hostile to the tea party. At one point it was at a net positive now after the debt ceiling the Tea Party is at an all time low. So the tea party isn’t a sure deal for the republicans getting the white house. In fact they’ll be struggling to keep the house as its looking more and more likely that they are going to get booted out.

    Of course Obama’s approval ratings are not that great but the republicans have yet to do a single thing at the moment to help this country get at the right direction.

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