Blame The Victim – Our Economy Shouldn’t Have Worn That Short Skirt And Low Cut Blouse!

Cartoon by John DeRosier

The first thing I want to say with regards to the apparent deal that was struck between the hostage takers and those representing the victims is that any “liberal” pundit or blogger who encouraged voters to stay home in 2010 – SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t even want to hear your fucking whining. It is your fault that the goddamn Republicans were given the power to fuck us all over so much.

The next thing I want to say is THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA for taking on the toughest job in the world in 2008. It’s a thankless job trying to clean up after the biggest fucking failure of a president we’ve ever had in George W. Bush. But of course no one could have imagined that the Republicans would throw every obstacle they could find in your path, including the kitchen sink.

For people like Paul Krugman who characterize every compromise with the hostage takers, the terrorist Republicans, the obstinate children in the Tea Party as a “cave-in” — grow the fuck up already. Wipe off your snotty nose, suck it up and help us fight those motherfuckers in 2012. If you don’t wake up and realize that Republicans are playing you like a cheap fiddle, you don’t deserve to represent liberals. We don’t need crying, whining babies, we need people who will stand up and fight. Now pull up your Underoos and get to work.

For the general public who hasn’t paid attention, let me break down what just happened for you.

  • Republicans created this crisis by demanding massive spending cuts to programs primarily for poor people — OR ELSE — they would wreck the economy for everyone.
  • Republicans began their propaganda campaign to attempt to blame the national debt on President Obama and the Democrats, when we all know that the Republicans spent like drunken sailors and gave massive tax breaks to the top 1% of the population during President George W. Bush’s term.
  • The Professional Left in their immaturity and “emoprog-ness” began weeping into their Kool-aid and wetting themselves because it became clear that they weren’t going to get their utopian, idealistic way…they ended up prostrate on the floor, kicking and screaming and acting like fucking children.
  • President Obama in an effort to stave off a complete meltdown of our economy kept his cool and pushed for a compromise — a deal with those devils to prevent the impending doom.
  • Many of these Republicans hostage takers voted for every damn penny that President Bush spent on two unnecessary – off budget wars, the unfunded Medicare Part D and the unpaid-for trillions in tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% who haven’t invested a fucking penny of that money in America, but are hiding it overseas where they don’t have to pay any goddamn taxes on it — thanks to President Bush.
  • So President Obama, being the president of all people and a responsible, sane person — continued to try to reach a deal to simply prevent us from plunging into another recession and possibly a depression. A compromise had to be reached, there was no other option. It didn’t have to be this way either. In 2010, Tea Party Republicans were sent to Washington in large part because of an effort by people like Ed Schultz, Arianna Huffington and others to suppress Democratic voters. They, of course, are the loudest voices whining about having to deal with those assholes AND IT IS THEIR OWN FUCKING FAULT that we are in this mess.
  • And now we have wasted almost the entire summer dealing with this Republican created crisis – this hostage taking. And not only did they distract everyone from the real problems we are facing like joblessness, but they also succeeded in getting the whiny “emoprogs” to lose their shit about it. All in all, the Republicans had a great summer at the expense of the rest of us.

The reaction from many on the Professional Left is to blame the victim. President Obama had to deal with an unprecedented hostage situation that has never occurred in the history of our country, yet some of these people want to blame him for HAVING to compromise with these hostage takers. They all lament the fact that President Obama dealt with the GOP, yet not one of them offered a solution that would get us out of this hostage situation; not one idea about how we realistically get out of the mess.

I know the whining and crying is just beginning on the left, so I’m preparing myself for it. I’ve already heard and seen the whiners push the idea of fucking it all up even worse by running someone in a primary against President Obama. It doesn’t surprise me, these people are just as stupid as the Tea Party – they are just sipping lattes instead of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

UPDATED: No offense to either latte or PBR drinkers, I like a good latte myself…now PBR, not so much. But hey, whatever gets you a buzz. :)

35 thoughts on “Blame The Victim – Our Economy Shouldn’t Have Worn That Short Skirt And Low Cut Blouse!

