A Saturday Link-O-Rama For Lefties!

Here are some links for your reading pleasure, culled from my reading list over the last week. Please come back and comment here if you are so inclined.

Have a most excellent Saturday people. Do your part to neutralize the false information floating around about our President. The forces aligned against him are many and we all need to help beat back the misinformation and hatred.


9 thoughts on “A Saturday Link-O-Rama For Lefties!

  1. Here here! This talk about how “50% of Americans pay not tax” is pernicious and wide spread. It tells you what their agenda is-they plan on raising at least the taxes of 50% of Americans! Those doing the least well right now! How’s that for tax ‘simplicity and fairness!”

    If you get screwed it can be done in a very simple way!

    Appreciate your info on this. It is much needed as we here these false canards everywhere-staritng with the Cato Institute and WSJ editorial page.

    One thing they don’t give you is the historical context-until 1942-to fund the tremedendous WWII mobliization-no one but top wage earners paid income tax. Before then only a wealthy minority were subject to it.

  2. I’ve been having that feeling about folks like Maher and Moore for a while now. They want the Republicans(especially these tea party group of Republicans) back into power because it means more money for them.

  3. I went on the young turks and called Cenk a useless nut sucking tea bagger who is trying to pose as a ‘progressive’ so he can get the republicans elected in 2012. His whole agenda is to put a wedge between people and what is really their best interest. The reason people might lose some benefits and other things with social security is because of scum like Cenk, Moore, and other useless idealogues. They didn’t get what they wanted so they turned and told people that vote democrat to not vote. These assholes are to blame for this, not Obama. He mentioned many times to not allow the republicans to get the keys back but that useless juke box that everyone seems to pay heed to told them other wise.

    This country has only itself to blame for allowing their anger to cloud their judgement. Obama has and does mean the best and doesn’t want to cut social security but the people elected the baggers.

  4. Jeff you have no idea how far it goes. I was on Firedoglake and read a piece by the famous “Metamars” which praises Rand Paul-you read right, not Ron Paul but Rand Paul-for “calling Obama” on his “irresponsible rhetoric to scare seniors.”

    When I suggested to them that maybe in their zeal to knock the President they are accepting any argument no matter how specious I was accused of personally desiring to cut SS as I supported Obama who wants to cut it and criticizing Rand who “in this case” does not want to cut.

    I pointed out that Paul-and his father who they are always oohing and aaahing over-believe that SS is unconstitutional but they didn’t answer this point.

    I then suggested that they would vote for Hitler today if he criticized Obama-after all Hitler opposed “free trade.”

  5. what these idiots don’t realize is that social security isn’t as great as it should be. Although it helps mnay to retire much of it isn’t nearly enough to help everyone. Rand Paul wants to totally get rid of social security, the firebaggers don’t realize this or are they just playing stupid? Most of the Ayn Rand community can’t stand social secuirty, they want it gone because to them its just to help the freeloaders of society.

    As far as I’m concerned btw the whole medicare thing sucks and trust me I know cause I’m on medicare. The worse one is Medicare Plan D which is something that W. put in, boy it fucking suck! I may very well get off of it as it costs way too much for me and also hardly pays for anything that I need.

  6. Get rid of medicare plan D this plan is fing awful. If they don’t get rid of it change it so it can do more to help without being so costly.

  7. Well yeah I know part d sucks that was the part Bush pushed thru with no ability to negotiate prescription drug benefits

    Is the rest of it good or no?

  8. Overall the money I get each month barely covers anything and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am living with my brother I’d barely be able to pay the bills.

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