7 thoughts on “A Chart Is Worth A Thousand Words!

  1. Funny that you bring this up because they had this dopey piece on FDL this week where Dean Baker came in and said Obama didn’t know what he was talking about when he said the Bush tax cuts and the wars caused the deficit but the recession did.

    Seemed to me that the deficit certainly was caused by tax cuts and wars and while it’s true it’s be made worse due to the busted economy(under who did that happen I wonder) but that just points out the silliness of the Repugs who claim that Obama’s stimulus and HCR got us here.

    Overall Dean’s point is that the politics of austerity are wrongheaded which I agree with but disagree that Obama has totally sold out-he has to manuever right now with the crazy House he’s stuck with.

    Would like to see more stimulus but not gonna get this in this Congress.

  2. When this is pointed out by the more enlightened on the FB pages of Cantor & Gang of Thieves, the inane response from someone on the right is inevitably, “So what? We need to stop all this spending now.” They just can’t, or refuse to, connect the dots or comprehend the complexities.

  3. Good Morning everyone,
    EL, I am going to a Family Reunion on my Mom’s side of the family. Some of the cousins I haven’t seen in 30+ years. Should be a blast. Have fun at your reunion, my 30 yrs was hysterical and sometimes I wished I could forget. :)

    Good post. I have seen those charts, these people are just too stupid or just refuse to recognize they are the cause and their solution will not work.

    Have a good weekend everyone. :)

  4. They are iliteralte. You have Michelle Bachman campaigning on the promise to not raise the debt limit no matter what, Limbuagh hinmself says this every day that it shouldn’t be raised.

    The only hope is to get rid of these people. Democrats2012!

  5. We need to go back to Clinton era tax rates. There are far to many people on a free ride and Clinton didn’t allow that. Between dress stains and cigars, he actually did some good.

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