  1. Thanks for echoing my sentiments exactly. I am so sick and tired of the professional left that I’ve only very rarely tuned into watch MSNBC or any of the other so called progressive voices. I still for some odd reason go on huffington, not sure why but perhaps I hunger for punishment or something. The baggers and the professional left have been pretty much the same, bitch and bitch and bitch… Professional left the loudest but at the same time no real good solutions. They keep on bringing up the 14th amendment without realizing that first the country has to default before he can do that.

  2. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t even want to hear your fucking whining. It is your fault that the goddamn Republicans were given the power to fuck us all over so much.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! This deal was much better than it could be. Even the triggers wouldn’t go into effect till 2013 and aren’t “mandatory” but can be voted down. Ultiately If we can have a good Nov. 2012 there’s nothing to worry about come 2013.

  3. I wanted to add that no matter what bill would be introduced to the house the progressives would be pissed. If they were happy it would have no chance whatsoever to pass at all. So in short your correct when you’ve stated that they need to shut the fuck up. They are the idiots that made this happen.

  4. Damn Straight. If the left can’t even organize itself to become a viable third party, then they sure as hell have no business sabatoging the only hope we’ve got which is a Democratic Party majority.

  5. The can’t that’s for sure. On FDL there talking-again-about Elizabeth Warren primarying Obama. LOL She is a Democrat and would never primary Obama

  6. Thank you, Jim. And keep writing because you’ve certainly helped “talk me down”. Not that I’ve been considering throwing my arms in the air and saying, “That’s it! I quit Obama! I quit the Democrats!” as I’ve seen among some surprising voices of social justice in my network. But I certainly have deep reservations about the mechanics of the Bill and the real-world implications of the substance. I’ll be perfectly honest and say this agreement requires a fair amount of spin to be portrayed as a “win” for either side, but very little spin to point out the obvious “loss”. Realistically, when I rely on a true Global Depression as the alternative to accepting the Bill, there’s not a whole lot of positive leverage there.
    My greatest concern is the necessity for Democratic persistence, patience and pressure to make this thing “work”. We know the Republicans do not negotiate in good faith and the mechanics of the Bill require good faith in negotiations. This is a time-consuming, energy-sapping distraction from the greater issues of job creation and increasing consumer demand. And it is difficult to imagine ANY scenario where the House of Representatives authorizes any additional spending on infrastructure. That being said, it’s not only counterproductive, but counter-intuitive to lay the blame on the White House.
    From the ashes of the Republican scorched Earth negotiation strategy, the President has, in fact, rescued progressive institutions from certain dismantling. Easy to overlook, but an incredible feat considering the stacked deck the Republicans were playing with. Let’s face it, the House CONTROLS all spending and tax law, the core issues at the heart of this debate. That is a stacked deck, despite the perceived “two against one” imbalance in bodies of Government favoring the Democratic Party. And as a reminder, the SCOTUS is clearly conservative. For this reason, the 14th Amendment is relegated to last, last, last resort with very little value as a tool for leverage.
    While I recognize the “deal” as a victory in contrast to the potential disaster that we face, it’s what is commonly referred to as a “hollow victory” and I understand the frustrations and anticipate those frustrations will linger until there is a win the left can really sink it’s teeth into. That is the big challenge for President Obama and “We the People” that support his efforts, to create a big win. No more excuses, justifications or blaming, but rather a positive message for growth, equality and sanity in America.

  7. Chrystia Freedland (Thomson Reuters digital editor) was on Reliable Sources this weekend and nailed the problem with the mainstream media.


    KURTZ: But just briefly, why has mainstream journalism not portrayed this as a crisis largely created by one party, and instead has developed the narrative that two sides are just a bunch of clowns?

    FREELAND: Because I think mainstream journalism is averse to making judgments. And I also think that mainstream journalists are particularly scared of being labeled as liberal. We all want to be sort of seen as objective, and I think sometimes there’s a little of bending over backwards to be seen as objective by the right, because that’s where a lot of the criticism comes form.

    KURTZ: I think you’ve hit on an excellent point, which is why we have you on.


    The entire interview is worth watching. You certainly won’t agree with everything she says, but this was a very good interview. It was refreshing to hear such valid criticism of the mainstream media said out loud. Bottom line, the “facts have a liberal bias” problem is alive and well.

