Extreme Liberal’s Blog Is Hiring*

I’m looking for some extremely liberal people to help me keep the information flowing on Extreme Liberal’s Blog.

*You will be paid the same as the owner of the blog, which is basically praise, pats on the back and thank yous. You also get a big dose of good karma by helping to better the world. And it really does pay off in the long run.

You fellow bloggers who are already writing, consider cross posting here as a way to get your message out. I have a good base of readers and a great group of people who help spread the ranting on this blog, so I can certainly promise you viewers.

Please email me at liberalforreal@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing to this extremely liberal (but also pragmatic) blog.

The reason I need help is that I’m entering into a very busy time with my many day jobs, but I want to keep this blog viable and active. I will continue to contribute myself, some times more than others, but I need help people.

I’m also taking a much needed vacation from everything starting Wednesday of this week. I’ll get some posts up for sure, but it would be sweet if someone could help fill in the gaps for me.

Please, pretty please!


3 thoughts on “Extreme Liberal’s Blog Is Hiring*

  1. I would be happy to lend assistance but I think we have different views on being a responsible adult so I am not sure it would work for you.

  2. Jim I can certainly crosspost now and again if that helps. I usually now post at least once a day during week, not as much on weekends but in a week I have a minimum of 5 to 7 posts.

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