A Compilation Of Sane Responses To The Resolution Of The Debt Hostage Drama!

If you want to read some reality based analysis of the debt ceiling deal, here are some links that won’t make you want to run around screaming “IT’S THE REPUBLICAN’S FAULT YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS” or some variation on that.

5 thoughts on “A Compilation Of Sane Responses To The Resolution Of The Debt Hostage Drama!

  1. These nut sucking good for nothing teabaggers left the house as soon as the voted for this bill to go on vocation. Can the teabaggers be any more useless?! I mean come on where’s McCain demanding they get off their asses or the other republicans for that matter? This bill wasn’t that great (I expected way worse btw) but still they are fucking this country up.

  2. To actually see what is in the bill is progress! Like HRC where you had Hamsher calling for it to be gutted-just like the Republicans-for somehow being unsalveagable though now we hear another good effect of HRC-it enables women to obtain birth control with no co-pays.

    This bill to my mind is not anything to get real happy about but neither is it terrible-as it could have been.

    Even the “mandatory cuts” aren’t really mandatory as they don’t go into effect till 2013 and Congress can always vote it down.

    Basically how bad or good this bill is will be determined over time largely on who is in congress at the time.

    Another reason for us to really be motivated to do well in 2012.

  3. The teabaggers skipped out without resolving the FAA problem. In Houston alone where a new control tower was under construction at George Bush Airport (along with new/needed taxiways, runway repairs) just laid off 2000 workers. But the Republicans love unemployment and the tens of thousands now laid off by not funding the FAA will make the next jobs report look bad (and REPUBLICANS love joblessness under a BLACK Democratic President).

    BTW, I am on a 3 week road trip from Texas to Quebec and back so can only check in from various Wi-Fi areas. NOTHING but REICH wing radio and TV everywhere. Finding the Choice Hotels chain (Comfort, Clarion, Quality, etc) does not allow MSNBC on hotel channels, only FOX and CNN. So have only been getting the REICH spin on the events in Washington.therefore hearing that Obama is the worst socialist president EVER (maybe the same from SOME talking heads on MSNBC like Scarborough, Buchanan, Ratigan, possibly Schultz, too).

  4. With the Republicans in the states now hell-bent on disenfranchising Democratic voters, especially the minorities, the senior citizens and college students through the VOTER ID (aka JIM CROW) laws, Democrats need to do everything in their power to reinstate these voters even if it means physically carrying them to the DMV offices (even picking up the cost of a state ID card). In Texas we had “early voting” with polls even set up in supermarket chain stores, but I believe that will now be limited, But then many of the working poor need to have every voting obstacle back in place. Remember 2004 when black voting precincts in Ohio had just a few voting machines (compared to many such machines in white areas) and voters had to stand in line for HOURS just to vote. You now we need to discourage such voters who don’t vote Republican in most cases. /snark

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