  8. I always respect Chrystia Freeland, she is very wise and underrated as a pundit. I’ve seen her take on Joe Scarborough (when I used to watch) better than anyone ever has. I did have that show on in the background and caught some of what she said, but I need to watch it again apparently. Thanks for the reminder and the linky goodness.

  9. It seems that’s the theme on twitter I’m glad I tuned out Ed for the last month because every other word out of that doofus mouth is caved or capitulate. It seems progressives still didn’t learn their lesson from the Clinton era when you allow lunatics to take control one of the chamber you gotta cut shitty deals like this or everyone suffers. I’m starting to believe there’s an effort of getting this president out on our side because I’m seeing folks from Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Markos to low end people Oliver Willis and Nicole Sandler talking shit. I’m at a point of declaring real progressives start boycotting these people like Ed Schultz. Because while they enjoy the traffic, clicks and ratings regular people will suffer with the Republicans controlling all three branches.

  10. The “obvious loss” should have been accompanied with “for both sides, as well”. It is fairly significant to proper context. Also, I do, in fact, fully support the President in this “two minute drill” to get the ball into the end zone. I’m only suggesting we shouldn’t be spiking the ball hard. The 2012 elections are now more important, in my view, than any election I’ve anticipated in my lifetime. This is huge. Tea Party is finally being recognized as the third party it really is. They have never been mainstream Republican. They chose a strategy of infiltration to utilize the resources of the RNC and are in the process of throwing out the established leaders and traditions of the GOP. The upside to all this? The Republicans are now aware of the Tea Party intentions. They will be more distracted than ever with internal power plays. And if you don’t believe the President has, and will continue to, exploit these power plays you are relying far too heavily on the “nightly news” and less-than-worth-your-time blogs. I have my concerns about the execution of the “real plan” the President has implemented because it requires our Democrats in Congress to not “fly off the handle” or give knee-jerk reactions or get too ideologically entrenched. A tough order.

  11. P.S. I also you linked you on a political astrology site(she’s an Obama supporter).. I go to sometimes where there was a poster calling someone an “Obama apologist”. I set him straight and then posted your link saying “I’ll let ExtremeLiberal speak for me since he does it so eloquently”.

    The ignorance is rampant, EL.

  12. What’s really irritating is the “emoprogs” (I LOVE that term) who are whining that we need to have “a left-wing Tea Party”. Yeah, because creating a divide that gives the opposition a huge advantage is such a great idea for us when we’re already fighting from a losing position! Seriously, somebody spy-check these putzes – I have a feeling they aren’t looking out for us.

  13. I love when someone speaks plain English.
    Everything you posted is absolutely correct. President Obama inherited this fucked up mess and he will be dealing with it throughout his presidency.
    What many people fail to realize is the decisions and legislation enacted today takes years to have an effect. The Bush give -a-ways to the fat cat rich bastards in this country have now come home to roust.
    Did anyone actually BELIEVE that the rich assholes were going to “invest” their money in working class Americans? Give me a fucking break! They think we are all lazy welfare fucks.
    Soon–and very soon–Americans are going to have to make a decision:
    Are you with the Aristocracy, or
    Are you with the People.
    Simple choices. There will be no middle ground.

  14. “Everything you posted is absolutely correct. President Obama inherited this fucked up mess and he will be dealing with it throughout his presidency.
    What many people fail to realize is the decisions and legislation enacted today takes years to have an effect.”

    Nice summation. Meanwhile no one;s talking about it but Obama continues to work for us: he just negotiated a 54.5 mpg average for auto industry by 2025 and there will be no co-pays for birth control for women.

    Yet Cenk claims “President Obama is not at all progressive”

  15. I’ve pretty much played a pass at the media and huffington post. Much of it seems pretty useless from what I see as every article seems pretty much the same blah blah theme. The problem with the left is that they’ve been busy weakening themselves as they stand by an ideology that only works in their fragile small minds they are incapable of offering alternatives at this point that would pass the house. They’ve strongly urged the 14th amendment but I’ve yet to see this actually working out for the benefit of the US. In fact all it would do is cause a huge media circus which is exactly what the lamestream media wants, aka ratings but in the end it could very well do way more damage then good.

    The bottom line is that most of what the press talks about is pretty much shit. All of it is speculation and distortions that suite a very right wing agenda despite the claims of leftism by the tea baggers and republicans. This is one of the reasons the country has been and continuing to drift in the rightward direction.

  16. you make it so clear, and you stand so strong, that you literally take my breath away.

    you speak for me, Extreme Liberal. thank you so much!

  17. On FDL now a days the only thing they care is seeing Obama fail-yet they didn’t like when I wrote that post there where I said “Firedoglake is RushLimbaughlake”

    Seriously they can’t explain how Obama losing in 2012 will help promote progressive values but they just want to see him fail.

  18. Not much difference between a LEFT ideologue and a REICH-wing ideologue. Both groups have closed minds, won’t compromise, and play “my way or the highway” games. However, the teabag REICH care about WINNING and the lefties seem to love LOSING so they can wallow in their pity.

  19. With S&P downgrading the USA credit rating for the first time in history late this afternoon, look for Obama’s enemies to blame him for everything. It won’t be GW Bush nor the teabaggers “fault” for sure, even though S&P had been wanting a $4 TRILLION reduction (the original Obama plan) and not the $2 TRILLION Republican plan without tax increases on the RICH and BIG OIL, etc.

  20. Great points. It will be a fight to get the democrats back in the house in 2012 and to keep Obama in but I will do everything in my power to ensure it. Really worried about the republicans trying to take away the health care bill that is set to take effect in 2014. It is still not soon enough for many of us who can’t afford or find legitimiate jobs offering healthcare who work hard and require little medical care but occasional surgery. It has been depressing watching the bullshit fly back and forth. Hate the fact that Palin and other idiots make butloads of money and don’t do much to help anyone else where it counts. Want the citizens to finally say enough is enough and scare the shit out of the government like europeans do so we can finally have a just economy and health care system once and for all. Keep up the fight!

  21. Seems, even though Standard & Poor made a TWO TRILLION DOLLAR ERROR in calculating debt reduction in the just passed bill, they went ahead and downgraded AAA anyway. Now Romney, Boehner, et al are blaming it on Obama! Whudathoughtit? However, Moody didn’t downgrade. Wonder how many Republicans work at Standard & Poor??? Seems to be a COORDINATED effort by Wall Street, Big Oil, Murdoch and Clear Channel media to conspire to bring this president down and extend misery for the American people.

  22. All the economic BS isn’t real. It’s way beyond that. Nothing has changed except all the jobs and industry in America has been shipped to other countries. America doesn’t build anything of worth anymore. America doesn’t do anything of worth anymore. We are just a bunch of twitting social useless network geeks, looking to try to profit off of someone else’s useful production. What a joke. We are ripe for foreign takeover and invasion. The economic and information control aspects are almost complete.

  23. Thank goodness. I have just been becoming more and more desolate over the enormous amount of… honestly, there is no way to describe what most conservatives are. Discovering this blog, however, as been a godsend. Incredible to know that thousands of other rational people out there are just as indescribably frustrated as I am. Sincerely, thank you.

  24. Yea indeed, the terrorist teapublicons really are babies who cry and scream and will do any thing to hurt the American People, if they don’t get their way; Which is to give their supporters, the wealthist people, more tax breaks at the expense of the poorist Americans, and even the rest of the middle class Americans.

    Sadly, too many people don’t want to get involved, because they don’t understand anyway. Then WHEN they don’t pay attention, it will be too late and they get kicked in their butts, and then wonder what happened. I hate politics, but I do follow it just enough to know what is happening in America. Corporations have taken over our government, without even fireing a shot [so-to-speak].

    So many people of voting age don’t even know this, or even care, because they just want to live their lives, believing their government will not hurt them; Only sadly learning, to late, yes it will, because THEY just didn’t want to pay attention, outside of their lives. We now live in corporate america, not the U.S.A. And it is because the teapublicon party just doesn’t give a damn about them. God bless America, or what is left of it now.

  25. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  26. I started a blog in 2012; Mostly because with how much the wealthy & greedy bi**hs were spending on teapublicon candidates, I was concerned, and I wanted to let people know what they could be getting into. I personally don’t have an email address for it, but maybe you could give me a few pointers on getting one. I could tone it down a bit for a public blog, I suppose.

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